A Star Is Born

Country musician Jackson Maine, whose career is quickly rolling downhill, once acquainted with an unknown talented singer Ellie. Between the heroes breaks out a passionate affair. Jack helps Ellie to succeed. But what is rapidly gaining momentum musical career of Ellie, the harder it is to put up with their fading glory.

  • Bradley Cooper

Release Date: 2018-10-05
IMDb icon 7.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Angela Clerc
08 October 2018 | 12:02

This is a beautifully told romantic story of two people who love each other, but none can save another from the demons of the past. And it also the story of two people who work together to complement their musical talents and where everyone sacrifices his career to promote another.

The driving force leading the film to success is the chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Bradley's a good actor, Gaga is a talented singer, but it is directorial debut, and her first big role in the movie it's a miracle that they teamed up for this film.

Each of them talented in the elements together they make history. Important in the film is music: original songs and live performances.

At times I wanted to clap after songs. In General the film is very atmospheric, you so imbued with the events that there is an effect of presence. And performance "Shallow" is so excited that this is creepy skin. The film turned out great, would recommend.

Like Cooper, or Gaga? and can like good music? Or just watch a movie festival? Then this film is for you

10 of 10

Robinetta Emily
06 February 2019 | 06:23

Bradley Cooper is still worth to learn as Director, certainly the Studio, the producers will give it work after the triumph in the film "a Star is born", exceeded the original budget of 10 times and 21 took place in the list of the best box office in 2018. At this rich in cartoons blockbusters, so the result — almost 415 million dollars in data Box Office — definitely worthy. Nor the passive turned out to be the PR company of the film, promoting Cooper-Director and Lady Gaga-the actress in mass. In the end, even people who are not particularly in charge of and interested in the movie, there was talk of project, Warner Brothers and MGM. Promoted in the media premiere of the impact on the flow of money, but that is remarkable, the picture is not failed and on the contrary, quite a good one, adopted by most viewers and critics, while many great Directors over the first films not received advances.

A story about a boozy musician, and begins with bottom singer, of course, not surprised, but any story can be presented with new colors. Bradley Cooper is not wanted to create a true masterpiece for all times what to demand — too much. Likely to present the typical for movie history, taking the basis of some new, more modern form of existentialism — here is his goal. This approach will provide a movie with meaning that can be understood immediately and without hesitation to anyone. If neither what the typical Cinderella not can be of speech, "a Star is born" — the real drama with many of the characteristic principles of such. Drama comes out literally with the beginning of the showing of an alcoholic drug addict Jackson Maine — famous country musician, whose music is more reminiscent of classic Blues-rock with solo select a rhythm section (in further slowly flows into the soundtrack country music, replacing "Gibson" with distortion on the sound chord melody). The viewer shows that Maine is not can stretch without booze and later without analgesics. To unfortunately, this is subject to most musicians, so that blame the writers in stirring up drama is not worth it. Yet...

In the future, however, the story is different: starts to come oddity, absurdity. Meeting with Ellie played as times Lady Gaga, according to the idea is to bring in a picture of a radical change in the life of the protagonist. At first they are, black starts to move away. However, romance becomes increasingly unhappy in the course of time. The first half supporting a very strong spirit of striving forward, is replaced by a second gathered depression, a farce, and unnecessary hyperbole. Most catches the eye the film succumb to acute emotional peppercorns in a ridiculous scene, in which the logic of the head does not fit. For example, on the award ceremony "Grammy" in drunk Maine is a disgrace to Ellie on front all over the world. Why? Why? How could such a thing come in his head? Even if you repulsed on the head, hardly will do the same, at least for the early events. The problem is that Jackson is changed to throughout the film, always remaining maximum pig, but problems go to him with it. Not shows no desire of the hero to somehow transform, and stay in house of alcoholics anonymous seems forced. If he really wanted to change, I had something to do, not to substitute the family as a minimum. Even more ridiculous and absurd, does not clear action; it makes the end, finishing off the film hope to end on a positive note. But may it and would happen, the logic here is still there. The impression is that not a deep drama, able to teach something, and movie the drunk are drunken, of which on the streets a lot. At this, in some detail the essence of the character, which is able great to play on guitar, write taking for the soul of the song, Yes. he finally an empty place makes a career of Ellie from pure heart — a hero would like to see dick.

