A Million Little Pieces

The young writer James wakes up in a broken state on Board the plane in Minneapolis, with no memory of previous events. It soon becomes clear that James sent to a rehabilitation center. Trials that befell the hero needs to heal from his mental suffering. In the process of therapy, he made friends with other patients — a charismatic mob boss and the young girl at the hospital rules he is forbidden to fall in love.

  • Sam Taylor-Johnson

Release Date: 2019-12-06
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $89,825
Tammi Iila
31 January 2020 | 05:37

To be something or someone dependent — is not the best way of life. For addiction — this is a pretty serious limitation, because of which people do not can partake of all the delights of life and not able to her fully implement. James was exactly in such a situation, when bright need to drugs outweighs their principles and views the usual stuff. Once with all the writer abruptly loses his freedom and goes to a special institution to rethink everyday life once and for all. With the first day, James accepts this "imprisonment" as a heavy burden. Local orders call him complete indifference, and to others it refers a little bit of continuous pessimism. All changes dramatically when he meets the right people to fight the difficult recovery period.

The fight against drug dependence considered to be the most challenging and rigorous. It's doubly disappointing that the film, positioning itself not just as a personal story, but still a statement encouraging people to abandon pernicious habits, so surface is passed via the steps "cure" the patient. Most of the time, James is in the same type of condition, only occasionally experiencing the consequences of failure. It past that is so is closely related to present, remains in a thick fog covered the gloomy haze. We will know the minimum information about how he appeared in this "check", and about what he is creative, the creators decided to forget completely and not give it much importance. You can also say about the other scenario "stuffing", not have an important place in the course of events, but the less awarded a single mention.

Rehabilitation center in a few months became a place of residence is not only the main character, but for the other patients. Have it has its own rules and principles, which are imposed to each and every "newcomer". Such a place does not have any self-sufficient role, and is simply a background on which the characters are trying to recover from their addictions. Somehow to embellish a large area creators are not steel, having refused thus from the impersonation of his own imagination in the image of the house. To unfortunately, he and left is similar to the conventional rehab, occasionally reminiscent of prison design.

In all this faux ordinary guy help not personal qualities, not an incredible will power, and another patient with an identical problem. Sam Taylor-Johnson apparently was not enough of a romantic relationship in past works, so this "communication" goes on the first plan. Here just follow the development of relations between these two drug-dependent people unpleasant, or even disgusting. In addition, young people break the almost not the strict rule, in order to communicate in a secret place. Their way to start a relationship felts too quickly, or too "effortlessly", but, on first glance, the affair to believe is not want. The other characters represent the absolutely standard images: Leonard — a good friend, who suddenly became not still, John — the personification of the conventional representation of homosexuals, Roy — the typical jealous person who always likes to poke his nose.

And it turns out that really feel, have only way it will work in the acting; for the plot, visuals and even music (remember only one tune, the impending intensity) is not possess the necessary hallmarks. Not say that all the actors I liked, but "mercury" and"bad Santa" made a good Duo work. Billy Bob Thornton let plays a plain idea, but still does it is professionally. And Aaron Taylor-Johnson is going through on the screen shocks for shocks. For two hours of running time, it is freaking out, suffering, upset and happy. It is not Joaquin Phoenix, of course, but to the level of Robert Pattinson he successfully hold.

In the end the question remains: "who is it For the movie?". For those who have problems with too much affection? Or for lovers of Arthouse? Or to a mass audience? Everywhere little by little, and anywhere in the same time. Another creation of the Director is not delves into the problem, therefore, morality in the spirit, "find someone who will help to cope with this", not suitable for real life. For Arthouse here too little of the author's view on the situation, and for a mass audience stringy, the pacing can get bored. Pseudo-memoirs, James Frey, in his time, caused great excitement, as a positive and negative, what can be said about the film adaptation. Friends, you better read a book work!

5 from 10

Toinette Janenna
30 January 2020 | 02:45

"A million small pieces," — is a film adaptation of the autobiographical novel by James Frey from the waves of popularity. The first — because just very openly and honestly written, the second — because found that Frey his stay in rehabe somewhat romanticised, embellishment details. The Director of the films "Becoming John Lennon" and"50 shades of grey," Sam Taylor-Johnson, using her husband Aaron in the lead role, took a very visually pleasing drama about that is rehab. And why to leave it harder worse than to get there.

James (from his face is a story, he also the main character what is happening) just woke up on the plane. Him as crappy as it is in life was and it is not have any idea how he appeared in many miles from earth — and more than know where it's going. The flight attendant politely tells the guy that he goes to Chicago. Where, in fact, waiting for a deliverance from drug and other addictions. All stages of accepting the situation and rejection of toxic substances — ahead of anger months to you know what. Well and while James curses his brother (Charlie Hunnam), who brought it to the clinic and broken up rubbing his lip, trying to remember the circumstances in which he has earned new scars.

James luck — it the clinic there are those who would like to share a couple of tips or stories how it is important to hang on here for the first time — to feel sorry for the rest of the unused chance. For escaped again back do not take. Among the "mentors" James — no longer young, Leonard (Billy Bob Thornton), obviously not first in the clinic, moreover, feels there are quite at ease. He influenced one important decisions huddled with the way of the writer at this stage of life. But that's another story, because the clinic staff, carefully rubbing patients the need to complete all "steps", this same the former dependent. They do not idle talk — they just been to shit remember hard to escape. However, to get — it's not so bad...

