A View to a Kill

This time, 007 fights at once with two villains, one of them is named Max Zorin, he is a product of genetic testing of the Nazis, he's got an assistant named Mei-day, she is a real bad ass with a desperate thrust to the crimes. Max planned to destroy the "Silicon valley", center of scientific and technological research USA. To prevent criminals to carry out their evil plans, bond has to first go to the USSR, where in conditions of the far North it is attacked by heavily armed militants equipped with snowmobiles, helicopters and even skiing, then to Paris and then to San Francisco, where the world-famous bridge "Golden Gate" and the unfolding events that affect the future of the whole state.

  • John Glen

Release Date: 1985-05-24
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: GB
  • Language: English | French
  • Budget: $30,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $50,327,960
Gilemette Sherborn
29 June 2018 | 08:15

The next two years, the second bond Director John Glen, another performance of Roger Moore — seemingly Western front change an no — meet the latest Bond with Moore in the lead role!

Without long digressions, let's just with place in careers. The main advantage of the "View murder" — is an action scene. Absolutely everything they are elegant and basically superior to even the "Octopus". And Glen doesn't reinvent the wheel — template for the standard shooting, fighting, car chases, underline. However, if the fight — on high cornices and, God forbid, to a very tall bridge. If the chase, then the fire truck from the cops, where the bond will be honored to hang on the fire escape. Where in the chase Bond on skis? Properly, many places. But where you saw the Bond is so dynamic and crazy chase on skis? Perhaps in the subsequent parts and will meet better, but yet "view of the murder" served in the plan "Only for your eyes", and"On the secret service of her Majesty."

Last time I was indignant that John Glen present the style and thought in the future it will find it. So here — has already happened. "Reckless", so I this style is described. Hamilton could also to attribute, but he is still more irony, but on the part of the crazy and madness Glen is clearly ahead of the aforementioned the Director of "Goldfinger".

Its main merit this part — stress. Never before Bonds are not been so fascinating. A vivid example — battle high altitudes. The heart is compressed, when it order of the old Roger Moore runs the ledges for black parkerize, what could be talking about battle Gold bridge, in which the tape manages to evoke in the viewer a fear of heights. In the genre of spy movie more clearly the altitude was felt, except that, in the fourth "Mission Impossible", where Tom cruise crawling on the Burj Khalifa Dubai between these two movies, sorry, about thirty years difference.

Voltage and a lot of details — these two component doing the action component of this bond almost not the best among the previous thirteen. When the Director, even the chase on horseback manages to perform at bis — here only to crumble in Amaziah and left. However...

However, traditionally, between one action scene and the other is earplugs with  the"peace" scenes. The story here is, in surprise, quite interesting, just like in "Octopussy". However, the characters in the depth of the characters do not added a the talk between them is not become smarter. And the thing — exactly the peaceful chatter part in basically is. Chatter as already understood not helluva lot of fun. Sometimes, the villain will throw someone out of the aircraft, is, bond would go on a espionage, sometimes, the villain will calculate the zero-zero-seven at the computer, but mostly peaceful scenes, though, and not to much boring because, again, the surprise of an interesting plot, but and not very memorable, and sometimes they can be tiring, so as the two hours and ten minutes — the timing is not that is the smallest of the possible. I wouldn't notice that's as much attention, if not "Octopussy", where out of action, the authors still found better ways to entertain the viewer, to take the battle the auction.

Companion here, perhaps, the most unnecessary and easily cut out all of the previous parts. Seriously, it here and not very, need, and run the bond begins a the end. Apparently, the authors decided to add passion bond in a tribute to tradition but only, because it is wrong to back up a step the usual pattern. Not get it wrong — girl irritates, even amuses, yeah and very good-looking, and even with no tearful love drum level "From Russia with love", however, without it easily could do it in this tape looks like not sewn Mare's tail.

The villain is not to say that outstanding. A product of genetic engineering of the Nazis with another crazy plan. Blue-eyed blonde who always puts the target above medium — the Wehrmacht would be proud of. Played it, by the way, Oscar winner Christopher Walken. However, much more interesting handy black — crazy parkerize, great outline bream agents of the British secret service. Yeah and it it is banal more character there.

The soundtrack was pleased once again — it is gorgeous. Neither to add nor to subtract.

What to results of the film. The "peaceful" part would out better, but viewing it is not me ruined two hours passed still the only way. Appeared tension, action became even more dynamic and diverse. In General General — "wasmerely" credit.

What to totals to Roger Moore. For Sean Connery the time was constantly looking for the right way — serious, professional agent, for which above all work, full of irony jester, who in pursuit of the skirt could please trap to terrorists and save only when a miracle of conventions, but in the end, and that, and other could join together, it is a pity that only "you only Live twice" ("the Diamonds" doesn't even want). Moore's well from has got a solid image, so on for all seven movies "Rodionovsky era" bond nor never were changed. Hardly someone will challenge it professionalism: Moore's bond has always been able to show off a wide knowledge of conversations superiors always find a way out in difficult situation and know how to use all that under hand in the right moment. But the irony and humanity still hasn't go away. Best like describe it trump, built on the game of words, of phrases, which he nearly always on time and accurately lampooned in addition to seen. Himself the actor was laid to complete and clearly love bond stronger than Connery, because of what I fell in love with, though, and not much, but stronger than Sean. Why leave? At the time of filming, he struck 57 — try this age in front of cameras with a gun at the ready to run and simulate a race on the ledges Yes any battle with the chase. Seven films — the number is significant. So that I accompany it happily, so as Roger did the right thing and gone, too, is not I look forward to new experiences from a new cast to the role of zero-zero-seven. Rodionovskaya the era was gorgeous, but it's time to move on — to the new challenges.

