After school, Eylish Lacey had the chance to go to new York from a small Irish town. In the end, she settled in Brooklyn, gaining a profession and gradually cured from nostalgia. But the news from the homeland to make the girl back to Ireland, and the heroine is forced to make a difficult choice between her and America.

  • John Crowley

Release Date: 2015-11-25
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: BE, CA, IE, GB
  • Language: English | Latin | Scottish Gaelic
  • Runtime: 1h:57m
  • Budget: $11,000,000
  • Revenue: $38,317,535
Mabelle Crispin
26 February 2016 | 01:42


Awesome benefit of Saoirse Ronan! This movie I really very, very waited. Glad it came us in the rent, though, for some reason, only with sabami. I not prevent. English clear, wonderful voice actors, and even I had to read quite a bit, from actions screen distracted. Yes, it can show house, from computer, but how this beautifully vibrant, bright, amazing the film looks on the big screen.

This is my movie. For all articles. Incredibly beautiful. Stupid. A piece of the lives of the characters (do not the feeling of acting... just living the characters). There are dramatic situations, but they willfully not hypertrophied, and the real and life. A lot of feelings — clear understandable. No pathos. Though, probably, the picture is time smoothed. Ie we give outline only a place where things happen. Transmitting sensations from the designated colors and music, light strokes, not going to depth. Specifically in the film — that's a plus. You on the one hand immersed in the atmosphere — a sense of time, and in the same time, absolutely focused on the heroes. Their life.

Picture, scenery, paraphernalia time (early 50's), suits — on top. And a feast for the eyes. Music — fits for every moment.

The story itself — simple and complex at the same time. As the life of any person. eylis (Eylish) is a small town in Ireland to go to America, new York, specifically — Brooklyn. It can't arrange his life for the Motherland, and according to the sisters — from eylis has all the chances good life. Her luck — there are documents, work, housing. But how hard young girl in a strange world. And as she gradually gaining a place under the sun — revealing, becoming more confident, but without changing yourself. Actually saoirse perfectly passed the whole cycle of transformation of the heroine. Handled 100%. Eylis work, to learn, to set goals and meets a young guy. They are very logical relations. It is not love in her case with one of young beings desire to be happy and when just like it starts to grow out of something more sturdy. Tony an Italian, a young man, a plumber, a simple and sincere, and in love. Not might say that I really liked this character, but he's clearly got an actor. And when it seems — now, all clear clear — work, study, purpose, love, and longing for family have not as sharp — tragedy happens, and eylis returns home to the month to support the mother. And in the end... In the end, she suddenly it turns out that for than riding in Brooklyn's got yourself — work, opportunity to grow, suddenly the attention of a very attractive, termostatico on earth, interesting and clearly not the indifferent young men Jim (Donal Gleason — I him, in my opinion, all the more I fall in love. Chic and is an up and coming actor!). And eylis at crossroads — home town, the familiar environment, the mother, who did not have to leave, beautiful perspective in marriage and work. And there.. Tony.. and something else..

some More words on its secondary characters. Always admired in this klassmodeler each movie in small role. I stress that in that time, not the actors are people, just people. You see the story, they create it, animate. Any insincerity, hypocrisy and for short periods on screen — the whole story of each of them. Captivating and makes the film not just a life story only the main character, and generally — history.

Of 9 10

Cecily Babby
05 February 2016 | 07:04

"Brooklyn," based on the novel of Colma of toybina, made a new mark in the list of achievements of the Sundance film — transaction buying it was one of the most expensive for the history of the festival. This film, headed the ratings of the best paintings 2015, the year many reputable as themed, so and news publications, is a rare example of the coincidence of the intentions of the Director and simple desires of a wide audience, as far as possible from copyright movies.

The main character works is a young Irish eylis Lacey, forced because of unemployment and lack of prospects to leave the Old world, to change the habitual way of existence, going to meet the challenges of immigrant life in Brooklyn, where will not only social welfare, but and new acquaintances, of course, including a love story. The action taking place in the 50-ies of the 20th century, provides a fertile basis for the development of details thought out interiors, textures, fabrics and clothes — in industrial design, "Brooklyn" practically does not have competitors, so as rare paintings, like released almost simultaneously with the work of John Crowley's "bridge of spies" and"In the heart of the sea", so accurately and details convey the atmosphere and style of the chosen era, and considering the budget of "Brooklyn" was only 9-th of millions of dollars — work accomplished seems truly magnificent.

Director Crowley went all the way from  the"Druid" and"gate" to the West end, and then the Broadway, having a prestigious IFTA, makes "Brooklyn" a result of the mix of methodologies Tom Hooper, if he paid half the attention to aesthetics, and Steven Spielberg, if he chooses reject the implication, no longer do heroes monumental. In other words, "Brooklyn" is a narrative of a sentimental novel, not require the audience neither a bit of effort, no one of the the side of reflection and create semantic constructs, deliberately omitted by the Director. Of course, if you talk with the standpoint of the philosophy of art, presenting the requirements for the rise of daily pursuit of the creation of new meaning, something "Brooklyn" is not exactly what deserves close attention, but a particular case in the form of a short story by toibin — is a domestic story, artless is aimed at education and so it istraktura on screen.

