A Quiet Place

Family with two children living on a remote farm. It would seem that the life of these people did not differ from that of other such families, but they live in a place that is filled with horrible monsters, reacting to any sound. The family learned a whole set of special gestures to help them communicate with each other, not uttering a single sound. In addition, each member of the family needs to move very quietly, so that dangerous creatures wouldn't hear them. However, the house where the children live, may not be the quietest place on earth.

  • John Krasinski

Release Date: 2018-04-06
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | American Sign Language
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Mabelle Fabron
19 August 2018 | 01:35

Very often, after another standard horror film, the viewer complains about the plot, actors, clichés and so on.

Here we have cast fancy feed, but for me personally, the puzzle is not developed. Why is it so?! Take the plot in fact it particularly not, my story is fairly standard there are monsters and conditions of survival with them. On our heroes. So as the whole movie they could not talk to the main story was going through their emotions with this Emily blunt and John Krasinski (part-time and Director), and kids — the kids did fine.

In the end, we get a family that shows us not horror, but it is the drama of their situation. Then there are unknown animals, they are also very colorful and very hard, where should crack, where have all sorts of bells and whistles to him we recognize and also want they gave vent to their nature and released someone intestine. And begins a struggle between two genres, which match his drama, they say wait from here we without your animals problems vnutricerepnae, and animals I want to pohoronite and ask how long are still continue your showdown, we ideally have need to start you to blame. And roughly speaking everything seems as requested, the horror with developed characters, but the us shows that too good is also not good.

Can't say that movie I did not like. It very familiar this contrast of utter silence bordering on a terror, constantly maintains a voltage of plus supply draws its uniqueness. But say that the film aroused I love the language, too, is not turn, for for me it turned out mediocre.

P. S. T. because there a quiet keep in mind that the nachos or the popcorn is best to eat at the time of the advertising block or to start closer to the end.

Etty Melosa
12 April 2018 | 04:03

Amsterdam — it, so let's say "survival" horror game that caught my interest the first trailer. I did not expect from the film something mind-blowing, but it movie surpassed all my expectations.

The plot in this product is not have any unpredictable moments, it here is quite simple: on the Earth was attacked by aliens, and now humanity is on the verge of extinction. Everyone is trying to survive by all means, but uninvited guests are not just bloodthirsty creatures, they blind with pointed ears. The slightest rustle and they there.

In all the highlight of the film, sound. In main, "the Quiet place" is based primarily on a disturbing atmosphere, accompanied by a sound part, which plays a huge role in work Warsaw. Movie characters communicate through gestures, but there moments using the "language" that is not empty very important narrative paintings. Also in the film addresses the problem of fathers and children, which also plays an important role. With the middle of the film becomes all the intense and intense, keeping the viewer in constant anxiety that it is very important for"survival" horror. But the most intense moment of this picture was in the tub, when the main character (Emily blunt), literally, was in a desperate situation. I would have ranked this moment to the most intense and emotional picture. I would also like note that there is the background of the alien attack, and a place that demonstrates family life in this situation, what makes you to feel the whole tragedy of events.

As for acting, she then, well, just gorgeous. All the emotions and the feelings of caste forced the viewer to empathize and feel all the pain of the main characters sent to the screen. John Krasinski Emily blunt, due to the natural love could show the viewer, a real and strong spiritual family that truly empathize and believe in.

Thus, the "Quiet place" — this high-quality, emotional"survival" horror with great acting, which shines with its originality and anxiety. A good combination of family drama and post-apocalyptic horror, which creates a decent Thriller, the next character from the beginning to the end. Something, this picture me even reminded all of famous, beautiful game from Naughty Dog "The Last Of Us", which showed the genre with a completely different side as and actually, the work of Krasinski. In General, fans of the genre suggest not to skip this creation, yeah and ordinary viewers it also have heart.

Of 10 10

Linda Bender
08 July 2018 | 02:51

In the spring of this year there was a new horror movie and a Thriller, gathered around him well a lot of noise. In the first place the viewer enticed, in fact, an innovative idea, an unusual feature — need heroes to be completely quiet in order to survive, so as monsters who arranged almost not the Apocalypse on the Earth, focus on the sounds. Average audience estimates range from 7 to 8.5 points and the 95% of the reviews of the critics were positive. Everywhere only and talked about how cool this film is and how realistically it implemented the idea of maintaining absolute silence. But if all really? Not really.

