American Hustle

The plot of the film is a real special operation carried out in the late 70's-early 80's FBI codenamed Abscam. It was initially aimed at the investigation of the trade of stolen goods. The FBI was going to introduce in the criminal environment of their agents under the guise of intermediaries who buy stolen masterpieces for wealthy collectors in the Middle East. Subsequently operation turned into an incrimination of corruption at different levels.

  • David O. Russell

Release Date: 2013-12-20
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Arabic
  • Budget: $40,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $251,171,807
Venus Serica
13 February 2014 | 07:09

Hello! In our time, Hollywood loves to film stories based on real events. Moreover, films of this kind often are nominated for"Oscar", and sometimes win it. Thus, in 2010 the winner was "the hurt locker", and in 2013, "Operation Argo". Now, we see among the main nominees on"Oscar 2014 from 4 paintings based on real events. In this build is favorites is "American hustle," about it my opinion.

The story tells us about the special operation conducted in the late 70's — the early ' 80s, the FBI under the code name of Abscam. It is focused on the investigation into the trade of stolen goods. Subsequently operation turned into the incrimination of corruption on different levels.

I'll start with the Director. David O. Russell many of you know in the world of cinema. But in the recent 2009 this man is not can boast of such popularity. It he last 4 years was brought to  the"Oscar" such a good picture: "the Fighter", "My boyfriend — crazy" and"Scam American way", and "the Fighter" David has adapted more and the script. For 3 years, it receives his 4th nomination and certainly deserved. In all films films, including "Scam American way", it feels excellent directorial work. I would say — it's the spark which is felt by the viewer. At this picture is a very interesting atmosphere that can keep you to the end! The Director did a swell job with your task! In addition to talent, a strong atmosphere was created by excellent work costumes and makeup, and also music.

I think the story is boring, but and bad him to call at me "language is not going to happen." He rich, describes in detail the events, but it was too tightened for their 138 minutes of time. Agree, not a small number of people do not loves to watch movies longer than 2 hours. The picture looks only for directing filing and performers. By the way, about the actors...

The ensemble cast is simply phenomenal! David gathered under the famous people with whom he worked previously. All the main characters — familiar to you people. Here and the winners of the award "Oscar" Christian bale ("the Best male role of the second plan" in the movie "the Fighter") and Jennifer Lawrence ("Best actress" in film "My boyfriend — crazy"), and also Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner, who for the shoulders have a nomination on"Oscar". Most importantly, of course, not awards and what we know what great actors! Reputation is not disappoint, all played just fine, 4/4 actor nomination is more than deserved. I especially was interesting the images of Bale (Irving) and Lawrence (Rosalyn). Very lively, emotional game has been overshadowed by the boredom of the plot. Bravo to the actors!

About "Oscar". Picture is 10 nominations (with all the talent plus the best Director, the script, the work of art Director, costumes, editing). I think American hustle is the favorite in the nominations: "Best actor in a supporting role (Bradley Cooper), Best female actor in a supporting role (Jennifer Lawrence), Best costumes". For me the main favorite of the upcoming "Oscar" is still "the Wolf with wall street". By the way, if anyone is interested in this write-up, you here Not want their choices to hurt anyone. I just expressed my opinion.

In the end, "American hustle" — it is quite a powerful creation of the talented Director David O. Russell with a terrific acting ensemble and a great atmosphere. As I have said, the film failed a bit tedious plot. As a minimum of a single view, this picture certainly deserves it. Yeah and their fans of "Scam" also finds, however, personally, I'm not much impressed. Thank you for attention!

7 of 10

Etheline Celestyna
31 March 2014 | 07:02

Let's start with the beginning of the film first, well, almost the first thing you can see it, of course the name if you look in the real you will see: "American hustle" that means: "American hustle" or"bustle on us", but not exactly "Scam us". The question to the interpreters: where do they took the word "Scam"? Okay our translators "once" not were wrong in their translations, I must apologize for them first mistake.

Zavyaska the plot is simple, as day: American enterprising con man and his lover was caught by the FBI. And he demands that they helped him to catch officials — corrupt, he let them go. Then the plot begins to develop quite quickly if I will try to describe it on, will not be able to avoid spoilers. So I will give him only a short feature, in the overall plot is interesting, logical and quite difficult to understanding prepared a viewer, I mean to easily understand everything in this film, one must first look at a couple — the top three movies on similar, the thieves, the subject, and all them to understand. Otherwise, to understand absolutely everything in the movie the first time is unlikely to succeed.

