Grasp the adaptation of the book by journalist Susan Orleans "Orchid Thief", a famous screenwriter Charlie Kaufman is in the mind and the creative impasse. Strange feelings, mastered them, prevented him from working. But one day, Charlie decides to describe the scenario everything that happened to him. Soon, the author observes that reality and fiction begin to intertwine in a bizarre and unexpected way.

  • Spike Jonze

Release Date: 2003-02-14
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Latin
  • Budget: $19,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $32,801,173
Marjory Ardolino
17 February 2018 | 12:55

For any writer there is nothing worse than a into a creative crisis and to disrupt the production time, from which depends the future of the whole project. And to drive themselves to the trap is capable both of veteran authors and newcomers, still not had time to test the strength of your own imagination. Once faced with similar problems and now revered writer Charlie Kaufman, best known for work on a fabulous fantastic tragicomedy "being John Malkovich". In the mid-90s as a promising, but not the most famous screenwriter, Kaufman received a tempting offer from the Director of "silence of the lambs" Jonathan Demme and the Studio Columbia pictures in the detailed design of the full-length synopsis, built on the basis of several specific, and the less remarkable book, Susan Orleans "the Orchid Thief". Not having the right to abandon the most of this gift of fate, the pair set the work, however, only started writing dialogues and situations the author suddenly realized that move forward a couple of shady sketches from him happens. Faced with apathy, lack of confidence in their own abilities and a lack of understanding of what exactly what they want from him, the producers and Studio, Kaufman with when the button is initially assigned to the case. And the less to throw in the closet of the ill-fated "the Thief of orchids" it is not exactly it as realized that the basis creative throwing, you can create original script and show there are the torments of the unfortunate writer, faced with the greatest enemy, living in his own head. Preparing all necessary materials for a spectacular demonstration, Kaufman was interested in them not Jonathan Demme, and spike Jonze, with which they just have outlined filming of "being John Malkovich". And after tape with the participation of John kusaka with success swept through the world hire and has received a number of well deserved awards, Kaufman and Jonze returned to "the Thief of orchids" and was able to enlist the support of influential producers who have agreed to skip the "Adaptation" on the big screen. Thus, of the openly critical of the situation Charlie Kaufman suddenly all emerged victorious, becoming one of the makers of the incredibly eccentric, but exciting, touching and a bit of a mad film, which became a classic almost immediately after entering the screen.

So, the plot of the film is built on the basis of a biography to as time to anyone not known pomology John Laroche (Chris Cooper). Being fond of growing orchids, John, along with wife organizes in Florida extensive nursery with his favourite plants, however long it happiness is not have been. In a car accident killed close relatives Laroche, and his wife after coming in the mind takes on a divorce. But the biggest blow was waiting for pomology later and inflicted crushing injuries. Carousing not a joke, hurricane Andrew destroys the greenhouse Laroche, from what is the work of its imagination becomes no unnecessary debris. Not force with start with a clean slate, the hero of the falls into no less than after the vision of the Indians who grow orchids in order to obtain drugs, and not him left with no choice but to move in the reservation and to continue his work as for the benefit of themselves and questionable use of unexpected patrons. And although time specific activity Laroche came under the attention of law enforcement, its history has interested the writer Susan Orlean (Meryl Streep), who decided to write the explanation of what happened his most famous novel "the Orchid Thief", one has reached the book counter. And where was followed by excellent sales, instantly showed up and Hollywood producers who bought the rights to adaptation the task of writing a script that Charlie Kaufman (Nicolas cage), beginning the ascent to the heights of glory, but faced with the notorious creative crisis.

Not knowing how from "the Thief of orchids" to create an adequate framework for the shots of a promising film with the celebrities of the highest echelon, Kaufman times and again fails, so on his head completely refuse to have good ideas, and living around pure consciousness nonsense all resemble obsessive about yourself result of fresh errors, which had accumulated too many. And just this time Charlie in Los Angeles it arrives negligent twin brother Donald (Nicolas cage), decided on image and the likeness of his brother to storm the Factory of dreams in as the playwright. Attending all kinds of creative workshops, and with this writing notes for future psychological Thriller, Donald in the end gets her way and sends the production is absolutely mediocre, and the less attractive script, the most forcing Charlie to be in a state of complete bewilderment. And the less to give up our hero going to. In any situation it tries to emphasize to something important that allows you to move with dead point. But to finally get started before the end, Charlie got to meet Susan Orlean and possible to know the direct of John Laroche. And that the meeting promises to be for the writer truly unforgettable.