Nick Hornby, speaking here in the role author and the adaptator of another literary work, spent with the book version of "Brooklyn" process under the name "optimization". Colm toibin being a playwright, from which is the Central feature of the creative method is the straightforwardness and the fundamental lack of verbal delights, sometimes turning into the acute lack of contextual sense, made "Brooklyn" kind of a story in the style of daily life where the heroine is a priori, worthy of admiration, and critical the moral assessment does not seem to be significant features. Toibin absolutely not use the historical realities of the 1950-ies (for example, demonstrations contrast the economic differences of the situation in the United States and the UK at the time), not cause any of idioms and special adverbs (e.g., actor James Franco almost always speaks as Latino in Brooklyn the first half of the 20th century, which already there is that initially it is very shocking listener) those or other characters, which, given the locations of the novel, obviously, take place. "Brooklyn" — this is distilled a love story created for to be admired the reverent nature.

Screenwriter of the film recycles the novel, extracting from him a rather large part, adding some of the details of the final and absolutizing a positive image of the heroine eylis. You can blame Hornby in that it is being a copyright the works of playwright several semantic spaces, makes "Brooklyn" a one-dimensional, removing such, for example, sketches, as hidden homosexuality of one of characters or vymaryvaya same line with the teacher evening school in addition to teaching skills, have experience of endless misery gained in a concentration camp in World war II. But Nick is on the way to reduce costs, so as Tobin declares and does not develop the potential of the above ethically important attributes of the novel, preferring the love component, and leave all Hornby derogating from it, he had to completely rewrite the source material to all was done one level of quality, withstands dramatic match.

As the historical details the writer is not concerned about were, particularly sensitive viewer will see "Brooklyn" at it all gloss extremely clear plot movement, two critical moment (unless, of course, to assume that "Brooklyn" can claim to receive a status film classics). The first is the presence of a love triangle, the output of which is solely at the will of the author, so as there is not just the obvious object of moral authority, but and there is a fundamental lack of structure of the conflict. Therefore, we can say that the fans Emory Cohen it is possible to depart it, and fans of Donal Gleason will likely choose your red-haired pet.

The second thing is that when you closer examination might seem to some even offensive, is the attitude of the Colma toybina to the UK, moved to the screen unchanged by the authors of the tape. So as a writer focuses solely on external attributes, it representation of Ireland depressing and dark, her women go to worn woolen blouses marsh flowers and surprisingly considering eylis Lacey, who took over the fashion of the New world, strikingly contrasting their open dresses and sunglasses from the life of former compatriots. Undoubtedly, the author was the intention for the opposition to the American the humiliation of the Brits, so it in principle, not out the limits of the literal, but if you come to the rating of "Brooklyn" with the standards of high drama, then it is possible to justify this unpleasant incident.

The film's success is not would so loud, if not the female lead saoirse Ronan. She does not play by the says that for most Actresses have is an unprecedented achievement, but masterfully creates a complete image and is able to hold large plans without words, not capable of many winners of the prestigious "Oscar". In addition, Ronan demonstrates the dignity of women and old-fashioned beauty (which is not promise angularity the freckles of adolescence), not leave her chances the covers of glossy publications, but procesie great acting career (with the right choice in the dilemma of "compensation authority", of course). Even if your interests are far from melodramas, and Brooklyn entertaining as part of the battle for long island, but not as the title of the movie, then you all still worth to watch this cinematographic novel, because Ronan — just an example of breathtaking beauty, enchanting and a definite outside depends on any circumstances preferences and fashion.

Let "Brooklyn" is not studying lexical basics of the name "Breuckelen", yeah and all the skill of nick Hornby insufficient to the semi-final it seemed apparent after the first third of the duration, and immigration, how the basis of the plot, not becomes an allegory on growing up and parting with childhood, but in "Brooklyn" has the art the certainties and the belief of the author in the characters gives any work the ability to speak directly to the viewer, even without answer, but here is the one-sidedness is deliberate choice by the Director, and no neither a falsehood, nor cheap flirting, and only one of a charming naivete.

Glory Jillian
09 March 2016 | 11:34

Being extremely simple melodrama of a love triangle because of its pure simplicity "Brooklyn" and takes. Not putting any visual and narrative important task, as not"reinventing the wheel", the Irish withdrew almost perfect genre movie. And at the same time demonstrated that outstanding film — not necessarily qualitatively new viewing experience. In the good old-fashioned movie can be a powerful and important statement. Especially the old-fashioned cinema, all components, from the operator's work and to the acting and directing, not leave a single chance to find fault, even if at first because of genre prejudices and there is such a desire.

Of 9 10

How long is Brooklyn?
2h 37m
How much has Brooklyn made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $38,317,535.
How much did it cost to make Brooklyn?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $11,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Brooklyn?
This tv-show was directed by John Crowley.
What is the genre of Brooklyn?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance, Best movies 2015, Best Drama Movies 2015, Best Family Movies 2015, Best Romance Movies 2015.
Who starred in Brooklyn?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Saoirse Ronan, Hugh Gormley, Maeve McGrath, Barbara Drennan, Gillian McCarthy.
What is Brooklyn IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Brooklyn released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-11-25.