Angel Heart

1955, new York. The private detective Harry Angelo drawn a Louis Cypher with a request to find a talented musician johnny Favorite. In 1943 Mr. Cypher made johnny a contract, but Feyvorit, returning from the war, came to a psychiatric hospital, from where they subsequently disappeared. Harry begins to investigate, however, the farther he advances in his quest, the more mysteries meets on his way. And there is no turning back: everyone who the detective tried to find out any information about the missing johnny, after talking with the angel dies.

  • Alan Parker

Release Date: 1987-03-06
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: CA, GB, US
  • Language: English | French
  • Budget: $17,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $17,185,632
Agna Langan
22 March 2008 | 01:30

"Angel heart". Something mysterious in this title. And who loves mysteries, thrillers, surely watch this movie. Well and if you remember that starred in the film Mickey Rourke and Robert de Niro, it would look and those who don't like mysticism or treat it with indifference, as, for example, I. But still, something is not so the title. Angels — this is because incorporeal creatures. Have them can be of the heart. Metaphorical — Yes, it can. But as far as I know, no one else failed to consider because they are too strong light. But there are the angels that do not light, but like black holes (but black holes are also difficult to see). And film as time about one such ethereal creatures of darkness. The novel "Fallen angel", set in the scenario of the movie was written by the writer-hermit William Hertzberg set in 1978.

And if anything the same heart? Mmm.. probably available in that the heart which character Mickey Rourke Harry finds the house of the heroine of Charlotte Rampling. She was involved in black magic. And is its a heart that in the result of a mysterious murder was lying on the nightstand. Angel its hard to call, but given that in order to black magic to achieve something what kind of success you need to sell your soul to the devil, you to say that it really was angel heart. Fallen. People — it is the soul, and if you sold a soul, and the body automatically also for sale, so how is free application. Here so incorporeal creature can gain ownership of the flesh and, accordingly, the heart.

Unfortunately, it wasn't one murder. But all present writing a professional cold hands "angel." The other victims were the adherents of the voodoo cult, what is also technically black magic. And death they were also not trivial. And(mention not the movie) so going from everyone associated with dark forces. If they die, it is still condescension. Usually these people do not need to wait for getting in hell, the existence of which they already feel already here to the ground. Torment respectively. Very often they are hoping to get rid of suffering, commit suicide, not knowing they can expect at the other side of the river Styx.

Tami Mario
07 September 2019 | 09:13

After seeing this film, I into a state of trance, for a huge amount of information is not just did, and literally poured on me. From this method of narration the brain may melt. It is important in how you to perceive this film. Some believe that Alan Parker directed the detective, while others assert of"mystical horror."

In the beginning of the film we meet a private detective Harold angel, which for some reason I recalled the style of clothing of Norman Stansfield from "Leon", and was like a young Hank Moody. In one day hires an odd man in the name of Louis Cypher. Cypher wants Harold was investigating the man who disappeared 12 years ago. In the course of the investigation of the mysteries are becoming more more draws a pattern: all who the detective was asking about a missing person, were killed in the most perverse ways...

Seemingly ordinary detective story. But no, Alan Parker dilutes its sense of humor, good setting and transition to plot twist revealing the nature of the main puzzles. Although I more thought it was plot twist for plot twist. Really don't blame me, I didn't take it as proper reception.

"Angel heart" as for me, it's more detective story with a small share of mysticism. The scene where we show the ordinary work of detectives, tightened. Mystics it was possible to add more, and of the supernatural stuff is there may be used only for voodoo magic and the blood gushing from the ceiling, when the characters have sex. Not need to call the "sick imagination of the Director," Alan Parker is known for his non-standard view, one "Wall" that is.

Mickey Rourke is damn good. Harold angel in his performance was an unusual hero. Own temper, unusual vision of the world and charm makes it one of the most attractive actors of his time. But someone else different — Robert de Niro. This, of course, not the level of Pacino "devil's Advocate", the actor is on the step lower than the al. But somewhat ironic that on the role of a character in the performance of de Niro invited the Pacino. Who is looking, you'll understand. Of the minor characters more memorable nyashechka Lisa Bonet. She is well kept and looks pretty nice.

Exquisite taste and the author's vision of Parker could be the reason that the picture is not went to the mass audience. Although time has passed and "angel Heart" has gradually acquired cult status. What same my attitude to the picture — I feel much love it. Looked once, maybe I will look more two and all, the film will remain in memory, review is optional.

