A Touch of Sin

Miner Dahai outraged reigning among the leaders of his village corruption and decides to take action. Migrant worker Sun EP opens up countless possibilities inherent in firearms. Harassment of a rich client brought the worker saunas Xiao-Yu to despair. Xiao GUI forced to change jobs, each time agreeing on worse conditions. Four characters, four provinces, reflecting the image of modern China. A portrait of a society which is undergoing rapid economic development and gradually becomes infected with the Bacillus of violence.

  • Zhangke Jia

Release Date: 2013-12-11
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: CN, FR, JP
  • Language: Mandarin | Cantonese | English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $854,891
Janina Linette
17 August 2017 | 12:15

Unexpectedly for themselves faced with the majority opinion, if the Chinese don't know how to shoot a movie. Of course he can boast a history of his filmmaking, because in the country was most severe censorship, which was only approved propaganda tapes. But is not mean talented actors or Directors in the country and anything of quality, they are not removed. "A touch of sin" a great proof of that.

The snobbery of some critics is surprising. Due to the fact that serious pictures usually considered under the microscope for every little flaw severely to chastise, there is a paradox — good movies get mediocre evaluations and testimonials, dissolving in a sea of tasteless bushing works much lower quality.

Note that the film is based on true events of Chinese criminal reports, there is no element of artificiality and exaggerating how some people think. In real life it looks a lot worse, and from the routine of evil often, the blood chilling in his veins.

We have 4 main characters:

a) a little silly miner Dahai, which in the meantime not denied the concept of justice and pobivali local workers to protest against the corruption of the authorities, which until recently was very through dirt and now cuts through the clouds in China private jet.

b) work-illegal In EP, who decided that blame everyone of the gun to the right and to the left the meaning of his life and the best way to make money on the life of his family, he knows that even more important, not want to know.

C) laundress Xiao Yu, who all hoped that her lover will leave from his wife and at work zazhratye majors taking it for a prostitute for bath of pleasures.

I would look at these people, neither as characters nor as sinners. Of course, the blood problems not to solve, but these actions that is simple clean, something clear to a person of his animal nature. It is considered that only weak solves problems by force, but here's Mother Nature on this account the opposite opinion. In this case, no one played democracy, not turned tail and fought, how could, did what many can be wanted to, but not have the courage even to admit that.

g) Xiao-GUI, which youth change their place of work as gloves, all hoping to find a better place. Fell in love with the prostitute, he at the childish naivety is offering her to run aimlessly. Those who reproached the Director for departure from his signature style said that the last story as time in the spirit of its former creativity. It I thought the weakest, most simple and clichéd. Here and understand these critics.

All these stories end with sad and blood in fact the whole point of modern life, and not only China. It is naive to believe that this is the problem of young, under construction societies. Otherwise, such things are not happen to US Europe and a film like "I — Daniel Blake" not would main prize at the Cannes film festival. And all because the rigid stratification of society according to the income of — is one characteristic of capitalism. Yes, this system gives disproportionately more opportunities to achieve something, but if it and ensures that not success and disaster, if you these opportunities don't use. Here you or "proper member of society", or — outcast. Third of this. And this character often earn, not the most pure actions with the point of view of morality.

The Chinese people, according to its essence never-and was not rich, but the coming of the market economy were allowed to think your strength and despair, realizing that millions of people not will be able to realize your chance at a happy life, in including thanks to all the well-known corruption and social injustice. Let it and the simplification, but the Chinese for thousands of years lived the feudal society, the adoption order which people in the country have at the genetic level. It was all unfair, but it's clear: you're a poor farmer, your goal is to serve the local Lord — the harvest give him his beautiful daughter to him, sons in the army to fight with the same Lord of the other provinces. It was the level of religion is believed and should be. And then at once said that everyone can become a master at the worst — this itself is a local Mandarin, just need to work hard and use the endless possibilities. And when did all the rat race, and then emerged, , new rules, and play old — successful are the most cunning, and people either meekly agreed with the new version of feudalism, or began to fight for their rights, how did before, only the peasant uprising with pitchforks and shovels have replaced the firing of guns and pistols. The people remained the same, only the social struggle intensified, and no one not able to, not want to be able to solve problems in a civilized way. And guilty this, first and foremost, a state that does not cared for easing the transition to a new style of life, about the evolution financial and mental. And why? The Communist party are satisfied, the country stands out in the world's economic leaders, the flywheel turns and gives the fruit — after all, the leader of the Communist party is the same Emperor, who for the given considers its exclusive position in society, slaves, so much to be, let them fight for the bones, though, and more sweet than ever. And those seized upon power, simply lose their heads. It is impossible to state categorically that they deserve success, but they do not understand, they don't know responsibility the sense of proportion and not know I wish. How here not to remember "Animal farm Orwell".

