Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

When a Chinese American girl visiting Hong Kong, she meets an American Expat. Romantic talks and walks gives a pair of the gorgeous city of Hong Kong. The film asks the question — what happens when you meet "the" person at the wrong time.

  • Emily Ting

Release Date: 2016-02-12
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: HK, US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $21,206
Nerty Kidd
31 July 2016 | 04:01

Just want to say about two things: the film needs to look in a certain mood, and the film has an open ending.

Two people meet by chance in Hong Kong between them immediately a spark, but is not so simple. Them a second chance, but here young people can not can all of this to cope. Unique in this movie is exactly what audience to decide the fate of the pair, he think of the end.

Personally, I was very interesting to listen to the dialogue of the characters, because they licked, not saturated some too clever quotes and sayings, and more like conversations real life. The characters behave how normal people behave in such situations. I wouldn't said this film shows us authentic Chinese flavor and you immediately plunge in the frantic pace of Hong Kong. It shows us pure romance and an irresistible attraction between two people. It is the attraction is felt through the screen. I think that due to the fact that the actors playing the main roles, in real life married. As they look at each other, these are insanely cute and awkward movement. Look really nice, you can see that the actors simply love each other, so they are very easy to play.

I think this movie you need to watch one, maybe when you a little sad. When you want to see a beautiful picture and listen to a good soundtrack. In such moments, this film is recommended to viewing. He touches makes you think, but not something lofty and philosophical, but just about life and love, simple and pure attraction between people.

Ashely Kali
14 December 2017 | 12:05

In Hong Kong for tomorrow — a great romantic film about relations, as two people quite easily make the connection that occurs in a moment, but can last forever.

Most of all, I love the film is as the Hong Kong is the third character when ruby and Josh spend long walk around him, soaking up the culture and nightlife. The film makes Hong Kong a place where I want to be direct at the time of viewing. Interesting, would like me the film in the same level, be the scene of another city?!

The dialogues in the film, light, time moves at a relaxed pace, the story itself does not give any complications. This happens infrequently, but here's a romantic drama, where no kissing and a little touching. Probably to establish such chemistry in the film, the actors helped that in real life they are couple.

I may not enough more filling to the time between the two meetings, it would be interesting to see what their life apart from other. But it is in no way messed up my appear in their response to the second meeting, I realized they forgot each friend. In the film is excellent open-ended in You will be able to experience what response her last glance.

This film has a little bit of "She," "lost in translation", "Before we break up" and of course "Before the dawn". He, like and listed, makes you think about his attitude to love, chemical person, so on the journey in Hong Kong. If You're looking for original romance for a romantic evening, the "In Hong Kong for tomorrow" ideal.

8 from 10

Giorgia Brenan
26 August 2017 | 02:06

Stumbled completely by chance on this movie, initially, was skeptical about him, not being a special lover of melodramas. However, on the movie poster I was given to understand that image and svetogor in this film deserve attention.

With the technical part, with the "visionary" I will consider this film.

From the outset, observed that the structure of the script in this picture is the format of the point A, to point In, the story of one of the track if easier. With this structure can be encountered in many other films, but first in the head comes a picture of John Hillcoat "the Road".

There are one specific detail in the film, the movement of main characters on the entire film takes place with the right side frame in the left, while in the film in most cases occurs with the left side in the right (approx. The Lord Of The Rings).

For this format, Hong Kong is suitable couldn't be better. Sea neon (now a fashion in mass cinema), from what the picture is mostly blue, and points for which you need to focus in this film is noted more warm colors (approx. the transition from the location of the city, to the apartment of friends).

The presence of his special spirit that permeated every inch of their environment makes one to love this movie. Also given the emphasis on shift the mood of the main characters in the changes clothes.

Selection of the audio range in this film by changing the rhythm to set the direction of movement of the picture. However, in General, no one memorable track for I found.

As for the story side, I can note only the lack of bombastic dialogues that certainly happy in the conditions, when even on the comics, the characters speak as if prepared that "Quotations of great men."

Try to love light and unobtrusive movie, among them often let slip, and not masterpieces, but you how 'll get your eyes a sea of pleasure, into that finally sent to the entire film.

Of 9 10

How much has Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $21,206.
Who is the director of the movie Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong?
This tv-show was directed by Emily Ting.
What is the genre of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Romance, Best Romance Movies 2016.
Who starred in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg, Richard Ng, Sarah Lian, Lawrence S. Dickerson.
What is Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.5.
When was Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-02-12.