Let's start with good. One of the most important things in this kind of idea — acting. There no complaints. That parents children play really worthy and perfectly capture the emotions without any words. For this genre is, alas, rare. Here +. Second, and even third, but not least, it is visual sound. And then that should work together to create maintain the necessary atmosphere. And like there are claims, too, no — all very beautiful and well done, with excellent editing and suitable music. Seemed to have more than fine, but that only everything begins to crumble literally with the beginning.

The problem is that the whole concept collapses like a minimum of the two main reasons one which is very much catches the eye, and constantly. In the first is extreme stupidity is literally all that occurs in the screen. With the beginning, just not possible to pay attention to just obvious nonsense as the behavior of the characters, and monsters. And examples can be cited. The first — death of the younger son. And there is not a spoiler, so as fact that was shown in the trailer, all was the beginning of the film. It was like this: leaving from store, where the family went for supplies, the boy tried to take the plane with him, but dad saw it, took it and pulled the batteries, laid it on the table nearby, explaining that thing is very noisy, and so dangerous. And all nothing but the father leaves, the mother seems ill, the second son, too, and my sister is late to still to give the toy brother. And then also leaves. Only here the kid on the joys takes more and batteries... would it be Difficult for guess what is all will lead, except that happens all dumb: all family quietly goes home obviously a friend and constant route as suddenly, in the middle of the road, the boy decides to play with the plane, inserting the batteries. And that's all relatives shock horror, dad already running in hoping to have time to grab the son and to try to save it, and one in turn calmly stands on place is not matter rushing monster. We have a guy nobody followed him none smart enough to give the airplane without the batteries immediately, removing them away, yeah and then suddenly it follow the path decided to play I do not understand you can, while standing on a place there, not paying attention at all nor what. No, I would understand whether it is the first day of the week, but not even a month left, so to say, but it was 89 day! And all nothing but these moments is almost not the whole film. But it still not all.

To approach the following very serious problem, it is necessary to mention one important point. The problem lies in the that we do not show not tell absolutely no backstory. We not saying that happened, where did these creatures, as they all killed that occurs in other continents (according there still but how they got there — mystery), but most importantly — as they are guided in space. One thing is for sure — monster blind, is clearly not focus on heat and not exactly the smell. Of the common options there is only one — hearing. And here there are problems: the case that in reality, the only examples of almost fully oriented with using sound creatures use echolocation that, in fact, replaces them with advanced vision. But in movie clearly something is not that for with echolocation creatures would be clearly focused in space easily noticed not so much the sounds themselves, how much movement, and so without the special problems would have eaten while all other things being equal. Here we are trying to show that they focus exclusively on the sound sources that just creates a lot of questions, ranging from what they are worn with such speed and at the same time manage any what do not crash, and ending with a question about their degree of sensitivity.

The second main problem — no sense of danger. With shows a hearing aid really needs to hear, even as the blood the veins of man, is not mention the heartbeat, breath and even steps, and let them on the sand barefoot. And all nothing but we show you how they hear almost not the slightest sneeze with some crazy distances in a few kilometers as low, but then this monster can hear hard and very deep breathing woman almost not the emphasis, instead of what's the only thing that he took it the ticking of the clock, which is heard even to the mother herself. And again, whether this is a single case — that's fine. are the flaws. But problem is that is similar to the entire film. And this in combined with a lot of stupidity in the behavior, kills all, even the slightest atmosphere and sense of threat which is not would to get even the coolest visuals and sound.

Alas, but despite all the praise I can't take this movie seriously. Yes, technically it is very cool for a horror film, and the actors are laid out almost not complete, but all to crumble literally with the beginning, when you start to realize how everything that happens is silly and ill-conceived. The impression is that in addition to the concept, which in some degree borrowed from different works like "The Last of Us" and the same "Primeval", it authors were not. And well if true, but himself the concept of survival in the silence in the quality of implementation to boast well not may already crashing in the middle of the movie in the best case, just finishing off the atmosphere. From to watch "a Quiet place", not taking the hand from the bouts of facepalm, is simply impossible.

3 10 

Who is the director of the movie A Quiet Place?
This tv-show was directed by John Krasinski.
What is the genre of A Quiet Place?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Horror, Best movies 2018, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best Horror Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2018.
Who starred in A Quiet Place?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, Cade Woodward.
What is A Quiet Place IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was A Quiet Place released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-04-06.