A young thief named Aladdin wishes to become a Prince to marry the Princess Jasmine. Meanwhile, the vizier of Agrabah Jafar intends to seize power over Agrabah, and for that he tries to get a magic lamp hidden in the cave of wonders, accessible only to those who are called "diamond in the rough", and that person is none other than Aladdin himself.

  • Guy Ritchie

Release Date: 2019-05-24
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $183,000,000
Auroora Gayelord
13 February 2020 | 09:09

First and foremost, in the conservation of fabulous beauty and magical atmosphere of childhood. Special effects, costumes, scenery, beautiful views — one word "picture" is formed such that what we always expect Disney: bright, juicy and festive. And such a great visual image of the film added another and excellent music: the songs are catchy, catchy. Some cause the body to dance, others through the tear, but way or otherwise indifferent not leave — a real colorful musical.

One of the most important features — extension of the character Jasmine. Here guy Ritchie follows the modern tradition to fill the heroines of the movies and cartoons more complex feelings, traits, thoughts ("frozen" 2013, "Maleficent" 2014 "Braveheart" 2012, "Alice in Wonderland" in 2010, "tangled" 2010 "Snow white and the huntsman" in 2012 and etc.), for than the tradition of the 20th century, where the female figure in mainly presented to the viewer as only the characters are cute, touching and flat (all of the early Princess). In the new "Aladdin" the main character is characterized by persistent character, presence of own opinion and desire to defend him with self-doubt. In the original cartoon Jasmine bold enough and self-sufficient, but the film disclosed do that of course filled her life and realistic.

However, such a directorial decision there are the dark side: on the background of bellicose confident Jasmine bit lost myself Aladin, despite what he is the main character and, in fact, the film-like the cartoon is in the name name. Even if that the film contains a large number of interesting scenes, pretty exciting turns the main character, not moves with his focus is still the character Jasmine was so bright and sentimental that takes almost all attention.

But very moderately, but very charming was introduced the character of Gina. Here here we have succinctly and lively — that the doctor ordered. Will Smith is perfectly merged with the character, expressed his charm in the fullest extent, fascinated, amused, made to laugh, and be touched.

In the end, the combination of the lovely Gina cheerful, strong Jasmine and lovable, a little insecure in myself, but very kind of Aladdin was not just digestible, and filled with positive emotions and good mood.

Guy Ritchie definitely thank you for the atmosphere of childhood and work on the scaling of the characters that them even closer to us, to our reality in all its depth.

Cathy Wolfie
25 May 2019 | 12:31

The film surprised me, I expect there to see the frame in the frame up of the cartoon, but everything is completely different, it is it is a reimagining of the original paintings, and not as with "snow White and the beast", where is nothing new. After watching the remake I reviewed the original and just are convinced that. The story changes, of course the basis is the same, but it develops the film here differently. What is more events unfold, and others on the contrary are cut. In the end, the story is what it should have a remake.

Characters. Here then problem. Jasmine and Aladdin is still good, but here Jafar rasstroil. He doesn't look ominous, in mainly a straight face, in General, the actor was obviously all still its role. In the original he sounds like a typical photo model, voice absolutely not like the villain is it's in the Russian dubbing it is voiced by the right actor. But the film makes a gene, how would strange sounded. It here is the divine, will Smith well it played, charisma and love for his work felt.

The film looks good, that actually, not surprisingly, Disney also.

In the end, the film is good, in principle, 2-3 times will do, it has to again to revise the original.

Callida Meagher
30 August 2019 | 10:58

It is possible that adaptation of "Aladdin" and shouldn't even start. There is grumbling from the audience, who, you know, unhappy that encroached on the sacred, what Studio Disney only and wants to hog some money, yeah and to give a whole lot of bad about the picture. The thing that the original animated film remains so popular with children and adults behold the day that the mere phrase "Arabian night" throws in a shiver. Twenty-seven years later known story of "from rags to the princes," in which a thief wins the heart of the Princess, received a new right to life.

Disney took decades to create the animated classic films, and in recent times is the looting of the library. Unnecessary remakes with actors — films that are needed here and now. 20 years, this "Aladdin" will look obviously less people than the original and also directed by guy Richie is understood. The failure of the test was dictated by the desire of producers orientation "Aladdin" on today. The differences can be seen already in the opening scene where will Smith sings an updated version of "Arabian nights". What is even more exciting is Princess Jasmine, having their own ambitions. Now it is not just beauty, for which fights "rough diamond" with the streets of Agrabah, and disappointed in the life of a young woman who sees herself in the role of new... sultancy?

From the point of view of the story "Aladdin" 2019 is a typical musical. Approach Gaya Richie benefits from this adaptation. In General, the concept of "La La land" worked; the Director and his team borrowed many things from classic musicals used songs as a method of plot movement. Many of the ideas of the cartoon adapted to a similar technique and even a crazy bollywood-Indian style found at "Aladdin" kind of reflection.

And nice to see will Smith again on horseback. Gene — the main controversial element of "Aladdin", to which is not times the Internet audience turned up to the premiere. Will Smith not have based his character on the cartoon and the late Robin Williams; he say, did your new hero. Even in cases where Smith cites the original directly, it is a person different from the Ginny from cartoon. The Genie from the film suddenly gets even a romantic podsweat.

In the design of "Aladdin" in full use fancy costumes, flashy outfits and active scenes of dances. This great centerstroy with elegant aesthetics of the latter times (the same "Beauty and the beast"). Kitsch is kitsch; and the less wonderful creations of the artists costumes remember: from wardrobe Jasmine to computer effects.

On the downside, so this excessive slowness. The creators increased the length of the original minutes somewhere on 40. Such is not only slows the pace of "Aladdin", but and despite the inclusion of new songs, unnecessarily increases the idle time between musical numbers. Richie is trying to maintain a fast paced movie, but everything seems too simple, including the mandatory amusing reaction shots of the monkey Abu.

Thanks to the attractive leading actors and powerful flow of the musical, the remake was better than expected. In General, adaptation today's reality is sometimes not very good, but at least is more or less normal: Jean is not be hyperactive, but still charismatic; Aladdin in the execution of Massoud not over the top, and Naomi Scott a little bit bigger feminist than in the original version. The song is good, Whole New World continues to touch to the core, however, the guy Richie, without claims his directorial skill seems to have been not ease: the musical — not him element, while the adventure, the character he has been a success. Those audience have not seen the original "Aladdin" (I wonder whether they will do), of course, can find a new film noisy and too lengthy, but the bulk is probably still will appreciate the magic of the movies — light-hearted entertainment for this family.

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How much did it cost to make Aladdin?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $183,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Aladdin?
This tv-show was directed by Guy Ritchie.
What is the genre of Aladdin?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Comedy, Family, Best Family Movies 2019, Best Musical Movies 2019, Best Romance Movies 2019.
Who starred in Aladdin?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Will Smith, Billy Magnussen, Naomi Scott, Nasim Pedrad, Mena Massoud.
What is Aladdin IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.
When was Aladdin released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-05-24.