About the cast: Oh my God! Fat Christian Bale! He plays a very vivid, adventurous, American swindler named Irving, and plays great. Amy Adams plays Irving's mistress, Sidney and how can you guess her Golden globe not beautiful eyes gave, although the eyes it really pretty. Bradley Cooper played the FBI guy and I must say that he came in a measure selfish, a little foolish and arrogant he is also falls in love with a Sydney, a sort of love triangle, but have this triangle branch — this is Jennifer Lawrence. She stupid, not far-sighted, selfish, bitchy, wife of Irving. Played this, clearly not the positive, the character was wonderful, she turned out the real crappy thing, it makes the viewer's genuine hatred and a desire to shout that — something like: "Irving, kill the bastard!".

More from the unequivocal benefits "Scam the American" filmed in very nice style, in the word "nice" I put all possible positive values of this and other words, but if shorter, then the film is amazing, a masterpiece and uh... At this my vocabulary, to end censorship of speech.

Why?! Why?!! Why such low grades?! Why?! Why he has formed a little?! He has collected less than a very bad film "friends of Friends" in the word "bad" I put all negative values for this and all the other words of the Russian language. Why?! Why us in the country prefer PR is so bad that I can't find words to Express, movies? And watch they go to cinema their creators have money, but not the Creator of such masterpieces as "Scam us". Questions are no answer, the facts are frightening, angry and wary.

In the end, we get one of the best films of 2013, which gathered less than had and grades were lower than had

10 of 10

Emmalee Hanselka
20 January 2014 | 12:18

I confess that it confused me that now ranking new paintings by David O. Russell leaves much to be desired. Like and problems this no-no, so as the premiere is not the corner, but the precipitate after rolling, I think will remain. In a nutshell, that I think the current rating too low. But it does the stone in the garden of the users of "Kinopoisk",but probably a clear shortcoming of the Director. Although for me, it is obvious that Russell grew up after his best work "the Fighter". And grew up as time to the level where one can say: "Good Director whose movies you need to watch".

And the film "Scam American way" as time of such. This is facilitated by several facts. First rich cast, which recently took the award for "best ensemble cast". Secondly, an original story that will appeal to the audience. Thirdly, great soundtrack that just enjoying at the time of the film. And much more.

To start is probably with the story that K not have been awarded, but but definitely will be remembered as the most brilliant Scam in the last few years, which is portrayed. The whole film is filled with extraordinary events, in which the heroes then if survive, then you live. And like it is strange sounds for those who haven't looked at the picture, but her Comedy can not be called. About this tells all the dynamism of the picture, its intrigue and energy. And sometimes the viewer can afford to giggling over some ridiculous point, but no more.

A lot more ribbon should be applauded for their heroes. What did not say, and characters in Russell get one more beautiful than the other. And it is not even that half they have worked with Director of previous movies, is as the case when the genius and talent of the actors no limit. Christian bale with a belly, a bald head and a bad heart. Well, who else is like to demonstrate the great Chris? One of the most brilliant and memorable role of Gareth Bale in his career. Bradley Cooper with hair with FBI badge. One of the best parts of Cooper. All this blend of talent Bradley and his vivid character proto mesmerizing. Amy Adams played the most brilliant swindler in the last few years. And the award "Golden globe" is a confirmed. Perhaps the best role in the performance of Adams. Jeremy Renner played his best role, who would it's not said. Italian for million. A real charismatic, energetic politician who does not make bored. Jennifer Lawrence no wonder received the "Oscar" in the past year. At the same time and  the"Globe" confirmed his talent. A young mother who is looking for happiness. But but what a mother! Bright with absolutely extraordinary character. Well, what else do you need for a good character? The conclusion is obvious, Russell has worked with characters "HOORAY!"

Among other things, is to provide atmosphere. How good was passed on the events in the duration of the film. What bright costumes, hairstyles, glasses. Just an incredible atmosphere in the premises. Why are only shooting in hotel, clubs, restaurants. Is done by the operator, designer and Director.

In the result? The film is a masterpiece not will be it is definitely one of the most striking paintings of Russell that will leave a mark behind. I wish you success in rent in box office etc. For viewing recommended.

Of 9 10

How much has American Hustle made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $251,171,807.
How much did it cost to make American Hustle?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $40,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie American Hustle?
This tv-show was directed by David O. Russell.
What is the genre of American Hustle?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Best movies 2013.
Who starred in American Hustle?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence.
What is American Hustle IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was American Hustle released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-12-20.