Accidental Love

By fateful coincidence in the head pretty waitress hit the nail. The foreign body becomes the cause of the unpredictable behavior of the girl. Since she has no medical insurance the doctors refused to treat her. As a result, she is sent to Washington, where he meets a clueless young Senator...

  • David O. Russell

Release Date: 2015-02-10
IMDb icon 4.1/10
  • Country: GB, US
  • Language: English | Portuguese
  • Budget: $26,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $24,487
Dotty Avner
03 April 2016 | 10:54

New York Director David Owen Russell, or abbreviated David O. Russell, five times the three of the film had the opportunity to obtain the coveted Golden knight, the most prestigious award in the film world, but while the statuette slipping away from his hands. It he had responsibility for such films that have excited the world community, as "the Fighter" (2010), "My man — crazy" (2012) and"American hustle" (2013). In General, we can understand that David O. Russell treated kindly by the critics, but was his track record of movies that cause outright confusion. Among them and comic strip "Love hitch" ("Accidental Love"). The power — in 2015, but she really spent on the shelf quite a while, a couple of years ago, its interim name was "Anxious". Not the lexically normative name, you see, here and she was Peranakan when still it blew the dust and sent the court audience, who were ruthless in against her.

Antsy the story on a novel by Kristin Gore, Matthew adapted Silverstein and Dave Cesarom, after the first minutes of viewing made it clear that being in the picture of a fair amount of famous actors and Actresses can only be understood by the name of the Director, because in such an absurdity, based on fricova the behavior of the characters, hardly would be Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal, always carefully picking roles for himself, was involved in this obvious adventure. The inadequacy of many of the participants do not hides the basis of mockery and derision with light irony and satire. This unrestrained, silly mess, causing, as already mentioned, puzzled. And because we like assume if it is the genre noted that the picture is a Comedy, there will what to laugh, but not apply to "Love hitch". Arapova experimentation, nevrabotenost of the characters, the action, which is excerpted from a mediocre Comedy of the lowest order of — it indulged in David O. Russell in his film.

And how even the best Directors in the world, and actors happen movies, roles they would soon to be forgotten. In "Love hitch" it was nice to see Beverly D'angelo, star of the franchise, "Vacation", and Kirsty ally of the "look who would say," but both Actresses, I think, surpassed three times over your left shoulder, that their role in the "Love the problem" is not was long, so the spectator not particularly remember that, and fans will bring them to misunderstanding. Catherine keener too much flickering in the frame is not will her part to be attributed to that she wanted to have fun shooting in the Comedy, yeah still in such glorious company. Was in film comedian Tracy Morgan and his wide smile, even though he did "Love hitch" softer that Lee. And honored experienced James Brolin has long been to unfortunately, taught that a good movie with him — it's rare, so that his part time and not especially surprised, though he should be carefully still applies to the selection of films, because the amount is not always have quality.

And now it is to speak for the main participants of this obscurantist action. To start with James Marsden. He still then is relegated to the status of a sex symbol of Hollywood filmmaking, making many women ardently to sigh about this handsome. But such a stupid (sorry!) role what it was "Love hitch," he not that potential fans, but and the greatest admirers could easily could scare. Cowardly officer of the law in the performance inadequate behavior — a character from Marsden to remember, not can, and becomes dumb, if you think that are the cops really do exist. Parody from Marsden came out worse. Jake Gyllenhaal, hope realized that the comic side of his talent he is to work to work as an eccentric politician in this film from him — outright failure and, hopefully, a great actor will make the right conclusions. And was feeling sorry for Jessica Biel, who are serious about their professional task, but and it soon surrendered when they realized that "Love hitch" will collapse. More her role as in "Easy virtue"!

In General, even the most inveterate fans of James Marsden, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel. I can not can advise even once to look the Comedy of David O. Russell's "Love hitch", because too large would be a disappointment. Can all dogs pull on a Director who is not was able Comedy, neither a parody of nor acting talent is not able to pull the tape. But just count the "Love catch" a misunderstanding, a mistake, good filmmakers, and they will be justified in future classroom projects. But still to watch a movie no one would recommend.