After working together "being John Malkovich", Charlie Kaufman and spike Jonze used to understand the creative style of each other and in a similar unusual manner made light "Adaptation". As expected, creative throwing a screen image of the walk and EUA kaufana were full of unexpected and catchy plot twists, the story is the case is torn between genres, taking in itself features Comedy, drama, science fiction, Thriller and detective. Watching what happens the long-suffering writer, inevitably begin to believe in the irresistible power of creative despair, clogging the head annoying litter, but with the "Adaptation" has a saving dark humor, allowing you to push in the direction of surround the eccentric creators and has to instruct history on the right path. Of course, stylistic and atmospheric games of Kaufman and Jones not all the audience seems appropriate, from what twists and turns of the plot of "Adaptation" may be perceived as artificial drama, the most detached from the reality, however, by using such a specific tool creators in all colors were able to show that sometimes going on in the minds of the author and what they have to go through to finally handing in the the hands of the Directors of the coveted script.

Conductor Charlie Kaufman from their own disorders to the audience was Nicolas cage, who played in the adaptation of two key roles. Contagious enthusiasm for cage's work was the key reason for his invited to "Adaptation", and it is not disappoint their benefactors, giving them all their strength and skill, so how can accurately convey creative throwing, akin to a nightmarish mental illness. The opportunity to play two at once the role has allowed cage to fully develop his potential and to develop both nature to the extent that Charlie Donald become completely self-sufficient and living characters, each of which was a serious drama competition fellow. And Chris Cooper and Meryl Streep are charming complements the story of the throes of creativity, giving it a elegant gloss as always great games.

10 of 10

Elvira Luehrmann
09 July 2005 | 03:58

About the movie spike Jones 'Adaptation' has been written quite a lot as Russian, and other languages. Assessment of this painting ranges from the total rejection, approval tediousness of the film, to an absolute delight. But do not it.

All review, as flattering, and dirty, the protagonist of the film "Adaptation" is named Charlie Kaufman. But if it really? Anyway, why are we one character consider it fundamental, and other episodic secondary? It is considered that the protagonist — the media is the main event, a significant point of view on legal allocates the initiative and ability to overcome obstacles, this person with maximum tension and interest the reader or viewer.

Remembering this, will try to answer why screenwriter Charlie Kaufman — the protagonist of this film whether it is this title?

Throughout the film we wittingly or unwittingly become witnesses of how Charlie condemns himself for the failure of their own. The film begins with the words: "is There any thoughts on my bald head? I a fat loser, a typical illiquid". This person who is only GOING to live, only DREAM about the active effect, but NOTHING DOES: "we Need to exercise, need to fall in love...".

He only dreams about how to invite your favorite waitress on the exhibition of orchids, only plans to speak with well-known publicist Susan eagle, only aware that could to kiss the girl in the end of the date. When he finally begins to act, it turns out that already lost: the waitress on the exhibition go not want, Susan eagle crying over the fallen lover, and the girlfriend has another man.

Yes, Charlie Kaufman is very thin feels the vulgarity of the world. He sees his twin brother writes a crazy scenario, he understand how it is difficult to create a script without an exciting plot, without chases and fights. In his film Charlie wants to praise the beauty of nature, the magnificence of the individual flower, to identify the philosophy of each petal of the Orchid. But most people do not need these movies, because the masses want "bread and circuses", they do not know how to see the secret, delicate, hidden beauty of the natural world. The script Kaufman is doomed.

At the end of the film it is shown that Charlie goes to different level of understanding of the world, but still adaptation does not occur, it script not completed a family happiness is not found. Charlie is too uncertain nature. We have to admit that is a loser. Smart, psychologically complex, but still a loser who needs a permanent support, dreams of man who has constantly endorsed its actions, encouraged, comforted. This character is not can be fully called a MAIN, it would be best if it had the function of a narrator.

But who then the real hero of the film? In "Adaptation" is an episode: Charlie is going to start working on the script, but not can focus: "we Need to start. But I'm hungry. No, first I have to write something, and then eat a bun and drink coffee, it is the reward". Whether to talk a great screenwriter or writer? One should write when not can not to write!

