A Separation

The couple Nader and Simin decided to leave Iran in search of a better life. But at one point Nader still decides to stay close to his father, suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Simin files for divorce, hoping to leave with their 11-year-old daughter, but the judgment is not in her favor. The daughter, meanwhile, hopes that her mother will come to their senses and return.

  • Asghar Farhadi

Release Date: 2011-06-08
IMDb icon 8.3/10
  • Country: FR, IR
  • Language: Persian
  • Budget: $500,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $22,926,076
Harli Gun
26 January 2012 | 04:51

Waited a long time for this movie to appear on the Russian language, and looking for an incredibly high imdb rating (8,6) and place in the top 250, hoping that it will be a masterpiece of art-house movie. In I again convinced that do not blindly trust the opinion of the majority.

The acting, of course, height throughout the movie is saved tension and a sense of reality. However, after viewing remains extremely unpleasant experience (even more acute high expectations). The whole movie we show scandals, lies, cries, fights, tantrums, tears — in short, a solid film! All always lie find out the relationship and trying each friend to file in court. Personally, I and real life enough of this everyday. In movie (no matter what country) I want the opposite to see something sublime, beautiful, wise, eternal — that will make you think about the values of life. And this film is nothing teaches. After it gets so the same sickening as after several hours of standing in queue listening to someone else's abuse in some stuffy corridor of the district social security.

5 from 10

Sallyanne Sigrid
11 March 2012 | 01:20

Just over thirty years ago Iran was quite democratic secular country, led by Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who famously arranged called "White revolution" aimed at reislamization and Westernization of the Republic. In 1979 reaction — "Islamic revolution" — Pahlavi expelled, adopted a new Constitution and conveyed power the hands of the clergy. Today, Iran talking only in the context of its nuclear program and  the"totalitarian" regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called the US government one of "axis of evil". Whether it's blatant social regress, or special road, Iran closed in itself, and the movie became one of the few Windows that allows you to look inside.

A strange mixture of theocratic totalitarianism and democratic institutions was reflected in the works of a galaxy of great Directors of this corner of the world. Abbas Kiarostami, Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Jafar Panahi became the hallmark of Iran, but each of them represented their country so most do not to get the grid and, along with the, a movie. In the time the recipe found Soviet Directors, closed at the same grip — inspired philosophical picture of the wise, good and eternal, the little stories can bend around the reefs of censorship. &Nbsp;Iranian cinema, following this simple rule, gained a reputation as one of the best of national film industries. "Divorce Nader and Simin" Asghar Farhadi, who became the winner of the Berlinale and the Oscars, a film of a different kind. He was able to make a dent in the soothing Persian languor, and without filters, with the same local, but a completely realistic story, to lift the curtain over the daily life of a modern Islamic Republic of Iran.

As a divorce such, here is only the beginning of a psychological detective, unfolding into the verbal level of misunderstanding, innuendo and the outright lies. Simin (Leila Hatami) is a successful marriage with Nader (peyman Moadi). The reason for their parting for love seems insignificant, but in a wide context, is almost inevitable. A woman wants to emigrate to the West, taking the daughter into believing that in Iran it has no future, Nader in Tehran, holds a sick father, for requiring regular care. Not finding the compelling reason, the court suspends the divorce process, and angry Simin moves out on the parents ' apartment. The time, Nader is looking for father's pious nurse, the Connector (Sarah Bayat), which in the first day calling in a special religious service to find out whether it to change feeble old man underwear. Immersed in their own cares, still pregnant, the Connector allows the criminal an oversight, linking the patient to the bed. However, it is the reaction of Nader leads the characters on the dock.

No signs no trouble, neither a complex plot brought to perfection drama Asghar Farhadi is built on a powerful Foundation, for which need the eye Yes eye. No, of course not will be to pay attention to detail and Director it only hand. As this is often happen: the obvious event is not is obvious when the other begins to argue their own point of view, accusing you of a lie. There are already a vision stop believing — and suddenly imagined? So do the characters in "Divorce", all, with the exception of the daughter of Nader and Simin, whose role in the movie is a little bit higher than justice. The vexations and squabbles turn into the main engine of the plot, a pair of frames subjected to countless interpretations, the motives of each of the defendants and witnesses are multiplying, even more pushing up the passions. Have Asghar Farhadi works in every detail, as in life. Many in fact found myself thought that not all by accident.