Perhaps, this tells Jia Zhangke for"a Touch of sin".

I'm not sure how applies to capitalism is the Director, in what he sees the main problem of contemporary Chinese society, but would like to warn some people from jumping to conclusions that all the fault of capitalism, which has brought people to a white heat. All ultimately relationships, the eternal problem of misunderstanding each other.

Many saw in this picture a parallel with the dashing 90-we are in Russia and that we saw in "Brother", or even "Boomer". I also came such associations in my head, but I still would advised Korean drama "Failan" (2001), which is very close, as in spirit, and the meaning the emphasis, however, on the tragedy of the two individuals. This work more personal, and assumes the role of "social Manifesto", although it opens to pains like the problems of ordinary people.

Of 9 10

Tawnya Babara
28 October 2013 | 03:21

The film is not bad. Not say to I really liked it, but not say that it made me any negative emotions. Rather — the impression is that it but could be better, expectations were higher.

But personally, I would place the Communist party of China and them on censored for movie, that the movie would be didn't approve of, hung a label on it "well" (as I after learned — the Director once again and treats in this category)))

Because after this film, and these stories, to be honest, I even got sick to visit this ihnem China (because the film shows the often ugly side of life is simple and the poor Chinese who are trying to get ends, which is it turns out or not a helluva lot of successful, or illegal, and not entirely fair ways).

By the way, a bit similar effect I was after watching the movie "Brother 2" — got sick to visit US.

Four stories of different characters United by some reconciliation and break the storyline of one character in the story of another, and in some cases even partial impact of one character on the events in the life of another, and short appearance in a single shot the heroes of different stories, but sometimes just some things that relate to one of history and appear the frame another. Ie, well, that a Union of the histories of the characters is still there.

But personally, my opinion taste — combining the plot lines are all the same insufficient (as for me — too indirect, and surface), and I personally would like it was deep, — as the story, and General idea, the General idea (which is clearly lacking — is a common idea, which unites different story. Although, I admit that can this err, any, I just not noticed (not grasped, not understood).

The first two history personally, I liked more, so as a little reminded me of one of my favorites, and already mentioned above, the film — "Brother 2" with Purple.

The hero of the first story is also a heightened sense of justice, but rather injustice, and he tries to get justice (as for themselves and other), first by legal means. But after it is legitimately do not out the end, he brought to despair, decides to fight with injustice with force (weapons).

But in the second story — already less definite character, which at first also empathize when he getting in a dangerous situation in the beginning of the film, to the delight of the audience quite smartly made it gets out, coolly punishing their sudden attackers. But here ends the history of this character scene, which personally I completely changed the attitude of this character zaperezhivala on a few-disappointed...

In the following two stories is present at least two types of sin in each story (so as not to spoil — what to mention, not be).

The third story is about the girl, having difficult and not suitable for her relationship, strong character, but a few unbalanced temperament (or a special pride and much-heightened sense of self-esteem, which in the history will play for her fatal role). It in some way also trying to achieve justice in terms of fair treatment of yourself. But the case of destiny, and her reaction to disregard make yourself her life his fatal plans.

The fourth story about a young guy who is trying to survive without a good education, served on work in a city of strangers.

He faced with extremely logical and objective difficulties, and much less logical and obvious to him results...

Itself termination personally for me it remained unclear (I admit — may it I just misunderstood her idea. Maybe it's my minus, but may Director of insufficiently clearly expressed its design or an allegory)...

In General as I have said — the film is not bad, and is as interesting history and characters. But yet I have a claim to common uniting these the history of the story, which on my opinion, it was possible to make a little deeper is interesting, and etc. 

