Angels & Demons

The whole world froze in anticipation of the fulfillment of the ancient ceremony — selection of the head of Catholic Church Pope, but the fateful decision to intervene is some powerful force — a sworn enemy of the Catholic Church — the mysterious order of the Illuminati! Candidates for the post are sacred ritual savage massacre, one after the other. The face of the deadly threat, Vatican is forced to turn for help to the Professor — expert on religious symbols Robert Langdon, which finds evidence of the revival of a powerful secret brotherhood, brutally exterminated in the Middle ages. Together with his co-worker, a talented scientist Vittoria Vetra — Langdon begins his own investigation carries them through the maze of walled crypts, hidden dungeons and abandoned temples in the most sacred vault in the world. The mystical path characters scientists moving to the incredible truth that gives the Vatican the only hope for salvation. But in the frantic desire to get even and to show their superiority to the Illuminati will stop at nothing! It is time for humanity to learn the truth!

  • Ron Howard

Release Date: 2009-05-15
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: IT, US
  • Language: English | Italian | Latin | French | Swiss German | German | Chinese | Spanish | Polish
  • Budget: $150,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $485,930,816
Cornela Heimlich
10 September 2009 | 10:42

I thought to shoot something more interesting than "Code is da Vinci's" have simply impossible.

Judge for yourself: the first story touched on what is probably the most interesting and the closest anyone — theme of God. She was the only one and indivisible, she was true... But as shown, this threshold can be overcome. You can be not just level, can do better.

Personally, I did not expect such superproperty and was just happy to see the film. Thank you Howard and brown, they are professionals the business.

Zoe Milty
19 December 2010 | 02:19

Despite what I realize the focus of the review, go here so just to fact I can't. I have long believed that on the website you want to add the tab "comments" on the movie page. Doubt: is it worth to watch the movie or not, read short reviews like: "the average film, and is better" or"I liked Hanks — handsome.". But if the reviewers are allowed to plow that fertile field, limiting their activity only by the bounds of decency, then I personally do not may be limited to a few words, the more case the movie, produced on me a strong impression.

A series of books on specific wild Robert Langdon — expert religious symbols, written in one of the few I recognized genres. As the easiest way to interest the reader? Give it a secret! The mystery of which he will wrestle with days and nights, or save yourself from this fate, read the book and answers to all he is interested in questions. On the basis of this, can safely come to the conclusion that the detectives — the most interesting reading. Such conclusions, of course, will be very very reckless, because not all like the different kind of pulp fiction, in which all salt is only mean, to understand who is who and what killed. Wanting to get some benefit from all I did, for a long time I have avoided such books party until came across a symbiosis of interest and use. Historical mystery, as under the genre of a detective novel meets all my requirements: it is the most primitive way, captivated the attention of the reader, giving him the very secret, but in the process of reading, time and again throws that certain information, thus fulfilling the most cognitive function — the cause of literature in principle. Historical it does not necessarily make time of the action, the plot may be associated with real, but would affect a particular historical phenomena or processes. It is the membership of brown's books to so my favorite genre, and explains the interest that I have to each film adaptation. Despite that review I write on film, I would like to rate "Angels and Demons", as a kind of phenomenon. The phenomenon is not only movies, but in books.

I don't care about the noise round the person of the author, I won't remember other, even more famous, it works, I will only talk about how that is that the book, where we here. "Angels and Demons" the embodiment of what I want to see fiction. The book combines all about what I have said. It interesting, provocative, and unpredictable. Bright representative of the genre, dictating trends to the development of followers. If YOU now give me a register for another website don't waste your time, I note that mention the book talking about the plot of the film! The picture embodied in life is a terrific story, which hides in itself a novel brown. He does your reader what should: attracts, enriches, intriguing and surprising. As well as and each page of the book, each frame of the film deals with the same! You will be satisfied with the impressions received. I please do not to perceive the presence of the film, as reason to read the book. Better to enjoy to the full, enjoying work that is entirely and completely satisfies me, as a reader.

Now let's talk about the film. Even if "primer" was the only book I have read, the film "Angels and Demons" I looked at any way! If the plot everything was initially clear that does not mean the film is bound to success in my eyes, because its success depends on many factors. order:

Director movie was made by Ron Howard. Initially, don't the most pleasing to me is the fact. Not can you deny the monotony of his works. I'm afraid of dynamic plot will turn into a hours "sleeping pills". In the first minutes of viewing my concern over. The movie was "faster" the most courageous my expectations! The first in my life "lecture at the history", in which I it was so hard to sit on the place. Intense... exciting... Bravo Ron!