The only thing that makes a exceptional drama in the this is the fate of Ellie. It does not matter what it goes a familiar path, traveled by millions of artists. It still remains a strong example. This approach is usually typical sports movies like "rocky" or"chariots of Fire" — the principle of "to strive for my goal". In the heroine, despite the complex and being a simple waitress in the bar, a true born star, about what she had long dreamed of. Between her and Jackson feel the love to throughout the picture, but from the heroine, she confirmed actions, and not words. What most importantly, the image of Jackson, who always was in step suicide or overdose is withheld because of Ellie. He wants her a star, calling at stage it is, overcoming all the fears and excitement, punching the internal barrier of fear of the crowd. And after a while she know about nominations "Grammy" and crying, I want to cry along with her, experiencing the living embodiment of a great dream, when the tale is true, and not go in vain. Happy for her immodest dad, who boasts of skill in his youth to sing better than Frank Sinatra, but for whom the greatest dream is the chance to be proud of a daughter like for any parent. And with all good, Ellie — not a stupid girl, it does have real talent (which, in principle, not surprising), not inspired by mum or dad and was not invented independently. It seems to be simple things, but inspire excessive times over and over. Lady Gaga managed to cope with the way Ellie, which also complements the melodrama in the feelings of the heroine believe, worry about it and even faithful to the bottle of Jackson Maine is not finishes the romance completely.

"A star is born" — not an original adaptation. And not even the first adaptation! In Hollywood, there are now as many as 4 movie same story, the first of which dates back to 1937 with the winner of "Oscar" Janet Gaynor received in the era of buzzfuse. And version Bradley Cooper, of course, looks not so contrasting as previous, though because it is strange to see classic bearded-hairy guitarist in the 21st century with same epic rock. But to forgive the Director screenwriting schools right now, because its film the rest looks impressive. About this even axiomatically declares the list of nominations for the same the "Oscar", where "a Star is born" is presented in eight categories. Machinery and the main awards here dispersed equally — 4 4. For starting the work of Cooper directing — a minimum of success.

8 from 10

Zara Emelin
29 January 2019 | 02:58

Directorial debut Bradley Cooper on the West, the audience accepted with enthusiasm, especially in States where the franchise "a Star is born" is a cult character thanks to a whole series of remakes. Initially, this music, the picture was published in 1937 and in 1954 came a new interpretation, in 1976 — the most famous remake with Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. Absolutely identical story and were taken as of 2018, where starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Even if you ignore the complete unoriginality of the story, many times retold on screen, picture of the sinking, as in a swamp. The phenomenon of its popularity is very difficult to explain, because in fact tape no nothing special and memorable, even in the musical aspect, all the sounds very simple and simple, the General background is allocated only the title track "Shallow", which will surely grab the Oscar for the Pro forma.

About the acting work also say a large nothing: Cooper habitually plays on level, although it hero it seems interesting, it is completely drunken and confused man, the reflection of which on about childhood, not seem convincingly invented history. Lady Gaga is incredibly trying, it is not to admit it, but clear that above the ceiling is not jump, the one can find her first appearance on screen as a good actress, but without enthusiasm.

Total: "a Star is born" as the plot weak, as a musical journey into hits, in total, felt too bland and featureless, and to not have no one emotion. For comparison, you can remember the ribbon "ever in life" — so is the perfect easy music game, which has no bombastic drama, but there is the music itself and bright beautiful flow.

PS about the Oscar-2019 — amazing to see the nomination of this film in the category "best adapted screenplay", it though the film Bradley Cooper is the fourth reading and clearly not replete with significant changes. To the way, the first film already had the Oscar for the best script.

6 from 10

Who is the director of the movie A Star Is Born?
This tv-show was directed by Bradley Cooper.
What is the genre of A Star Is Born?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Romance, Musical, Best movies 2018, Oscar 2019, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best Music Movies 2018, Best Romance Movies 2018, Best Musical Movies 2018.
Who starred in A Star Is Born?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle, Anthony Ramos.
What is A Star Is Born IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.7.
When was A Star Is Born released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-10-05.