3 of the 10

Lulu Mitinger
10 March 2016 | 02:41

David O. Russell more than likely never will shoot something like that movie in its kind perhaps unique. Before viewing you need to keep in mind that is very serious film on the brink of a foul. Viewing fun of which is not great jokes (which are also present), and the absurdity and nonsense of what is happening. It like the film which so stupid that this even has something attractive, cute.

The painting is famous Director, on so easy and so simple looks that not noticed the timing of the picture. Created in spirit suitable to some musical end of the 50s, "the catch" is a satirical Comedy mocking of democracy. All characters in this story is so exaggerated as possible. Whether it is a priest with a riser, or a Congressman with a pure heart.

Jessica Biel is an incredible cutie, very sparingly and finely was able to create a character that is not annoyed with his eccentricity and on the contrary it touches.

Jake Gyllenhaal similar to the matured character of the film "Man of the bubble". Nor the program is not losing a very organically fits into the Duo his partner. As usually charismatic and funny in the right doses.

Involved here and many more wonderful actors as for example: Catherine keener, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan, Kirsty Allie and others. Which, so same dive with head this special atmosphere of the film and perfectly add.

The problem "Love knots" of course with a script. With beautiful production and great actors, "the catch" is not has a really good story. The which has created "laughter through tears", not tortured morality but in the same time touched its individual scenes. But without this, in this genre, unfortunately no way.

At the same time, the picture is not deservedly has such a low rating. And even it is a pity that such a fantastic parable, only some came to taste.

6 from 10

Sonia Lot
14 September 2015 | 06:08

After numerous production problems (including financial — corny, the actors had nothing to pay) strange, very strange film a long time ago to disown him of David O. Russell finally saw the light. Of course, as and the majority of those forced pictures, popular he did not. Moreover, the tape so and remained unnoticed for most critics and a wide audience.

Although the "Love catch" and tries to be topical satire (primarily on the US health care system and the world of high politics), it turns out that she so hot. Weak humor, slapstick too thick and good actors do not on the places — that the result of these excessive and strained attempts.

It may seem strange that "Love hitch" — painting pen O. Russell, the man himself Tarantino puts in an example to many filmmakers; Director and screenwriter responsible for such films as "American hustle", "the Fighter" and"My boyfriend — crazy". But let's see what had a hand in Russell to 2008, the year (year of the launch of the "LZ" in production"). And virtually no what a successful and high quality. We can point out only the standard scale action movie "Three kings" with an interesting trio (George Clooney, mark Wahlberg, ice cube) in the lead roles. But it was more than 15 years ago.

Almost all of zero O. Russell's film career a big gaping hole (actually only one movie over 10 years). However nominated on Oscar "Fighter" was revived by David as Director, two further picture raised in this script writer. It is not surprising that "Love hitch," he trying to forget how bad dream. Hardly he was happy that the picture came to the audience of the court.

But not all so bad. Although bad, of course, but not totally. Somewhere and satire have to place somewhere and funny so stupid. Another plus is that the romance here is not focus, tears and snot on a romantic basis, trying not to squeeze. But here is closer to the end of the film in the truest sense of the word drops as the ruble. Jessica Biel weeps and sobs, the conversations are becoming boring and pathetic. Interchange to order cheap predictable that even becomes nauseated.

Still in the end one can not tell about the main bright spot of this film, for which it most up and take a look. Jake Gyllenhaal is really able to draw to themselves attention even in such a disastrous paintings. To the same pretty fun to watch in new tape 2015-year of the Jake-actor seven years ago. Of course, not the best item in his filmography, but still...

3 of the 10

How much has Accidental Love made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $24,487.
How much did it cost to make Accidental Love?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $26,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Accidental Love?
This tv-show was directed by David O. Russell.
What is the genre of Accidental Love?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Romance, Best Romance Movies 2015.
Who starred in Accidental Love?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jessica Biel, Raymond L. Brown Jr., Jenny Gulley, Beverly D'Angelo, Steve Boles.
What is Accidental Love IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 4.1.
When was Accidental Love released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-02-10.