99 Homes

The film tells about a man who loses his house to foreclosure. Fortunately, he manages to get a job is to the realtor who took his place. Very soon he achieves great success in his new role, and he evicts the unfortunate homeowners. However, as financial problems no longer bother him, the suffering he begins to deliver his conscience.

  • Ramin Bahrani

Release Date: 2015-10-09
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: Spanish | English
  • Budget: $8,000,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $1,828,232
Koressa Nevin
19 March 2016 | 04:58

In "99 homes" rises not very common, but the important problem of eviction of tenants from their own homes. In fact that should worry everyone, after all, we live everyone should have a home. And if you take Russia and compare with America, the film, then this is the case virtually as well. The problem of housing is acute and also associated with the corrupt officials, black realtors and other bureaucracy.

Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) has a son in the alone living with his mother Lynn (Laura Dern) to own home. Realtor Rick Carver (Shannon) will move them, so like a house was founded by credit the last payment was delayed. The family has settled in offers some of my stuff. Nash by chance gets to work to evicted him Rick Carver. First he does odd jobs for cleaning and things, but then the Carver gives him the opportunity to earn good money and method to return home. Nash becoming realtor himself is starting to evict people. But seeing all the people he deprives the house, he realizes were exactly same situation is beginning to wonder whether he's doing?

From Andrew Garfield in this film, a role that is different from his past roles. He plays a single dad who works as a Builder. And we demonstrate how it works for building, repairing air conditioners and so on. Yes to emotionally he reveals for high level. Perfectly played its role of Laura Dern. It showed mother the role of the person evicted from home. Michael Shannon great in all the films, but not best role, though it nominated for her  Golden globe and other awards. It should be noted in the role of the evicted house owner's John. D. Evermore who starred in mostly in secondary roles. Clancy brown played a very small role of the President of the real estate offices. Most likely the Director Ramin Bahrani took it because of the last collaboration.

Films of such a plan quite a bit. The emphasis in "99 homes" made by the moral choices of the hero. And there is Andrew Garfield gave an excellent acting job. Not have uncovered the secondary characters. For example, neighbors of the family Nash. When they were evicted, showed how they embrace them and say goodbye, but about themselves neighbors so not said.

A very important point is that hero Garfield lives with mother, i.e., have no wife. He one a son. This is not I often see in the movies. &Nbsp;thanks in film this love line and standard experiences as if hero Garfield for the development of the plot joined in the affluent society and met there any girl, but his wife then he gave him a house of tantrums and so on. No, this film and is pleased. Because is fed up.

In the film a great ending. On the moment it is one of the best roles Andrew Garfield.

7 of 10

Shana Giff
12 December 2015 | 06:48

What property we are you afraid to lose most? Of course, our house. But it's one thing to lose their homes due to unpaid taxes or any municipal services, and completely different — to become a victim of the current unstable economy. Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) lives with his mother and son their family house in which I grew up not one generation. It works as a Builder, and during construction of the Foundation of the house on the platform bursts into a foreman with shouting, urging to stop all work. The company went bankrupt, salaries are not will not only today's and the entire month. Need money to Nash as never, in addition to it cause court the failure of payment of a mortgage in house time and notify his imminent eviction.

Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) — a real jerk, greedy and heartless realtor. He wears expensive suits, a gold watch on his right hand and gun, just in case. Carver long ungrateful, but a very lucrative business, so managed to put together a rather big state. How is not difficult to guess, Carver and Nash was destined to meet. Nash callously ripped together with his family the nest on the street. I think he is now earnestly hate Carver, who intruded in their house and cold face said on the eviction? Not so simple. Nash desperately need a job, and randomly, he turned up exactly where you need when you need to. And it came it was Carver who urgently needed someone do the dirty work (very dirty — clean the house with exploding sewage, or there it happen) for a decent amount of money. Gradually, Nash and Carver work, and latest offers Dennis to do exactly the same the real estate business as he is. And when he agrees, have inside of him begins to rage a personal war — greed and money is the opposite of compassion and mercy. What the same will prevail?