8 from 10

Bethena Dragon
14 November 2014 | 12:35

The famous millionaire Max Zorin is under the suspicion of the British service in numerous speculation microchips and horse racing. To investigate this case is assigned to the old James bond, who gradually reveals the real plan crazy billionaire establish your own monopoly price of thousands of lives.

The fourteenth film of the famous series about the elusive spy of James bond still pleases the audience with their staging, neorealismo, and other nice things for which we before it was interesting to watch. However, for me this movie-like mentioned in the title, "a Farewell bow Roger Moore". The sadness in that in this film, the famous British actor in the last "is in skin" your favorite character that actually, a bit sad.

As if anticipating that is it last film, Moore finally get used to the role of the famous agent, and now I without a twinge of conscience can say that the famous agent in this movie was better than the rest. The local bond serious, always gets out of trouble, you can say, "suffers" more than anyone. it looks almost invincible. Although, with the other hand, is a bit sad that fact that Moore is being such a serious age (57 years since the way) trying to look like a young hero alone, though he really is able to look like the old man who before retirement had decided to revive old. And not in addition to numerous understudies, which are visible to the naked eye. And that interestingly, it is not bad, fortunately, as I said before, Moore plays almost perfectly.

In the rest of the film turned out a little worse than "Octopuses", but still interesting in the rest of the plan. Despite sagging, the storyline is the same simple little by little, is full of interesting and unexpected moments. Chases not left side, but compared to the previous film, they are not enough. But for what happened on the past 20 minutes (shooting in the caves, fight on the bridge of San Francisco) already want to present the film at the hands.

The main villain in a magnificent performance of Christopher Walken turned out perhaps the best in all "Murovane". Always calm, with penetrating look, a good-natured smile, which flash can become sinister, and the absolute brutality made it quite a memorable character. So I liked the elusive and equally violent assistant of the villain may day, the fate of which the writers have done is quite dramatic outcome.

"View murder" — quite a great movie. In fact, "Bondiana" still gives the viewer the opportunity to relax in front of a favorite movie, but also enjoy the latest role of Roger Moore in the role of bond — very catchy and a little touching.

8 from 10

Mella Correna
08 December 2012 | 02:19

When I took a retrospective of "James bond" I had deliberately decided to abandon the chronological order and watch series randomly. It's so much easier to take every single film as a holistic and independent, rather than as a progressive part of the lingering series. At the chronological situation in a disadvantage happen to be outdated the initial movies, where with all the armor piercing charisma Connery all action-Packed episodes from the then special effects in the present age advanced technology looks simply ridiculous and absurd. However, the films about James bond still was not built in one only the visual part. The choice of actor for the title role has always been important for the franchise value.

If we talk about Roger Moore — the bond from it turned out really the most, um, frivolous. In a good sense of the word. It is seen that Moore deliberately makes the 007 ironic, windy and a kind of rake, which primarily relies not for reals fist, and on cunning, ingenuity and logic. I.e. in fact the viewer a true secret agent, who just lost in the crowd and easy to try on the mask of the different characters not afraid to be exposed. In principle, this Moore and worked on five films about James bond. What same for the movie the sixth, then then the producers made only one, but a SUBSTANTIAL penalty: the age of Moore and accordingly, the age of 007. No, I won't deny that for my 57 years Moore looks great in several scenes completely forget about the age of the actor, but not only in scsn-episodes and just not in the love scenes. And if the first is somehow possible to hide behind the stuntmen and stand-ins the second, no doubles have not will help. The producers, on my opinion, in General should be original and completely remove love scenes of the story. Would be a certain novelty. To the way, the ladies in this series are selected not very advantageous. Tanya Roberts plays just disgusting and hardly the fatal beauty, and grace Jones so and is inserted into the plot is clearly for the exotic. To the same the authors pedal open her mujaadalah that regarded as fame fatale it is not seem to be no way.

From the point of view of entertainment in "on murder" has some good episodes and interesting notions. In mostly, again, ironic. Take, for example, trick falling part of the machine in the stage of the Paris chase or a fun way to breathe under water, which shows a bond closer to the middle of the movie. Not mention the initial episode of the chase on skis under the music almost no Beach Boys. All this filed so playful and easy, I can forgive a bad movie trick photography (especially the scene with the fire engine) and some slowness of the film in General closer to the finale. Very fun to look at young blonde Christopher Walken in the role of the main antagonist James bond. Walken plays clearly with pleasure, even without straining. In addition, in the film has some funny cameo. First, it's Dolph Lundgren, for which the cameo role of the guard Russian General Gogol was the debut of great movie. Second is a legendary radiodetali Seva Novgorodtsev unexpectedly appearing here in the role of a helicopter pilot.

Obviously, this film was announced the next feature in  the"James bond". Next, in a similar vein to movies 007 already been impossible. The producers carefully tried to restart the franchise with using Timoti Dalton and, alas. suffered a devastating collapse. But other choice they do not been. Roger Moore gave bond all that he could give it to him. Maybe he should have left earlier, but -- so if it easy to stop being a secret agent of her Majesty?

How much has A View to a Kill made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $50,327,960.
How much did it cost to make A View to a Kill?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $30,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie A View to a Kill?
This tv-show was directed by John Glen.
What is the genre of A View to a Kill?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller, Adventure.
Who starred in A View to a Kill?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Roger Moore, Christopher Walken, Tanya Roberts, Grace Jones, Patrick Macnee.
What is A View to a Kill IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was A View to a Kill released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 1985-05-24.