A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The story is real and unusual friendship between a good-natured leading Fred Rogers and seasoned journalist Tom Gundam. Good reluctantly agreed to write an article about the famous TV presenter, whom he considers too soft and smooth. But the indefatigable optimism of Rogers is gradually changing the lives and attitudes of a severe reporter.

  • Marielle Heller

Release Date: 2019-11-22
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: CN, US
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $40,000,000
Lori Adeline
09 February 2020 | 09:23

Fred Rogers for us, the people of the Russia is also incomprehensible, as if in Russia made a film about the eccentric journalist and Yuri Kuklachev. These two people talking about a seemingly such simple things as kindness, understanding, compassion, assistance to families, but I am going to talk specifically about the Fred Rogers. This leading children's programming became a true symbol of how American culture and Americans a whole. Its uncomplicated software it And here: in 2019, a movie about Fred, only it moves to the attention focuses on the journalist of the magazine Esquire Lloyde Vogel. His life is full of wonders: a wife, small child, yeah in publishing it is respected only in this period of life, Lloyd is not going through the best could be: relationship with father collapsed, yeah and generally not say that he was satisfied with life. And this man needs to get an interview with the Fred Rogers.

Well-staged picture takes the seemingly the simple truth under a completely different angle. Facing two extremes: a person who doesn't know what life and the person who gives hope to people who are disappointed in themselves. Personality Fred Rogers multifaceted and unique: it could take a picture of the people I met, in order to please his beloved wife; he played the piano (the main thing is not at lower keys); he enjoyed that lived wanted others also enjoyed every moment of that life itself. And none other than Tom Hanks, famous for roles good-natured and bright people who are able to the proper degree to embody the role of Mr. Rogers. Worthy role and a well-deserved nomination on"Oscar". From Hanks not far behind him on-screen colleague Matthew Rees and also played decently. Surprised by the work of art Directors, who, instead of smooth transitions, chose to show some scenes with using small structures (just like it was the transfer of Mr. Rogers). Yeah and I would also like to thank the Director and writers for that this non-trivial way said it would seem not a very interesting story.

In the end, I want to say that "a Beautiful day in the neighborhood" — a very good film, after which many are crying for in the picture there are slezovydelenii moments that work in the context of the film.

Amargo Idalia
17 January 2020 | 11:33

"A beautiful day in the neighborhood" of Marielle Heller — the film is more focused on the American audience, because is cleared on the basis of real events and one of the Central characters of the film is a cult personality for every American — Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks), host of the popular children's TV programme "In the neighborhood with Mr. Rogers" (transmission went out with 1961 2001 and which was very popular). For example — this is the same as if in Russia, decided to make a film about Nikolay Drozdov, a longstanding presenter of the program "animal world", because these characters are very similar. They are very kind, open, sincere, not afraid to seem awkward or casual and very loving fellowship with people.

The film is based on the confrontation of ideas and of views of the two characters. Tom Junod (Matthew Reese), a cynical and experienced author of the Esquire magazine, accustomed to serious journalistic assignments and investigations, sent to supposedly humiliating for his business trip — write a short essay about Fred Rogers. But journalist because of their problems with father (Chris Cooper) tries to expose the lead, so much like hurt the saints seems to him, Rogers. He finds that Rogers does not so and Holy as think it all around your demons, from the words of his wife, he hiding at home. And his "Holiness" — it is the fruit of his years of working on a his character. Fred Rogers, with its part, asks questions and through conversation leads to Junod decision reconciliation father.

Conclusion: a Great film about that "Holy" is not get and become by long and arduous work over yourself, acceptance of the surrounding world. And the result of this work will be the harmony of man with himself, which will have an impact on those close to him people. Perfectly chosen cast literally lives in the frame, so sometimes it seems that you notice the real life of people. The music matches the General mood of the film.

8 from 10

Dorothea Hoskinson
06 January 2020 | 05:39

Polyaritony-mythical journalist Esquire Lloyd Vogel — a middle-aged man with obvious psychological problems. All as the childhood: his mother died when Lloyd was a child, father — Jerry Vogel — could not stand and left the family. The journalist invited to the wedding of her sister, but learning about that the celebration will father, almost refuses to go. Lloyd declares with the scene long been toast, and is going to leave, but already drunk Jerry tries to start a dialogue.. . and soon gets a inappropriate comment in address mother's son, he starts a fight. On the next day, Lloyd gets to work task: need edition an article about hero — an extremely good children's TV show host Fred Rogers.

Such is the plot of the story. History, of course, not possess originality and the complexity. At some point, even I want to ask a scenario, the case gathered dust on the shelf not with the nineties — heyday, the family shows, and a good movie?

This combines the movie with a considerable part of the iconic Prime 2019: "Beautiful day in the neighborhood" is also addressed to the old days. Anxious rejissery Marielle Heller, of course, was not a homage to a time. Her story is not about the era, and about the person that makes the film have not "Irish" and"Once in Hollywood", and with "Mule" Clint Eastwood. In the center of the story is also absolutely romantic hero — older idealist, a man of principles and beliefs. Here only old Eastwood interprets this image as character with its problems and shortcomings, which is wrong and in the end he is punished. Heller, by contrast, exalts the leading children's TV show in the rank of saints, the moving the forefront long-forgotten archetype, born, perhaps even at the time of the great depression. That is when came up with a happy ending.

Fred Rogers — the embodiment of absolute good, clean and concentrated. He actually is the main character of the story, and Lloyd Vogel — just one of his friends, the patient, so to speak. The meaning of life Fred — helping others. Rogers is an inspiration to all around you, with using simple songs and puppet characters he talks with children important, sometimes even scary subjects: divorce, war and etc. All that Rogers wants to be a friend for everyone. Leading children's television programs are an angel sent on earth by God to help people. Heller not explains nature of Holiness: the wife of Fred says it with time of meeting with others not seen. Fred Rogers — in the modern view movies on world — irrational character. "These are not exist", I will tell you any self-respecting Russian Director and for the umpteenth time to rethink the image of the little man. And maybe it kindness, hope, and lacks contemporary audience?

Actors coped with their roles well: Matthew Reese, embodied the image of broken, as he called himself a journalist the most likely, but this is important. Chris Cooper, as if fused with the contradictory role of the father is also not in doubt. Unprecedented same benefit issues That Hanks in the roles of the Holy. The other characters are fairly stereotypical, but played no complaints.

"A beautiful day in the neighborhood" sounds like an old record, played not even in a new way, and just again. In this force new movie, Marielle Heller: he brings us the old values of the old cinema, revives the classic image of pure goodness and reminds the viewer that we must pray for the people around him, to support them and to learn, finally, to forgive. But here whether new world, which has "Survivor" and"the Joker" "day at the next" — it is another question.

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How much did it cost to make A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $40,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?
This tv-show was directed by Marielle Heller.
What is the genre of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Anticipated, Best movies 2019.
Who starred in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tom Hanks, Enrico Colantoni, Matthew Rhys, Wendy Makkena, Chris Cooper.
What is A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-11-22.