All the Way

Lyndon Johnson becomes U.S. President on the wave of universal chaos caused by the sudden assassination of John F. Kennedy. In the first year on a post of the head of state Lyndon Johnson promotes the adoption of the civil rights Act that would end racial segregation in the South — at least on paper.

  • Jay Roach

Release Date: 2016-05-21
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Carry Balcke
24 June 2016 | 10:55

A film by Jay Roach and based on true events, after watching conjures up only one thought: not film, two hours things tyagomotiny. It is not that the movie is bad, just for the constant conversations, dialogues and monologues, one gets the impression that the movie is not two hours, and all four.

"Until the end" — this is the story of the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, who ascended the throne of the U.S. President after the assassination of John Kennedy in 1963, and try out all forces show that him on the shoulder to lead the country, and he is able to cope with Affairs of state to be supportive and the glorious hope of millions of American citizens.

Despite all of his desire to become better for their fellow citizens on the world stage it the figure will be remembered, of course, by the outbreak of war with Vietnam. Although, as the history of the world, Americans (ordinary) absolutely exactly that occurs a country (if of course not the warriors who always put your democratic nose). They are concerned that is going on inside. On the domestic scene, Johnson certainly stand out too, in time, marking the beginning of the fight with racial discrimination, by socializing with by Martin Luther king. Actually, background this story takes place in the film.

If we talk about the qualities of the picture, of course, is in the first place to acknowledge the work of makeup artists. Over Cranston had worked on glory, bringing his faith is possible to the one that had Johnson. In the rest, "Until the end" — quite a sweet film, one might even say banal, telling the strengths of one person, only indirectly pointing to its negative value (though is negative, but after all, the dignity, right?). Yes, there is shown the relationship of Johnson with his entourage, wife, heads of major state institutions, but all going on the background of major events as American in the history of the world that goes side, exposing the first plan stupid conversations of the President on "shit", "someone someone gets fucked" and etc.

But roach is planning to shoot a movie about the Cold war — "Khrushchev out of yourself." Probably there will show Nikita with the Shoe in hand that everyone "gruel" promises and wishes all the territory of the USSR corn to sow? Wait — see.

However, to watch You. Your opinion is not impose.

Nice view.

5 from 10

Corny Estren
05 June 2016 | 11:37

Jay roach shows President Johnson pretty eccentric, charming eccentric. Thirty-sixth President of the United States had a nice habit to pull the pants up to the armpits, and walking, sticking out his belly forward, he loved their lop-eared dogs in the presence of journalists loved to indulge in long, senile memories in the spirit of "but I was as — the teacher village school, in which he studied the lovely Mexican kids." Even Johnson loved to talk about how people send their natural needs, yeah and he loved to sit on the toilet in the presence of employees — breathe deeply, you enjoy the true flavour of democracy! By the way, brilliant ideas come to him in the head, it is in the process of bowel movement — here it is indeed, God works in mysterious ways!

Thus, al B. J. (Lyndon Baines Johnson) — just ducky! Adorable grandpa — President likes to do a little drinking and yell at the wife, but because he has a very stressful job, he need — ease! The film begins with a Johnson taking the presidential oath, as you know, he became President after the assassination of John Kennedy. Those who is fond of shooting sports, know the target, called "running wild boar" it also helps to practice shooting skills. Adorable Kennedy decided to play in target title "riding in an open car President", and thus roused the hunting instinct in the supporters of the second amendment to the most democratic Constitution in the world — what a vile provocation, so how can to tempt the seasoned hunter?

What was engaged Johnson in a time when Kennedy toured the streets of Dallas in an open car, teasing members of the local shooting club? El BJ went to the same the motorcade, an enclosed armored limo, lying on the floor (probably tired, why not to lay down?). We go dismisses the vile speculation about the involvement of Johnson to the Kennedy assassination, from thirty-fifth President is not have enemies, he was surrounded by universal love, his death — it was an accident, and the intrigues of the Soviet secret police (everyone knows that Oswald long lived in the USSR). So Johnson becomes President, honestly, because of the complete inability of the predecessor to perform presidential duties.

Why Johnson needed to take the proverbial Act on civil rights? Of love for the Negroes? Nothing like the movie shows very well the motivation of the Johnson — Act necessary in order to get the votes of people of color on elections, they are driven by political expediency, and nothing more. Johnson is a native of Texas, the same state where the lynching to still is — some kind of Patriotic games (a kind of "summer lightning" for the weary life of farmers), and Ku — Klux — the Clan is a harmless boy scout organization. Kennedy has drafted a bill on civil rights (prohibition of segregation), he was to lure Martin Luther king, regularly meeting with them, not mention of the numerous programs in combat poverty. Consequently, Johnson merely continued the policies of his predecessor.

The film is striking frankness with which we reveal the mechanism of decision making of American presidents.

Who — where — that fired on our ships.
- Our ships got damaged?
- No, but it has released the torpedoes!
- How do we know?
- And we just do not know, but can not forgive such insolence, so it is necessary to bomb.
- It is necessary.

So Johnson took the decision to the active participation of American troops in the Vietnam war, which cost the Americans the loss of military reputation, and sixty thousand dead, of the Vietnam syndrome, and to the Johnson presidency (chant — Hey, Hey, al BJ — how many you killed. children? This chants will accompany Johnson to end first last term).