The value of "Divorce Nader and Simin" is not in the notorious "chuchkovskoi suspense". Something like this always happens to us, our friends or neighbors, and usually we are bound not only individual and the environment permeated the air, the culture, take a higher civilization. Covering a wide range of social layers and phenomena — the middle class, the lower, the bureaucracy, religious morality, communication — Farhadi draws details of Iran today, not a mysterious land where go to a burqa and publicly hanged on the squares, and the community close to us people. It turns out that the Sharia is not making them that to the bone. If you look closely, some of it choking, and for someone is the meaning of life and a source of positive forces. At some point we understand divorce is not only Nader and Simin, but and all the nation each friend. Iran to unfortunately, there is not a unique. That same topic and Andrey Zvyagintsev "Helen." Remember the age-old reproach, that Moscow to closer to Tehran than to Washington. And, in fact, no one no doubt.

Candis Zamora
29 February 2012 | 10:43

Iranian cinema presents a rather weak and towards the Russian audience and does. Though it is not pleading the merits of other tapes released in this country. "Divorce Nader and Simin" at least partially corrected this sad trend — film, have gained considerable popularity in the world, acquired to themselves an interest even here in Russia. To unfortunately, few people out of the ordinary viewers could to appreciate the really tough movie Asghar Farhadi — but with all confidence we can say that not in vain the critics all over the world literally drowned him in praise(and someone even managed to christen one of the best in the 21st century).

In fact, all praise deserved — though this creature can not be called terribly passionate. It is a sort of psychological, realistic-fiction excursion into human psychology. What contributes to the presence of unknown persons screen — which of course is not mean the actors are bad.

On the contrary, all give full — enumerate the names are not make sense hardly then someone will see the list of her favorite artist. But how nice to look at the screen, when the actors are in rage — and give a true master class. Whether Sami Nader or Simin, or even their eleven-year-old daughter — good in their own way. Scenes of interrogation, example, we show all the skills employed in the project, people — nobody stands out more than others.

The script as it seems to be timeless — read the story, you may think that not more than expertly made Thriller. That of course not true — is the politically correct overtones that are skillfully woven into the script most importantly it seems Intrusive. Skillfully shows the life of ordinary people in this country — all the customs and traditions carefully preserved, and shown maximum reliability.

All these components in the symbiosis allow us to fully focus on tape — dynamics, at that subjects not so and easy for perception remains quite cheerful. Although there are a few almost imperceptible moments, without which can do well. In fact we are seeing one big mini-social conflict. Than the scenario is not limited — then you and a difficult choice of the child between father and mother, and the solution to foreign problems in two different families, and of course, the very plank of tension between husband and wife is constantly growing, reaching closer to the end of your climax.

The most important thing to understand the simple truth, before how to start a safe — this is a classic example of "cinema not for all". Brand of auteur cinema — something even the cast of life itself. On which give also a soundtrack, which manifests itself very rarely — perhaps the most poignant note leaped only the end. Camera work underlined style mockumentary, even basic work with audio and installation — all makes the idea that made almost a perfect job.

The carefully calibrated direction emphasizes that Farhadi no one is not doing bad or good, dark or light. With his part is only visible to dispassionate opinion, so you need here. It assumes the role of judges — he's just the narrator.

Amazing verified, truly dramatic film covering several exciting aspects — and one of the best in 2011. Soulful from the first scene of the divorce, to gorgeous open final. And deservedly received the "Oscar".

9.5 10

How much has A Separation made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $22,926,076.
How much did it cost to make A Separation?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $500,000.
Who is the director of the movie A Separation?
This tv-show was directed by Asghar Farhadi.
What is the genre of A Separation?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2011.
Who starred in A Separation?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Payman Maadi, Leila Hatami, Sareh Bayat, Shahab Hosseini, Sarina Farhadi.
What is A Separation IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.3.
When was A Separation released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-06-08.