Salvatore Totino — operator movie. Not matter that his record "Cinderella" and"frost / Nixon". To "Angels and Demons" I were grateful to him. only one film — "In another's number", but after, such film was already two!

Already in the cinema hall I realized absolutely not noticed who was composer movie. I thought over this because the music was just amazing. When he got home, and found out who my hero, I absolutely not surprised! Hans Zimmer great!

Many prestigious awards have a nomination for the "Best acting ensemble". Not heard that at least one award went to perhaps the best tandem 2009 — Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor. To talk about that they played a great, anyway, talking about the colors of the Russian flag: you either is know, you are hopeless....

As a whole, awesome dynamic picture in unusual, but so I any, the manner of Howard. Skillfully shot film, with stunning music and a splendid cast, turned me from a satisfied reader in admiring the audience!

In fact as Oscar "best adapted screenplay" in the Bank of the film "Treasure", more worthy, as I think the candidate in the form of "Angels and Demons" remained in among the thousands of others undervalued, but this is not less quality pictures. I do not condemn those who have criticized the film as adaptation. Let me and I think that not the case when "better", but a me I agree. On the queue's "the Lost symbol", which is not strange, too, break the audience into two camps: happy "those who are supposedly versed in a good movie!". Instinct tells me that these groups will include those the same people who praised or not praised the "Angels and Demons". There are certainly one of two things: either like this type, either... In any case, I see what see I like it! A fine example of historical detective, embodied in excellent adaptation. From all of advantages, the main for me is that I personally him in love it. All what I mentioned above, makes a happy reader and the audience, satisfied from the life of man!

Penelopa Urbas
11 November 2009 | 10:47

Why would start,
Consider this film with the perspective of someone who read the book and man, therefore, not read.

I read the book.
My opinion — the film is terrible with all sides, starting with the story line to clothes! I was expecting something Grand, spectacular, incredible, according, of course, promotional trailers, and got a crazy mess of a great book.

Start with simple — from the clothes. In books Vittoria Wind was dressed in short khaki shorts and a white tank top. Many may ask:" What's the difference?" Very large, so as such, open clothes a girl is not allowed in the Vatican. About what was the police of Vatican I not even speak I am not was a huge chunk taken out of the plot, but more on that later. So I didn't understand a sort of migration terracotta jacket Robert Langdon on the duration of the movie: that he it, no who knows where he lost.


Almost a complete mismatch with the book! And with the beginning. Killed not a colleague of the Wind by Zero, and her father — Leonardo Vetra, who ideal in all the experiments. The more so because of this lost storyline, the story of a scientist and his daughter, in total lost start. After all, this idea from air came. Next, the case of father and daughter was ABSOLUTELY secret, and on the film 20 people were in the course. Another giant error most prominent eyes — the dramatic rescue of the fourth cardinal. The book he opened his mouth and released all the air, knowing that it was his last air. Not only that, cardinal survived, so he also became Pope. I think this original idea the writers and Director to make sure call a happy ending, well, let at least someone will remain in the living. In same the episode was the fight and Langdon the Assassin, and this, of course, is also cut. These two errors are most pronounced and change the essence of the book and film.

What for the cast and filming themselves all on the highest level. The actress, who played the role of Vittoria Wind, lovely, thank God it picked up at the book. Although I would not surprised, ate wouldn't understand deep tan, and a pale blonde, so the film is inaccurate. That Hanks as always unbelievable, in it I never questioned — so it represents Robert Langdon.

I don't require complete compliance with the book, but these factual errors led me to the horror.

Also, I can't talk about religious and scientific subjects, but know the order of the Illuminati exist, and the idea of Dan brown about Bernini's pretty unusual.

The second point of view — the person is not read the book.

All shooting, beautiful Rome by night, dynamic, sound track for film — all rightmost interesting. The cast is well-chosen. Here comments are excessive.

In the end I want to say: those who read the book — disappointed, and those who did not read — will love it. But everyone has different opinions, and I expressed my.

1 of 10 — full movie

How much has Angels & Demons made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $485,930,816.
How much did it cost to make Angels & Demons?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $150,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Angels & Demons?
This tv-show was directed by Ron Howard.
What is the genre of Angels & Demons?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller, Mystery.
Who starred in Angels & Demons?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, Stellan Skarsgård, Pierfrancesco Favino.
What is Angels & Demons IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was Angels & Demons released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-05-15.