A Beautiful Mind

From the world popularity up to the sinful depths — all learned on the hard way John Forbes Nash, Jr. Mathematical genius, he early in his career did a Herculean job in the field of game theory, which turned this section of mathematics and almost brought him international fame. However, just at the same time arrogant and enjoying success with women Nash gets a blow of fate, which turns over his own life.

  • Ron Howard

Release Date: 2002-01-04
IMDb icon 8.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $58,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $316,791,257
Rena Vernor
27 January 2020 | 03:34


- In press release put it very gently, saying that the film is only inspired by the events of the life of John Nash.

Yes, absolutely, because we never set a goal to shoot a biographical film (biopic). But this extraordinary story, which never would tell if it was fiction. This one of those stories that is very strange, but in the end, triumphant. This story needs to have a real basis, otherwise it will seem far-fetched and completely unbelievable. Therefore, the film deals with major events, key turning points of the life of John Nash and, in my opinion, is able to capture the General spirit of his life and his relationship with Alicia.

From interview with Director Ron Howard for About.com.

As for me this interview — check the Mat all those who I hated this film due to the mismatch between it and the real story of John Nash. Not worth the feature film looking for documentary accuracy, because it is often not intended to tell in detail how everything was really, has its own, purely artistic, purpose, plus encourages us to learn about how everything was really. For fans of precision is perhaps more suited to a documentary from PBS, which, they say, quite carefully and details the life of this famous mathematician and Nobel prize winner.

Moreover, part of the art assumptions and differences is quite adequate explanation. For example, the use of visual images for the play "specific thinking" John Nash in all aspects contributes to a more cinematic, but also gives the opportunity to enter in the film is action-detective-spyware component, which, of course, is its decoration.

A simplified representation of the mathematical theories and thought Nash — required condition that movie was interesting (and understandable) not only to mathematicians, and visualisierung is a spectacular reflection of the thinking process improves the perception and gives a glimpse into the head of the hero, in the end, increasing the degree of empathy.

The ceremony of the pens in Princeton University (completely fictional) and it to the Nobel prize — it on "victorious" and"triumphalist", about which the Director said in an interview. After many years of the hopelessness, the hero must experience a catharsis, and the audience must do it with him.

On the other hand, I seem to have a rather unfortunate deviation from reality, such as the cinematic line of faithful and selfless wife. To really Alicia left John on for 7 years. Then they again began to live together, but it's more like a cohabitation of good friends: John has rented a room in a ex-wife's apartment with 1970 1994. So it seems that she was just a helping hand, for whom it was to watch, but she wasn't ready to be in marriage (and I understand it). And only 2001 year, obviously after much thought, they got married again, being elderly. And yet they were the son also not quite Interesting as well... history, why not tell me how was really? But no need to again to push due to teeth "family values"!

The film itself is quite clearly divided into three parts: the exposition, a spy Thriller and a drama (with isolation). Moreover, it is noteworthy that the action sometimes re-enters the drama, introducing confusion in the minds of viewers who are not acquainted with background in advance and this ensured the element of surprise and constant doubt about what is also generally happens. To this viewer, the picture is not seem to be prolonged, even in 40 minutes, because it will always expect some kind of scenario of the next catch.

But even the viewer is initially familiar with the story shown on the screen, can spend time with benefit. For example, to enjoy a wonderful acting Duo of Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany. Here, however, the impression can spoil the beginning of the film, where 37-year-old Crowe plays a 19-year-old on that time, Nash. In fact, not having a specified film guidelines regarding the age and life experience of the protagonist, the viewer to not understand how this character to be perceived: as a young fellow-student or as an adult uncle with unknown the backstory that has come to "second degree".

You can plunge into thinking about genius as the deviation is so different from the rules of a certain degree of mental inadequacy seems almost mandatory. Indeed, if people on this level have the gift to see the non-obvious Association that can be it the critical point and prevent the separation of it associative rows from reality?

You can immerse yourself in the psychological search for the causes and come to the conclusion that of course, it is much easier, for example, to come up with a compassionate friend, a fan, than to build a similar relationship with a real person. It is much easier to imagine himself the secret Savior of the nation, what do they become. Who will give you what you I like not you himself, whatever form is manifested?

The authors like provide a clear message about that the true reality is always better than false happiness. Moreover, to be happy in the real world, sometimes you have to abandon any illusions, coupled with unrealized dreams, hopes and expectations. The message is correct, but there are moments in the film when there is a rhetorical question: not more humane if sometimes to leave the person in his world of illusions, where only may it to know complete happiness?

The film is not provide a clear answer to the question of how Nash solve my problem. Perhaps, just one that doesn't know... But made of elegant intellectual speculation about that it is necessary to understand the fiction, to separate it and try to ignore, simultaneously discarding unnecessary guilt, in principle, it looks somehow realistic, optimistic, and (according to Ron Howard) is really a triumph.

8 from 10

Livvyy Erminie
06 October 2014 | 07:43

The film "a beautiful mind" Ron Howard, Director of the acclaimed "Code is Da Vinci" funny "Grinch-thief of Christmas", the thrilling "Race", is the cornerstone of its work. The picture is not in vain has won the hearts of millions of viewers on worldwide and is the top best movies. It is a very strong, dramatic and poignant. In it contains the real story of prominent mathematician John Forbes Nash. Although that displayed on the screen in different ways of real record is no detract from the powerful role of film in world cinema. But for the sake of interest, I advise everyone to read a biography of the scientist.

Nobel prize winner for Economics 1994, the strongest mathematician Nash played a strong actor with a wide acting range like Russell Crowe. I'm not can you imagine anyone else in that role. He showed the top acting. Not everyone's power play genius crazy one person. After watching this film, can safely say that the Russell Crowe is the gift of God of the actor. The Professor's wife, the faithful companion of his life Alicia is played by the beautiful Jennifer Connelly.

John Nash — brilliant mathematician, is a recognized authority in the scientific community, people with a difficult fate. Being weird, unsociable, insecure, emotional cold, it difficult to find a common language with a lot of people. He Nash says it is not loves the people and people are not love him, "I was born with a double portion of the brain and half a helping of heart". How many scientists, he lives in this environment, considering it is paramount. John, and the other geniuses in history, was faced with colleagues envy and a wall of misunderstanding with others. Sadly, that its isolation is added and incurable to still schizophrenia. Iconic role in his life was played by Alicia. This woman can admire. She threw Nash in difficult times was it all of adversity. If not she, I think, the math life ended tragically.

The film shows the amazing story of true love that is capable of lot of devotion. Shows the struggle with oneself, an iron will and a victory of reason. In the picture masterfully implemented the balance between fiction and reality, different time frame, recreated the necessary atmosphere. "Mind games" — heavy, sad, bright and a light film of hope.

I want to mention one fact. The Institute's teacher John Nash in a letter of recommendation was written just one line:"This man — genius."

10 of 10

Dayna Annemarie
01 October 2006 | 09:44

Started watching, not expecting anything special. However after a few minutes, I not even thought about the absence of seeds!

Amazing film: great music, exciting plot, excellent make-up, and the acting is beyond praise. Almost cry of emotion, when "Nash" began to give the handle.

The film deserves all the awards which I received.

How much has A Beautiful Mind made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $316,791,257.
How much did it cost to make A Beautiful Mind?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $58,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie A Beautiful Mind?
This tv-show was directed by Ron Howard.
What is the genre of A Beautiful Mind?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Biography, Best Biography Movies, Oscar Winners Movies.
Who starred in A Beautiful Mind?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Paul Bettany.
What is A Beautiful Mind IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.2.
When was A Beautiful Mind released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2002-01-04.