The man, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism; communication with people he prefers to study his beloved space, despite that the Adam longs to find his own soul, who could always understand or listen. The situation changes radically when his new roommate gets bet...

  • Max Mayer

Release Date: 2009-08-28
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $3,036,211
Phaidra Down
05 February 2010 | 04:19

Just today I learned about and looked it up. According to he came out in wide release on the territory of our country.

So, let's get to the film. Actor Hugh Dancy for me totally unknown, but his game impressed me. All that it makes the screen seems very plausible, real. I think it is very difficult to play someone who suffers from a disease that is causing poor social adaptability, but this actor is turned on a solid five a five-point scale. He played naivety, and anger, and resentment.

Rose Byrne known to me some of the film. To play the role of her character in this picture she has been great too. It gave me hope, changed lives and helped Adam. Albeit not there was a happy end, which I expected, but still a role for Adam is invaluable. In the end we show that he learned to communicate with people even time to stop at communication.

The heroine rose Byrne seemed to be a girl who got confused somewhere under the weight of the circumstances. Left her a young man with the father's problems with the law. She probably wanted some care, affection, honesty and frankness. Adam turned, perhaps those who has been need to the time. Whether she went to the end? Possible. It is always important to understand when to stop and make it on time. Who knows, could she lives with a man Adam? And can you imagine what would she caused him pain whatever has left a mental wound, if one day, after years of left it? After all, she would have given the dream, but would break its pieces together with Adam. I think she made the choice is acceptable to it. Not for me to judge.

I think that even raccoons in one episodes nothing appeared they just for the sake of children's books. Perhaps it is some kind of parallel or allegory with the main characters of the film.

In this movie there's something she is not empty. I would not called it through sure you will review it how-ever, and may not times. This high-quality drama with an excellent game between two of the main characters. All the action takes place around them not will be no unnecessary characters. Nice to see that still then, make films not just for the money. I thought it's just a really shot period of life between two people, so alive seemed to play Hugh Dancy and rose Byrne.

I liked this film and I recommend it to view, but You decide to watch it or not, but I put a well-deserved:

of 10 10

Emilee Aurelia
16 November 2010 | 11:18

Throughout his life, Adam spent in one city, in one apartment, one work. But then the father that support is so important for a sick son of permanence is dying, and over the measured life of Adam looms a serious threat. And then there is Beth. It is not even know that in Central Park lives a family of raccoons that the stars can Shine with the ceiling, ordinary apartment that you can live without deception to trust others implicitly. But that knows Adam. He if he owns the secret of magic, is simple but that time not available to others. But not him who share this secret. Except Beth. She is able to hear important, to see the true, but it is not know how to love. Love the way how can Adam. Just love not expecting anything in return even if that love is very difficult to put into words understandable for another person. But they are together. And together they create a miracle by teaching each other the most important, most valuable, opening the door to the world heart.

10 of 10

Pearle Ernest
17 August 2012 | 07:18

My favorite children's book is about the little Prince, who arrived in earth a distant planet. He met a pilot whose the plane crashed in the desert. The little Prince taught the pilot many things, but mainly taught love. My father always told me that I the little Prince. But after a meeting with Adam and I realized I was the pilot...(C)

This story is about two people very close and distant at the same time. Adam — not like everything is and drew Beth to him. Really unusual instead of dinner in the restaurant look at raccoons in the Park or go a space, not leaving room? Beth knocked at this unknown to her peace and Adam let her in. And, it seemed, the gap between them disappeared.

I love the story of the little Prince, and was glad to hear about her film. The drawing of this parallel is obvious, but not literal. Adam, as and the hero of the tale, the child in the shower. This differs from hypocritical world in which it exists. Adam clean, bright, not able to lie and not tolerate the lies of others. But as well as and the child, selfish, helpless, in many ways, irresponsible. So love Beth it is special. But would girl that kind of love?...

He never said he loves me...and if you do...I don't I know for him so.(C)

Hugh Dancy did the role is removed from the world Adam. He was very nice, kind and interesting. To such as stretch it, because people always seek to escape from ordinary, open to the world outside, see it with different eyes. And I got into the game Hugh Dancy so that is largely understood Adam realized it fears, his thoughts, feelings. And as strangely, despite that Adam — sick of autism, we are not very different from him. And verify this, after watching the film. Who of us has not experienced the fear of change or didn't feel lost? Each of us wants to have loved, everyone needs to care and attention. And love someone — too much of a selfish step. It's so we are saved from alone...

to Be loved is very important, but loving — it is a necessity.(C)

rose Byrne well done for his role, even though I do not like the actress. It was interesting to look at her doubts and at the same time, her love for Adam. Them a couple of very cute.

-I brought chocolate...
You know, I'm not Forrest Gump! (C)

This movie left a good impression and warm soul. In each of us lives the child, which sometimes forces us to be self-centered, insecurity, fear. But it in our lives an adult who helps us going forward that reminds us of responsibility for your future and for the loved ones. And like sometimes it was not necessary to learn to live. Because we have.

of 10 10

For the soundtrack special thanks, especially for the Joshua Radin — When You Find Me.

How much has Adam made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $3,036,211.
Who is the director of the movie Adam?
This tv-show was directed by Max Mayer.
What is the genre of Adam?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in Adam?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher, Amy Irving, Frankie Faison.
What is Adam IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Adam released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2009-08-28.