There are many stories about how it's hard to be in rehabe, alone with its brittle, with jambs, no relatives who have a Vario, stupidly sold you away, in order to wash away disgrace with the reputation of a respectable family (classic formulaic plot). In these stories the worst — peeling to speak, to force myself to speak with the world around you, not hide from him in itself and myself — in drugs. But none says that even worse to live after rehab's. Truly live without illusions, with a real and tangible pain that is not will mask any white powder or Golden brown. To live life knowing how powerful you are screwed up, being in dope — and, taking it, go ahead and not to roll back in the cesspool where loved ones pressing you to take in the clinic.

Thinking about how to escape from institutions that if you stay, you will not best, James haunting the clinic, smokes like like going to live without light periodically juicy breaks, trying to destroy that will fall under the arm. However, the words of Leonard on it worked, but he met a girl, the same is lost, how it — and abandoned by all, (almost like it). On the background of the silence with side hook-up, on the background of the hospital walls and heaps of prohibitions (in on relationship) the guy is not can not pay attention to Lilly, so desperately require that do then something else. They all there is damaged almost broken — them there are glued together again.

This story reminded me  girl, Interrupted (1999), where, however, it was not so much about the treatment of dependence, but about the treatment of a specific mental state. The story was to be honest with you — and those trying to help you. To speak. To talk again. Try to get to the surface any nonsense — in order to make it shape, find it roots loved him to get rid of. And sometimes you need to get rid of just to be free, or to get rid of for the sake of loved ones, or for someone you almost never know... and is to save that man, risking all that have — even if you have a chance to the cure; that's already a lot.

Maybe the risk and a chance to cure? Because before you it is not resolved...

Alvina Goldshell
29 January 2020 | 05:02

"Second of freedom is worth more than life in the chain"

Greetings to all cinemaholic! Through the presentation looked "a Million little shards" for the week before the start of the rental. I want to share with you the impressions of viewed. The picture is an adaptation of the memoirs of James Frey. Exactly call the protagonist of the film, which is still with young age started to use different caliber drugs, suffer alcoholism and dependency Smoking. Hero haunted by his past mistakes, so he never is a sober "bright mind." And now, after another "party", James falls into the incident, which came on Board in Minneapolis. There meets his brother who intends to take the protagonist in rehabilitation centre, where James have to overcome all of his demons...

A rating of 5.68 for "Kinopoisk", 6,10 — on "IMDb", 45 points for "Metacritic", 27% of fresh on"Rotten Tomatoes". In the record of the Director only "50 shades of grey", "Becoming John Lennon", but series of "Netflix" — "Gypsy". What could be expected from "a Million little shards" at such a scenario? Nothing good. However, the movie managed to surprise me with its ambiguity. Now I will explain in detail about than me.

The film is not trying to philosophize or to pretend to be the correct tape on the dangers of drug addiction. Yes, there's obvious good message, but in the first place, this high-quality drama, making a huge bet on (sorry for the tautology) the drama of history. Because of this suffers a bit of its believability.

The visual reminds me of "Euphoria", for example, their drug hallucinations, when the hero moves as if in an alternate universe, in a small room, flooded with blood red or icy-blue light, where endlessly hovering in the air white confetti.

The soundtrack from composer Atticus Ross, Leo Ross Claudia Saren and scenery of, I noticed the similarity with the game "Life is strange": and there are there these aspects add to the atmosphere of what is happening, but also skillfully convey the General tone and mood of the picture.

Characters and images cling to their stories. The viewer can truly feel the fate of almost every character.

This also applies to our impulsive protagonist. Character develops slowly and surely, gradually immersing the viewer in;his inner feelings, problems and fears. Have to the middle of the movie I began to show empathy to James even sympathized with his position! But the strange thing is that it storyline missing that the tipping point, that's character would have changed thinking he would stand up to the "path". And it seems everything is shown logically, but there is a sense of understatement. If there is the right parts in the scripts that would be explained changes in the character of James. Then if it the problem is the source, that whether — the makers of the film adaptation of...

As for me, James demonstrated too "innocent white mouse" did not initially knowing that works. I call it cliché technique "we are — life is like that!". After arrival at the rehabilitation center he never breaks not trying to get drugs (which is rather strange considering its wildest dependency). The first half of the duration the hero looks like a typical drug addict: with broken, insane face, with crooked teeth and a smile. It also made deliberately in order to evoke pity. I think viewer would be in favour of the protagonist without such a reception from the authors.

The movie was very pleased with the acting. Here starred Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Odessa young, Giovanni Ribisi, Julett Lewis, David Dastmalchian and Charlie Hannam. Credible composition, does not it? Nice to see Bob Thornton finally in a good movie for the first time in a long time. And can not to celebrate the greatest game charismatic Aaron Taylor-Johnson. This is probably his best role with the days of "Kick-ass".

Felt that movie was directed by "50 shades of grey". The story, despite the seriousness of the topic and its proper disclosure, seems to be more romanticized and easy, when compared with "Good boy." And love line seemed to be pretty banal and "well rounded" and could be more complicated.

Follow-up. The film is similar to the mixture of  a"Good boy", "Euphoria" and the game "Life is strange". Only in the previously listed projects there is some degree of uniqueness. — the highlight, which helps whether the series, film or game, tightly sit at me in memory. And in "a Million small pieces" nothing observed. Drama I, of course, impressed, but no more. Not sure, remember, on what was the movie, after watching some more tape after.

How much has A Million Little Pieces made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $89,825.
Who is the director of the movie A Million Little Pieces?
This tv-show was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.
What is the genre of A Million Little Pieces?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in A Million Little Pieces?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Odessa Young, Giovanni Ribisi, Juliette Lewis.
What is A Million Little Pieces IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.2.
When was A Million Little Pieces released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-06.