Creating a brilliant image of Johnson, the Director simultaneously destroys the bright image of the black fighter for civil rights Martin Luther king. King bred cheap compromiser and opportunist, Horny Amateur black Chicks, crafty politician and demagogue. Do not forget the creators and about J. Edgar Hoover. Johnson requires the head of the FBI to investigate the disappearance of three activists of the movement for civil rights. Hoover not want to do it (FBI — Federal law enforcement structure in whose duties include the investigation of offences on the territory of the USA), then the President tells the head of the FBI that the investigation will be entrusted to the CIA (i.e. — intelligence, which is not has law enforcement powers on the territory of the USA), Hoover happily agrees to do their duties. Pretty thin, which is supposed to show political art Johnson — how cleverly he manipulates competing intelligence agencies, just handsome! Hoover (who survived and the of Roosevelt and Kennedy and Johnson), this is Hoover, a hardened and cynical, gray Eminence of American politics, is conducted in such a cheap trick, brilliant Director!

Great episode in which Hoover (a confirmed bachelor who conducted his free time, pacing home tutu, who loved to kiss boys — servers pink, sweet lips (what is this? think — man in lips kissed?), bequeathed all his fortune to the Deputy and friend, Tolson (the boys all their free time together — lunch, vacation, night clubs) — here it is, a pure friendship!), carefully choosing his words, describes the backward peasants Johnson of homosexuals and their distinctive features, and shows an amazing awareness in this matter. And since it happens in intolerant sixties, when the right to ruffle men's bread, have not been recognized as a major achievement of democracy. Have Jay roach's unique sense of humor.

We have the result? Another attempt to create a myth good, the "people's President", a simple country boy, by chance, by fate, ascended on the political Olympus. Good-natured grandfather — President can not like to the viewer. Well and with, followed by the adoption of the act of civil rights America was in a state of civil war (the massacre in Los — A. 1965, in new — Jersey 1967, the murder of king in 1968), who cares about the fact, that in the result of carpet bombing, fertilizers, insecticides, Napalm illumination killed more than a million Vietnamese, the program of building a "Great society" (without poverty and segregation) was phased out under the pretext of the most of the Vietnam war? All this — things, no noteworthy no detracting from the merits of the Thirty-sixth (with a Three numbers) of the President!

Thanks to the brilliant work of makeup artists, Cranston is very similar to Johnson — same hanging, bananabrandy nose, the sour face is always unhappy bureaucrat, the barman, with tapered from sedentary work ass, repulsive, unaesthetic appearance gnarled functionary. Cranston beautiful, shrill, ill-tempered tantrums — nobody loves! Rage the against his beloved wife (Melissa Leo close the role of podavali sandwiches, and moderately presidential ass), all that is very cool I just wish to dilute this tedious, overlong movie so the creators can not a success, turned viscous, indigestible action, it is no coincidence that Spielberg has produced (his "Lincoln" — absolutely the same, dreary, lingering procedural drama).

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Nicola Ezri
06 June 2016 | 03:47

What we Russians XXI century, know about 36th President of the United States, except for the fact that he led the country after the murder of the handsome Kennedy, the son of a large Irish gangster-bootlegger and stock speculator, and that it the presidential term was started war in Vietnam? Yes, nothing! The higher this about the film the man who is steady work and boundless energy has made all that is had life.

The son of a farmer, a graduate of the peripheral South-Western educational College Texas a prestigious University "Ivy League", Lyndon Johnson entered the policy assistant to the Deputy from Democrats in the House of representatives and reached its apex in the oval office. (All this is mentioned in the movie, but you need to know American history to understand these references). And it because he's used to getting himself in contrast its predecessors, in such as Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, who was born "with a silver spoon in your mouth", most Lyndon Johnson not wanted to go down in History as  the"accidental President".

Brian Cranston plays a man who tries to keep the political continuity of course in life of the country, politics, pays tribute to his predecessor by the fact that holds the life of his plan which is the 35 th President of the United States could not have any knowledge of the legislative process, neither strength of character. A significant part of the film we watching "LBD" consistently and inexorably drags through the thorns of the legislative process the Law on civil rights, hopelessly stuck in Congress when President Kennedy and making it making that were in U.S. history step, comparable only with Bill on the rights, 1791.

The film is not rolled into praise molasses Lyndon Johnson. He unrestrained, harsh, not always honest with an opponent and allies; it solutions to sometimes situational and dictated by the spur of the moment. The hero of the film shows the man. Strong, smart, tireless, knows what he wants to achieve and goes for it, but this — a person with all inherent in the genus of human weaknesses.

Same alive clear depicted the other characters in the film, actually existing politicians, public figures of that time who left their mark in history. Not celestials, and people with their citizenship and clearly particulirement motives and actions.

One of the main criteria of value of the artwork, in this case film, is the perception of the viewer of the hero or events on screen as close you understand that cause real emotions, and not reflections on the technical part of the observed action. With this point I guess the movie is a success. I would love to chat with the Lyndon Johnson as he played by Brian Cranston.

Of 9 10

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This tv-show was directed by Jay Roach.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, History, Biography.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Bryan Cranston, Anthony Mackie, Melissa Leo, Frank Langella, Bradley Whitford.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-05-21.