Angel et moi

Farm family of Shepard is on the verge of ruin. One day while walking Megan and her father finds a wild stallion. They hope to train a great horse and win races on it, so the farm will have a chance to escape from bankruptcy. To begin with, the father and daughter get acquainted with the stallion, then they are able to catch him. But whether they can rein in a wild stallion and not just to curb, but to win this race?

  • William Dear

Release Date: 2013-05-04
IMDb icon 4.9/10
  • Country: CA, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $5,000,000
Vannie Frederik
23 April 2017 | 10:47

"Midnight stallion" (Midnight Stallion) — this bright, beautiful history of the those show all the beauty of the world give hope and belief in people in something like were not, man is able to survive and to emerge victorious from the any situation. This movie is unrealistic, because in all too good to be true, but like me in our lives have enough of brutal reality. This allows the picture to an hour and a half just to hide from the routine, the dullness, plunge in dimension, villains can be corrected, where all families are happy, the parents love their children, where each story ends well.


Steeped in debt to the Shepherds run the risk of the latest state and virtually all lose. But here, if the magic, they tamed the wild horse and win a competition where the prize is a huge amount of money. The shepherds pay the debts and accept the man who almost deprived of their only.


From the first minute we see happy family Shepherds, in which all the relationship is built on love and understanding, a great pleasure to give the types of the stunning landscapes of Canada, but and the entire film is shot in bright and colourful with very beautiful decoration, — all simply charges positive. The film looks very easily despite the constant problems and failure the family of Shepherds.


The characters immediately have to yourself. The Goodies are admirable, negative — pity. After analyzing all the images, we can conclude that all people are good, just not all understand.

Jack (Kris KristoffersonRita (Brow, Horsdal) Shepherds — the couple, relations which can only envy. In their home is love, respect and understanding. All the problems they solve together and always consult with each other, taking important decisions. Some things seem to be very stupid, because they go to the risk of not consider all the options. But still, they are wonderful people and, most importantly, loving parents.

Megan Shepard (Jodelle FerlandRoss Chaney (Matt Mazur) — young people, a little crazy, but net light nature. They are trained from childhood to love nature, and cherish tender feelings for all living things. Also, despite the such a young age, they are able to persevere in difficult situations and to fight for your love.

Nonsense (David ORTBelinda (April Telek) Cheney — a rich wife, who used to get all the desired not taking care of the surrounding people. First, we see them the main villains, but in the end it becomes clear that their behavior is more due to social status rather than moral character.


This story — utopia, delightful, almost fantastic tale about that good always triumphs over evil that in the world always fair, but people — good. One can argue whether to watch this movie... But this idyll, this warm atmosphere, the world, where dreams come true, and life is truly beautiful, — leave happy the feeling is releases still some time after viewing.

8 from 10

Two points off because of some frankly stupid actions of the main characters.

Rozalin Gibbs
14 March 2014 | 03:20

Again with the name of the translators screwed up, because midnight — this is actually the name of the stallion. It is, the picture should be called "midnight Stallion", well or "Midnight Stallion", but as is spoken as called — is so named.

From this film, I learned that the U.S. still then home to wild horses that you can catch, train, and forced to participate in the races. I honestly thought the days of Mustangs is gone forever. It turns out, no. One such stallion is rounding up and"talks", it is circles without whip — one whispers in your ear, the family shepherd. In the main role of the father, an old Kris Kristofferson (he is 77). When collapsed the second floor of the stable, and fell on him a hefty beam — my heart went, I thought all — the end of old Chris. And he hasn — escaped with a fracture of three ribs and complex — wrist.

The picture of those genre definitions are listed as "family", is for all ages at the same time. Directed by William dir on films such spetsializiruetsya. So his career a lot of movies for TV and with a rating of seeking to zero. A very long time, much 87 it has directed his most famous film "Harry and Henderson" — story good-natured snowman who lives in the family of Hendersons. Here in fact — same story. Only instead of Harry — horse midnight, also in the measure is welcome, good, right more money allows you to the races to earn.

And the story of the Shepherd large financial problems, the farm's going to go beyond debt. And they are "head in the clouds" — Jack Shepard wants to breed horses, his wife Rita Shepard — to grow wheat grass and sold in stores the drink of them (for three dollars per Cup), and meanwhile — water fertilizers are expensive, so they — on the verge of bankruptcy. To him there comes the representative of the Bank and even the agent estate camera — to make pictures of the farm and to put it for sale.

In General, this film from where even the "villains" in the names Cheney be on the practice good people, surrounded entirely — beautiful scenery and good Samaritans, and minor trouble, in the main — financial order, will vanish by themselves. Earlier in such films have specialized the Walt Disney company, but almost failed — come other people started to do harder projects, and the company pulled through. "Family" movie after all fact utterly false, as someday — corn ears, laborers do not drink, and sing the pavilion above the village rises the red sun-Sofit.

But horses are very beautiful. And I love.

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How much did it cost to make Angel et moi?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $5,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Angel et moi?
This tv-show was directed by William Dear.
What is the genre of Angel et moi?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama, Family.
Who starred in Angel et moi?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Kris Kristofferson, Jodelle Ferland, Chelah Horsdal, Matt Mazur, David Orth.
What is Angel et moi IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.9.
When was Angel et moi released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-05-04.