Love (Amour)

George and Anna lived together for life, hand in hand, constantly worrying about each other. They are now over eighty. Anna falls ill and her life begins to gradually fade away: first off memory, and then refuses to submit to a body paralysis. George tries to hire nurses, but bitterly realizes that it can not demand from them emotional warmth and sincerity of feelings. Leaving teaching at the Conservatory, he fully devoted himself to the care of his wife. The man can not imagine a favorite in the nursing home, which maintains their adult daughter from time to time visiting parents. These visits — a real test for the family whose life seemingly leaked in harmony and love...

  • Michael Haneke

Release Date: 2012-10-24
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: AT, FR, DE
  • Language: French | English
  • Budget: $8,900,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $29,664,140
Tierney Graybill
21 July 2014 | 12:20

What is love? The concept of the unknown even if it is known! Feeling pushes for the inexplicable things that you know are experiencing this great, wonderful feeling.

People do step, one, then the next. Yes, they together! Somehow I saw this film and decided that ever look at it. Why someday, but not right then, if you have the Internet? Because it took a boring, slow-moving film. This characterization requires me the patience and the desire to have a look at present many older people.

Evening, 18 may 2014, is already night, flicking channels on the remote of my attention was drawn to the film, which began, perhaps, as half an hour ago — is "Love". Watching "picture", as if saw the future subject to adjustment. Here one mistake, the second They... simple, just like most other people: communication, support each other, attention, care! But not always that have all!

It was nice to hear the French language in the mouth of each of the characters. In the film felt peace, tranquility, and when someone is angry from the main characters or not him like — not always caught, I think, because the expressions are a little bent. But it is clear, after the word "sorry". The role of the daughter, her acting: not I knew what it is feelings.

While watching the movie moments of boredom. I arose, their perceptibility was much less than could be. In any event, the picture has earned my respect. And why? The answer is known to all of the life: they together!

Unfortunately, the meaning of the film lost in half way to me! Yes, something is clear, and something is not, but the end saddened me. The story of the life and I'm glad it's only a movie, but here it is possible to show that whatever was your life, try, try to remain human. We are given the chance to look with part, what is it? So keep it firm, if it is difficult, try, trial — this hope is one more step, perhaps the one which required!

Audie Michi
06 January 2013 | 01:11

Michael Haneke — a favorite of the critics, caressed by awards of the highest dignity, a nomination for the Oscars, 9 awards in Cannes. Any film — a huge event in the world of cinema. Love — probably the most personal film of the author. Through all his paintings were the theme of violence. Movies not was cruel and not watered with the blood screen, but the evil was inside the movies. This film is gentle, unhurried, in a chamber setting, opens the Director with the other hand.

The plot does not make sense to fully disclose and describe, if briefly - Two elderly men, both in the past, music teachers, live in a beautiful Paris apartment. Nice lunch, read books and Newspapers, go to concerts. As suddenly it turns out that the wife of clogged artery that needs surgery. 5 % of failure, and these 5 % gets it, paralysis. Husband decides to take care of wife.

With the precision of a pathologist and judgment of the philosopher, the master touches the most important aspects of human life. The theme of the gap between parents and children, tolerance, humility, are like a red thread. How long have you can hold the hand of the dying, whether to fight it or to let go. It would seem that the easiest Haneke film, judging by the script was the most difficult.

Don't tell about actors. In an interview, the Director said that if Jean-Louis Trintignant, a legend of French cinema, I would have refused role, then the film would have started to appear. He agreed played brilliantly. Undertones, the game eyes, all at the highest level. In the daughter's, my favorite European actress — Isabelle Huppert. It from generation gorgeous Actresses Fanny Ardant, Sophie Marceau, Juliette Binoche, but for me, Huppert favorite. Its strong face and boundless talent allow her to play gestco. The pianist in the movie suffering daughter here comical and hysterical woman from the Ozone.

But what works in Love — Emmanuelle Riva — outland is acting. Such strong female roles, I had not seen for many years in European cinema. Filigree work, the tension in every scene, playing on subtle contrasts.

Haneke was able to speak about the love spoken to him. Who — to say that in the film, there are longueurs, who — it seems needed. With such people, to me personally, to not speak about. It is a quiet story, in which is right to blame, and in the silence of the finals, you will remain alone with themselves, while the Director quietly from you to leave and close the door. He many times was us cruel that this time, just silently removed that we would looking inside himself, and almost certainly cried. So to finish your movies can only recognized masters. If Oscar will give a different picture, I very surprised at all my love wedding to American cinema.

10 of 10

Winifred Dagny
14 January 2013 | 04:18

Comprehensive interpretation of suicide (and therefore eternal) love turns any expressed thought in the idea cheap, even not afraid of the word, vulgar. Before us the sad romance of two drooping hearts, where one withers from stroke, another — from love.

No longer need no violence on parties eminent Director — local violence beats and Germany the dawn of the First world war, and packages with video and the obscenity of a middle-aged pianist of the Vienna. There's a dead woman takes a stroke, this is not find yourself resting her husband drooping, and daughter's not know that she wanted to say mother — still, because now the level of profitability already more than a half percent!

This film will dismantle your soul part, but putting together all the nuances, it's hard to stay the same. Of course, one can not try to try on the role of the grandfather, then my grandmother, daughter — and then, waking from a nightmare, thank God for that have passed while Cup.

Acting Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva Isabelle Huppert it is simply impossible to describe with words. A trio of main characters was so alive that from the consciousness slips away no more — you just immersed in the world with this unbelievable, love, in which is hard to believe that it is terrible to imagine.

Bravo, Maestro Haneke. I'll remember that while in the living room playing bagatelle, still not all lost.

The at least, it's a shame that there will always be the viewer who, looking at L'amour sans frontieres, nonchalantly yawn and will not fail to notice that if inflation is robust, real.

of 10 10


I dare say that this movie has full right to have the main prize of the American Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences 2013.

How much has Love (Amour) made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $29,664,140.
How much did it cost to make Love (Amour)?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $8,900,000.
Who is the director of the movie Love (Amour)?
This tv-show was directed by Michael Haneke.
What is the genre of Love (Amour)?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance, Best movies 2012, Palme d’Or winners Movies.
Who starred in Love (Amour)?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Emmanuelle Riva, Isabelle Huppert, Alexandre Tharaud, William Shimell.
What is Love (Amour) IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Love (Amour) released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2012-10-24.