A Nightmare on Elm Street

A group of teenagers from the suburbs of pursuing the same nightmare in the dreams of them sneaking creepy, disfigured killer — Freddy Krueger. They can protect each other awake, sleep well — be one on one with the walking nightmare, and a chance to escape the rapidly approaching zero... in fact, killed in their sleep, they die in real life.

  • Samuel Bayer

Release Date: 2010-04-30
IMDb icon 5.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $35,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $115,694,863
Gretta Ancell
01 September 2010 | 04:08

As there say? Negative opinion — the same opinion? So here. I hope that the editors and moderators of the site Kinopoisk will give the "green light" nonpositive my opinion.

"A nightmare on elm street"(2010), definitely has emotions. Indignation. A lack of understanding. And a bunch more of these feelings.

Guys, You really someone like? I now the opinion of those who I watched the original. That the classic Robert Englund. Do you really think that the remake of about Krueger managed? I then just don't understand something in this life.

Very rarely, when the Director fails to remove the new old not to lose. And not the case, believe me.

Jackie Earle Hayley? It is not Freddy Krueger. Rather, it is definitely a good actor, but not Freddy.

Makeup? — no. Not that.

Actors? — also not that.

The music is good except that. And overall — a fiasco.

"A nightmare on elm street" (original) is still, someone else and childhood. When the older brothers they were scared before going to sleep. When looking at it (one) night was uncomfortable even some time. And in the head is always the way Englund.

The Director changed the plot. And this will tell anyone who knows what it really. Why? wonders.

Film 2 10 

With the big stretch.

Annelise Gordon
18 October 2013 | 05:45

Thanks to the studios by Michael Bay a platinum Dunes is back on the big screen in a new guise some cult horror movies 70-90 years. Not have been deprived of restarting and the story of a ruthless serial killer who terrorized children on infamous elm street. The hallmarks of the film cycle, of course, are the murderers themselves, who come in the helpless condition of man in a dream.

Often restart popular franchises causes negative emotions of true fans. It clear the condition, because many of those we loved or other heroes in the performance of specific actors and surrounded by a certain atmosphere. But the time goes by, and with it is replaced by a generation that is difficult to evaluate the paintings of a bygone ago in mind the outdated visual effects and other related components.

Samuel Bayer, who is up to that operator's work, reinterpreted the story of one of the brightest representatives of the afterlife, and it was Freddy Krueger who was a stranger to the feelings of pity and compassion. He put all the canons and included in a bloodthirsty maniac several distinctive characteristics that differentiate between Freddy in the performance England and Earle Haley. If the first expressed his character as a comic maniac played with their victims, then the second turned into a vile pedophile who enjoyed killing young bodies. Personally, both of reincarnation have the right to life and each of them deserves attention. The way Kruger recognizable: the scorched face body, hat on head, striped sweater and glove with knives that shred the body. Updated terrorist of dreams has a special low voice, which is accompanied by an annoying rattle. For him the cries of the victims poured into the music the ears, which inspires on the original murder. It in the literal sense autographs living canvases. And that occurs in the dream state manifested Java. If you think about it, one we have experienced similar sensations on their own skin. For example, many of us laugh in your sleep.

The scoring of the new Kruger Vladimir Zaitsev fit organically. The impression that the burn wounds heal, but scars, not giving to forget about the massacre of the parents of the unfortunate children. Here in contrast the original tape, presented on our court more rich the history of an immortal avenger. Every appearance of Freddy becomes the dream on waking, which helps muddy the Wallpaper with pale flowers, where is dominated by green and red-dark colors. Dirty jokes for maniac sound like a forest compliments, which he skilful way turns against them. They only kindle in him a passion that will lead to bloody games.

Moments, the sudden appearance of Freddy reminds me of Imhotepa of the adventure franchise Sommers of "the Mummy". It like sucking the big energy of a person who ceases to be adequate, then start one and the same stamps. Among them are a clumsy fall victims of harassing shouts and groans, the struggle with the killer single-handedly, after which there is a desire fast disappearance.

Perhaps characteristic along with Freddy himself is counting. She instantly puts me in a cold abandoned building, where pipe strained to the maximum, at which slide sparkling as sparklers scissors maniac. And around children for a cell that has lost the gift of speech from the experienced fear. Jablonski has refreshed the sound of the pattern, retaining key chords.

Was moved some vivid violence of a maniac directly from several parts of the original. All we remember the ruthless violence of the hero Depp, in which blood flowed like a turbulent avalanche flow, but here are expressive of death. They led to effect of which felt flooding the body's own blood from numerous cuts.

The key characters were at their places, played by promising young actors. But their game is regarded by me as a trial, starting that enough cheese and not convincing. Kyle Gallner already familiar with this genre, while playing in every movie unsure and slightly weird personality. In the head does not understand how such a fragile body can withstand the evil overtakes on their land.

Nancy played a future nominee for the prestigious film award is Rooney Mara. It the heroine lost all the energy. Observed that the complete indifference of the girls to the current situation.

The film clearly distinguishes between the real and supernatural worlds, which makes the story interesting and confusing. But still, when the audience gets bored by all the openness, it immediately put completely knocked down confused.

The result was more mundane and brutal story of a serial killer, who after life is not know peace. The film takes place rapidly, leaving the best for last, where to the last frame are in the dark.

Gina Rexanna
02 June 2010 | 09:20

In recent years, in Hollywood started shooting remakes of different films: from city of Angels to Nightmare on elm street about the latter will be discussed.

The original film, the distant 1984, to still is a sample of any horror movie, and as a logical result he decided to make a remake. The producer of the film became Michael Bay, have responsible for a few remakes, like Horror Amitvillya  Friday the 13th, and that it a new film.

I'll be brief:

the Plot.

The writers apparently decided to make the plot of his touches result — game at all. And this ridiculous scene with the murder Freddie parents will get rid of any feelings does not matter. All techniques terror already hackneyed, the more so most part taken directly from the original, Yes still poorly implemented.


Actors are chosen just awful — none of them take that talking about Freddie: this movie has proved that England can not be replaced.


Visually, the picture looks better than plot — it's the debut work of the Director.

Mismatched color tones — too dark even for this film.

Make-up or just bad, or it is invisible emotions of these young actors.


That's the only what you can praise this film, music composed by Steve Jablonski, is fascinating and keeps tension. Well chosen double, which almost single-handedly pulled the image Freddy Kruger.

Summary: another remake no shares of the innovation, but for with the manners to combinations continue.

4 10

How much has A Nightmare on Elm Street made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $115,694,863.
How much did it cost to make A Nightmare on Elm Street?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $35,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street?
This tv-show was directed by Samuel Bayer.
What is the genre of A Nightmare on Elm Street?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Drama, Horror.
Who starred in A Nightmare on Elm Street?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara, Katie Cassidy, Thomas Dekker.
What is A Nightmare on Elm Street IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.2.
When was A Nightmare on Elm Street released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2010-04-30.