"99 homes" — modern economic parabola. We see the hero living happily in their own home (point of departure), and then abruptly it all gets taken away — it at home. It on day of a parabola. But then up position and comes to realtor, earning a lot of money. It on the vertex of a parabola. The great thing about what the Director and screenwriter Ramin Bahrani not was limited to only a couple of moves actually created by the same the parabola, and on some point we can even clearly see how this parabola divides into the graph of the economic situation of the hero and his mental state. In General, the scenario involves happening with first minutes. It is achieved through a large change of events happening with the main character. First we see it in court, then the work say that payments it to his home police officers arrive to evict him, then search for temporary housing, employment and so on. And all occurs in the first third of the film, with given that and the character of Shannon given enough time. The Director cut off all the extra phrases and scenes that are not carry no meaning. The impression is that all the film goes on and without any extra information — we watch history development, without return to the past, deviations in the direction of relations with many people out the face of the economic aspect of the story. Is Nash and family, Carver and his family and their clients. Nothing more. Movie with a wonderful balance.

A particularly dramatic effect was achieved using "documentary" style shooting in the eviction of people, especially families with children or senior citizens. Like watching some TV show on this subject, but but without doubt in the veracity of the events, even being sure that this is a movie. But there is still a huge role the actors played. Garfield and Laura Dern, embodied on the screen the mother of Dennis, look extremely convincing, defending his property from the marshals. What relates directly to Garfield, the pretty funny to watch how he plays the father have a relatively large child (10 years), so as the appearance of Andrew is very boyish. How many would it is not had a beard and not arrogant he is Smoking a cigarette — still it looks like a sophomore (my personal opinion). The in terms of drama Garfield played great, not being particularly familiar with the filmography of the actor, yet think more we have never played. Perhaps even from the best with superheroics not it, so as the horizon, a very promising drama actor. In this year he will likely simply not survive competition in nomination for the main male role, but here next, under the auspices of Martin Scorsese, have him, of course, the odds will be. From Michael Shannon's a very good chance of getting in the top five of this year's nominees for the second place. Shannon, in contrast his younger partner in the film, nothing to prove, it Carver turned out a multi-faceted, which is enough to just silently watch, Smoking electronic cigarette, man to accept his fate.

"99 homes" can be seen as potential participant oskarovskoy race, especially for the actor of merit. Bahrani managed to write addictive, balanced script and iskusstno to remove it, gradually pulling the nerves of the audience at the coil of the narrative that at first even imperceptibly, but by the end paralyzes the viewer in waiting for the denouement of the story.

8 from 10

Guendolen Ame
07 February 2016 | 03:41

Film, all impressed. On my opinion is very weak work.

Andrew Garfield performing a Central role here, notably trying, but believe an incredible transformation it character is not work. It seems that not even that it dramatically changes the "side". Such, of course, happens in real life. But in the film this important transition shows my opinion, not convincing. Not lack of authenticity, the visual experiences live speakers. To change the personality of the main character seem far-fetched. It throwing a doubt look like a conditional fabrications design. And I like real passion!

It is a pity that was so "carton". Subject something very interesting: the Director of fraud the property mortgaged homes, the aggressive evictions of poor families, theft, forgery of documents, a property extraction, corrupt judges and officials who play Golf business tycoons. Could get a great gripping crime drama. And the scene is well chosen — the sunshine state: palm trees, swimming pools and vulgar Villa also once owned by celebrities. But direction the script was closer to the format of the mediocre TV show, but not a quality feature film. However, it did not stop the tape to earn the prestigious film awards. Sure, his role here has played a strong social vector of this movie.

Well, Oh good. lastly,. On the role of the main Mr-villain chose a wonderful actor — Michael Shannon. So the authors were able to create on the screen a very colorful character. Here to him, indeed, believe. This perfectly executed play — perhaps the only real plus of the movie "99 homes."

How much has 99 Homes made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $1,828,232.
How much did it cost to make 99 Homes?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $8,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie 99 Homes?
This tv-show was directed by Ramin Bahrani.
What is the genre of 99 Homes?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama.
Who starred in 99 Homes?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Michael Shannon, Douglas M. Griffin, Randy Austin, Carl Palmer, Andrew Garfield.
What is 99 Homes IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was 99 Homes released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-10-09.