Suzanna Norrv
19 December 2010 | 01:35

After watching this film it left a twofold impression, but despite this can say that the movie I liked, though there is something strange and unspoken, but in the principle of "angel Heart" I liked, although again, its the ambiguity and too big duration, so as the two hours duration are enough, and this was not so much of a stretch, but again the end result was good. I looked at this picture mostly because of the cast, but it is because of Mickey Rourke, whose fan I am are a little about themselves old after watching this film, I can say that has played Mickey one to the best of their Boxing roles, but this is a little late, but while specifically about the film, which despite his alleged involvement, was for me pretty straightforward, so as the ending, I had anticipated for hour before the end of the picture, what killed personally for me, some intrigue, though even despite this, the movie turned out good and I will briefly try to describe about what, exactly, the movie "angel Heart"

The plot tells the story of the usual Brooklyn private detective, the name Harry angel. He never does serious work, so believes that people invite him work out of laziness, because his name is one of the first the phone book, but once the angel turns one foreigner, who, despite its a neat appearance went long, but in the same time, well-groomed nails. The customer offers the angel five thousand dollars and gives him the task to find his long-standing debtor, whose name is johnny "lucky", which the war very seriously wounded, injuring his memory, right after the war, johnny has mysteriously disappeared, but some say that he died, others that he is alive, but some even claim that he still under survey one hospitals. Having such a tempting cash offer, a private investigator begins her own investigation, but immediately after a meeting with the first suspect the angel realizes that all not really easy, because watching once johnny the doctor says the left clinic for twelve years ago, the doctor received the bribe in huge size order to write that he still it treats. Venturing all continue to the investigation, the hero begins to understand that involved in magic and supernatural forces and that involved even the devil... the Script is excellent, in spite of a little predictable the ending was very pleased with the fact that the film the principle is not was positive characters. The main and the strong components of the picture of course is a stellar ensemble cast:

"Who are you? How did you get in?"
"Climbed through a hole in the mailbox!"

Brilliantly played the role of the private detective angel is brilliant Mickey Rourke, which in early works was indeed a hottie with a capital "K", it is a pity that Mickey soon decided to devote himself to Boxing, which is a very detrimental impact on its appearance, but in this film he played just above all praise and it different facial expressions I recognize the images of different actors who are known in our time, such as Thomas Jane or like Bradley Cooper, especially when the hero Rourke, the angel, went in a white jacket, which to him very well. In General the conclusion is that the role in this tape is one of the best works Rourke to start a Boxing career, so that your game here Mickey gets off I deserved the highest rating. Gorgeous in the strange role of the customer, Robert De Niro, which was treacherous enough, but is as I understand it was done on purpose, as good as they say a lot of not happen, and the character reveals all your cards only the end, by the way the last shots with the participation of Robert was truly spectacular and from his sight me back shiver. By the way, beard, slightly long hair and not cut nails very go De Niro and for this painting, Robert needs to get only positive comments in his address. Liked Lisa Bonet, although her character except the naked body is nothing more and showed. As it is not particularly memorable Charlotte Rampling, who played the soothsayer Margaret Crossmark, which has become one of strings to the mystery of the mysterious disappearance amnesiac johnny "lucky".

Much more memorable sex scenes that are made by really good quality, interesting and most importantly, original, so as sexual act under rain the blood I haven't seen, here to so... Also liked the soundtrack, which is really held in the voltage is almost completely transferred to the atmosphere going on on the screen. Well and of course will not forget to mention the beautiful setting of the producer Alan Parker, who was able to make fairly complex material, very decent and most importantly, relative easy to view the film, which, though replete with hard-hitting scenes and frequent nudity, it turned out to a solid four with plus.

"Only the cops enter without a knock!"
"Only private detectives sleep until noon!"

Summary: a good movie is worth a watch to fans of the tapes of the genre of mystical Thriller, which will be from the film just love and in General, "angel Heart" was a very competent, sturdy and pretty interesting project that many people will taste and I told him I put a very high rating, and such

9 of the 10

How much has Angel Heart made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $17,185,632.
How much did it cost to make Angel Heart?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $17,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Angel Heart?
This tv-show was directed by Alan Parker.
What is the genre of Angel Heart?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Horror, Mystery.
Who starred in Angel Heart?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet, Charlotte Rampling, Stocker Fontelieu.
What is Angel Heart IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Angel Heart released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1987-03-06.