The scene where shows creative meal Charlie Kaufman, is replaced by a frame, in which the publicist Susan eagle, creating first a small article about the Orchid, and then a book. Susan fully immersed in work in the time of the writing of the book "thieves of orchids" can think only of mysterious flower! Here where is the true creativity, real talent! Here where the main character (heroine!!!) movie!

If Charlie Kaufman complains that his name is nobody know, the name of Susan eagle know very and very many, this a woman creates books and lectures, which have success. If Kaufman, feeling the difficulty and the splendor of the natural world, not can to tell a script that the publicist manages to become a writer and find the right words to convey to people the beauty of the mysterious Orchid. Finally, if Charlie just wants to love and be loved, the eagle Susan finds a person with whom she happy.

She's calling John Laroche, the grower and seeker of orchids, only in order to hear his voice "hoot" in the tube, simulating a telephone dial tone. They are buzzing along and suddenly you feel how they are happy — "they turned"! This horn like binds them, becomes the starting point of their of the novel, which was wish had not intervened twins, these would-be writers. It was she, Susan eagle, can overcome obstacles, that is what we, the audience, watching with the greatest interest. It is not only think of the meaning of life and their own purpose in the world, but and is valid, creates something, changing myself, changing and the people around her. "Change" — not always "make a choice". Sometimes the case can be slightly different.

It may seem paradoxical, but in the movie "Adaptation" of Susan eagle and is the mysterious unattainable, sexy and attractive Orchid, seeing that it is impossible to forget. There are orchids, similar to a turtle, a monkey, a school teacher, a new York intellectual, a beauty Queen, and are those which is visible to the entire the sorrow of the world. Indian Matthew (no matter what he was this moment in a condition of narcotic intoxication!), seeing Susan and noting her beauty, says: "I see your sadness, it is beautiful."

The drugs, made of Orchid-Ghost, allow people to feel enchanted by something. Susan eagle (read — Meryl Streep!) — this Orchid-the Ghost, fascinating people who are close to you!

Lynette Kristin
26 March 2013 | 08:04

"to Be Charlie Kaufman". Perhaps it should have entitled this movie, although it is the movie, of course, no more about a single person, but about the profession, about the whole industry and its laws, about people who are experiencing the throes of creation.

This is the film the process of contemplation which unwittingly become not only a spectator, but and party. Kaufman affecting some brain centers responsible for the activation of the thinking process. Second — you just as the main character, is obsessed with writing something important and fine, you suffer tomites, you complex I'm afraid. On these two hour — Charlie Kaufman.

- I can't sleep, have my hair is falling out, I thick tedious.

Charlie Kaufman — a master manipulator and hoaxer. Perhaps, this his work is stronger even than the myth of woody Allen about a brilliant guitarist Emet ray. It comes up with here is not a biography of themselves and others, however, and brings to the stage his alter ego in the image of his twin brother. He wrote a script about how he writes the script along with a fictional brother-in the book of the journalist who wrote the story of one eccentric hunter of the orchids. It seems much more difficult? But in this scenario, the film, and we see not only the actual process of writing a Kaufman script to the film, which watching, but and the process of creating a non-existent brother and write them the script for the movie we look! Buzz!

All those teachers are dangerous if you have a purpose. The writer is a traveler unknown.

I sometimes seething brains, but it's crazy nice work gray matter. The whole movie the viewer tries to find meaning as the heroine is a journalist looking for the Orchid-the Ghost, to separate fiction from reality. However, the point here is, in my opinion, not eventually — finding this sense, — in the process. The most interesting thing here to fit into the brain of Charlie Kaufman, I admire the fact how he juggles screenwriting tricks like wraps intrigue. I think I first got such pleasure from script.

This is one of the best role of Nicolas cage from those I saw. It is not only was played by two different people, but and managed very precisely and in detail to convey the uneasiness, fears, doubts, and wanderings of the Creator, seeking a rare flower inspiration...

9 of the 10

How much has Adaptation. made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $32,801,173.
How much did it cost to make Adaptation.?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $19,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Adaptation.?
This tv-show was directed by Spike Jonze.
What is the genre of Adaptation.?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Adaptation.?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Nicolas Cage, Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, Jay Tavare.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2003-02-14.