(As I I found out — the stories themselves are based on real events, about which the Director has heard of the releases of the Chinese news. And they so impressed, that he decided to make a film about these stories. But in light of this, it turns out that my claim once again refer it to a part of the work of the Director (as the writer), because as I have talked to my opinion, it is not good enough to cope with the task scenario to skillfully combine those stories).

6 from 10

Esma Leoine
01 June 2014 | 08:12

the prize for the best screenplay at the Cannes

Almost a year after the world premiere had the opportunity to see one of favourites penultimate Cannes festival. In the Russian hire the film is definitely not will be released, as neither at least is to entertain. However, for me personally he pulled the screen firmly and kept tension two hours. Chinese Jia Zhangke — new informal leader of the national film — clearly he knows a secret. Exploring contemporary Chinese society, he puts his hard analysis and merciless criticism, not knocking at this Frank's castigation of those of the processes that occur there. today. And occurs there, according to the movie, a very active reorientation of the social system — from socialism to capitalism. Without the blood is not complete. Moreover, here it is pouring constantly.

The picture shows a painful break-up foundations, vaccinated politics of Mao. Today's youth have attacks middle class and upper class, United under the banner of the red guards. Now she humbly bow to freshly baked nouveaux riches, providing services in accordance with modern ideas about morality and management. And present this is not much different from Western. Past revolutionary ideas are breaking down into the eyes of the current Chinese, refocus on consumption, thinking only about the accumulation of wealth. But not everyone can withstand the competition in the country billion people. And people with those who pass the nerves, in the hands of a weapon.

Zhangke film about violence. Not surprising that the project is patronized by the "Office Kitano", then there is a Studio Japanese Takeshi Kitano. Lubricating the gears of his anemic style grease genre cliches, Zhangke apparently follows wishes its Japanese investor, who has already long been listed in this case is not just a specialist, and a classic. Scenes of violence, of which there are many, filmed in a seemingly realistic manner, but impress, the however, cinematic expression, blurring the line between conventional cinema and true life caught unawares. In for me personally is the main and insurmountable attractiveness of the painting, which if brings us the modern China back.

Like that this is China is now experiencing the same time as the Russia in the era of the dashing 1990s, metaphorically and unlikely not best reflected in Balabanovo "Brother". Zhangke, judging by the style, if not native, it just a cousin of Alexei Balabanov. For a rare sense of truth that is present here even in a seemingly purely symbolic frames, and the ability to feel the nerve of that transitional stage experienced by the country, and, as a consequence, breaking the existing foundations and psychology of his fellow citizens. Zhangke attract members of the lower class, therefore, as three stories of the four filmworthy dedicated to them. Nominally have of the film the four main characters.

In the first story is a fundamental truth-seekers trying to get to clean water, the guidance of his mining town, which he suspect financial fraud. And the result is in complete isolation, not finding support among the local population, slavishly obeying the new owners. In the second story, we see the young handyman, trades jobs, becomes a robber a lone striker in broad daylight to secure compatriots. In the third story we are talking about the serving of a sauna, which mistaken for the two Gil whore. Beating her with a thick stack of bills may well be the quintessence of painting in General. In the final novel tells of a restless young man who does not find a place in a rapidly changing world where all of a sudden divided into the poor and the rich, not leaving other options.

Showing a desperate little man, not knowing no other way to subdue the course of things, except for violent, Zhangke, perhaps exaggerating. However, something I dictates that the phenomenon of Chinese economic miracle are how are of tragedy, to see that the fact a select few who are able to look deeper into the essence of the changes taking place than is doing journalistic reports and even more, the figures reflect the development of the national economy. The political scrapping — the generous conflicts and contradictions, but modern (in the number of Chinese) movie prefers to turn the nose in another direction. Jia Zhangke — a rare exception to the rules. And themes interesting.

How much has A Touch of Sin made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $854,891.
Who is the director of the movie A Touch of Sin?
This tv-show was directed by Zhangke Jia.
What is the genre of A Touch of Sin?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Drama.
Who starred in A Touch of Sin?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Wu Jiang, Baoqiang Wang, Tao Zhao, Lanshan Luo, Jia-yi Zhang.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2013-12-11.