All That Jazz

A film about the creative career of Joe Gideon, his relationship with women, in particular, with his ex-wife Audrey and daughter Michelle, where he is shown a self-absorbed workaholic who brings herself to a heart attack.

  • Bob Fosse

Release Date: 1979-12-20
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $37,823,676
Teri Sibell
12 April 2013 | 06:53

Narcissistic ladies ' man Joe Gideon apart from the fact that breaks women's hearts and puts Broadway musicals, manages to make a film and to wander in the labyrinths of introspecti. Countless ex-girlfriends — no more than the pesky pangs of conscience: it seems nothing special, but and the trash just so do not throw it away. For with the exception of his beloved acting troupe, the true value for Joe are the only three women: a jealous wife, an eccentric mistress and loving daughter.

The American audience the name of Bob Fosse evokes awe with those ancient times as a sexy Liza Minnelli for the first time, swerved to the hips. In future Broadway musicals in Hollywood have become as popular and show johnny Carson. Well-trained dance numbers, vocal batmany and other Truffaldino of Bergamo — expressive distinctive feature of the whole galaxy, "the second Freddy Astery".

Taking the story of love Affairs, the imposing mistress of the dance floor ("Sweet charity") or contemplating the torments windy Sally on the stage "Kit-Kat club" ("Cabaret"), FOSS certainly has adapted a Broadway song and dance under the cinematic format. Happened, the boundaries of its creative universe took on the contour periphrase "girls with the cover."

"All that jazz" — this is the atonement complete egocentric, with a vulgar nod in the direction of Federico Fellini. For similar to "8 1/2" fossa not been kicked around is that the lazy. Formalist Remix European classics sometimes resembles a sophisticated Greek tragedy: in the framework of the dance of the harem was a place my wife, my mistress, daughter and even death. Last, to be in the female form, and very pretty.

That all these sentiment on the surprisingly fresh and expressive, there is something sacred. Hardly still so frivolous analytical study, where the prospect of sudden death is simple to obscene. Under the rhythmic warbling "Bye, Bye Life" certainly want to go dancing. Punching in the chills, the line "I feel like I could die" causes a life-affirming smile. As flashy excess major notes — a kind of farewell "dubious humanist". It's a pity that in the modern film industry such wills once or twice and obchelsya.

Auria Roxana
09 October 2012 | 11:39

The musical — this spectacular genre, in which dramatic plot, embodied in the dialogues, the music, the singing and choreography. All elements of a work are inextricably linked, and open rich and a rich world of performances. There are times when the person really just want to sing or dance, so this genre, from part strikes us as realistic.

This story is about the Director-choreographer, a hard-nosed workaholic Joe Gideon. His way of life is a endless work, cigarettes and girls, changing one after the other. Will not fit health gives place to come Death by the name of Angelica.

They often say that the moment, when the approaching mortal danger, the whole life flashes before your eyes. That moment in the picture takes the form of a pleasant conversation, the main character from Death. They discuss the theme of loyalty and his father's debt, remember all the sins and misdeeds of Gideon. Through the analysis of his life, Joe everything is the five stages of awareness of his death.

The theme of death, is the refrain that runs through the whole film, creating a web, on which to build complex dramatic pyramid. It creates three people: myself Bob Fosse, the main character Joe Gideon, and comedian who talks about the stages of acceptance of death. They are a kind of projection of each other, the developing in the picture of time and space. The interweaving of the two worlds, the real and the illusory, leads to the third state of liberation — catharsis in execution fatal Divertissement under the name "Bye Bye my life goodbay".

We are shown the cruel world of the entertainment industry, where shed a lot of tears and sweat, where the producers benefit from the death than the show itself. All this masked by the beautiful scenery, costumes and false smiles that so our real life.

Helenka Lishe
08 December 2017 | 12:43

The famous musical choreographer with Broadway, moved and even in Hollywood.

Usually, talking about all this hustle and bustle, remember one of the most idiotic in the history of the Oscar race in the victory. Great Coppola and Fosse lost in her family drama Kramer vs. Kramer. And rarely when I think about the merits of the musical Fosse. And how big are they, and so ambiguous.

First, it is very a kind of blueprint favorite Director Fosse — Fellini. Already put them before Sweetheart Cerrito on the motives of Nights of Cabiria is now transformed into a remake of the 8 1/2.

On the other hand, FOSS takes only a design of the Italian, staying with a real American all the characteristic American 70-m features: sex, drive, and almost a rock-n-roll, but only casi-funk and a little disco.

That's just a modern viewer to watch will be not just. After all, it is a journey not only life but and consciousness the subconscious of the fossa, and the XY Hu, he can explain almost refused, i.e., plot is almost there, except to guess the movie and the play, which should put the main character — Joe Gideon. And this solid dancing, costumes, burlesque and music.

To say that the FOSS influenced the musical — not to say anything. Almost all later published in the genre of the movies were remakes of his Jazz (or fuss) — from a decent Chicago-type to failures of the type Nine, awkwardly bringing Fellini and Fosse in one bottle.

How much has All That Jazz made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $37,823,676.
Who is the director of the movie All That Jazz?
This tv-show was directed by Bob Fosse.
What is the genre of All That Jazz?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Musical, Best Music Movies, Palme d’Or winners Movies.
Who starred in All That Jazz?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange, Ann Reinking, Leland Palmer, Cliff Gorman.
What is All That Jazz IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was All That Jazz released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1979-12-20.