The Longest Ride

Luke, a former champion Rodeo contemplating on getting back into the sport. Sofia graduated from College, received a tempting job offer in the field of art in new York. While young people trying to make a difficult choice between feelings and dreams, life confronts them with the old Ira. Memories new friend about his half-century relationship with his wife Sofia and inspire Luke to major decisions in their lives. Two generations, two stories, eternal love.

  • George Tillman Jr.

Release Date: 2015-04-10
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:03m
  • Budget: $34,000,000
  • Revenue: $37,432,299
Cherianne Munn
13 July 2015 | 11:52

Movies on the novels Nicholas sparks gradually become a tradition: one film per year. And importantly, the audience likes it.

In 2015 it is the turn of an exit on screens of the film on the novel the longest ride on the relationship between a young cowboy (Scott Eastwood) and students (Britt Robertson). In parallel with their love story presents the story in similar, Ira (Alan Alda, Jack Huston) and Ruth (Oona Chaplin), which took place in the middle of the last century.

This film touches on a different side of relations between man and woman, a difficult choice between career and family, quarrels and separation, reconciliation and reunification. In General, nothing new if you I watched at least one film based on the novel by sparks. But. This the story takes over the soul of manner of presentation. Parallel screening of two similar stories in different times, gives the film a certain charm. From one story we spread the other that makes the viewer without detachment to observe the events and to empathize with the main characters.

It is not mentioned about the second pair; in the posters also not was hint them. So it was a pleasant surprise to dive in the era, which very nicely gave us the film-makers. By the way, it would be nice to make alternative colorful poster Ira Ruth T. J. posters to movies sparks is a special theme.

Actually the movie was very bright, with beautiful scenery. Jump on the bulls transferred particularly effectively. Liked acting as a young Ira, so and old. The actor and actress from star names (Eastwood and Chaplin respectively), but not having to still so a significant major role, where they'd to show themselves in full measure, there appeared in all its glory.

Of course, there are flaws, but the purpose of this film was that eventually happened. The film is recommended to all lovers and to all those who is looking for love.

Of 9 10

Melly Crisey
19 February 2019 | 10:37

Based on the novel by Nicholas sparks just not may be unsuccessful. The story of love out time, and sports.

The main characters of the story are two pair. Luke and Sophia, who still not to fully understand your feelings. He is a professional Rodeo athlete who wants to achieve more great heights for his family. It is a student with a promising future in the arts. They love was born quickly, it was more difficult for her to keep. Each of them young and ambitious, I everyone has dreams and goals in this life, but for the love they have to sacrifice something.

The second pair is similar to the first, but they have experienced a lot more young. Ira, with the experience sought to impress Ruth. She was the best among its environment and he did everything, but would be it equal. But long happily not given simply because they paid the price.

So different, but similar stories were destined to unite. The plot seems solid, I wouldn't want to make him. That when the film is no better than the book. George Tillman ml. could uncover each of the characters. After viewing remained a sense of comfort and peace.

7 of 10

Dyna Mendes
15 July 2016 | 01:22

Watching this film just want to say that this had never seen. This film is very different and it will feel immediately. In this is very nice film is the unusual story of a man who is at least in the story and minor role, but how to me it turned out more interesting main love interest. The film deals with up to soul he remembered.

1. This plot. The plot is divided into two stories. Each of them has its own story and your chips. But it is worth noting that the story of man I seemed more thought out and interesting. But may it and necessary. "The plot of the film tells us about Luke who is an ex-champion at Rodeo, ponders return to the sport. Sofia — College graduate, received a tempting offer for work in art in new York. In as young people trying to make a difficult choice between feelings and dreams, life confronts them with the old Ira. Memories of a new friend of his half-century relationship with his wife Sofia and inspire Hatch to major decisions in their lives. What would they be?"

2. It's characters. Just want to highlight Britt Robertson, who played Sofia. With she begins to draw to look themselves. It done for his role nice and caring girls. Next I want to highlight Scott Eastwood, who played Luke. He also coped with his role of a man who sought to your dream. Britt and Scott played a great duet. You can still select Alan Alda, who played the role of a man. He is also perfectly played the role of a man who loved with all her heart. You can still select Jack Houston Oona Chaplin, who played a young couple in the old man's stories. They completed their roles and showed a real role. Their objects and the main characters admire. The other actors also coped with their roles and fit in picture.

In the end I want to say that the film was very interesting and impressive. Yes possible to it has minuses, but not enough of them. This film takes a great storyline, and its history for a long time they will have you heart. All who love and appreciate this movie and understand it. The other also does not remain indifferent.

Of 9 10

How long is The Longest Ride?
How much has The Longest Ride made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $37,432,299.
How much did it cost to make The Longest Ride?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $34,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie The Longest Ride?
This tv-show was directed by George Tillman Jr..
What is the genre of The Longest Ride?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Romance, Best movies 2015, Best Romance Movies 2015.
Who starred in The Longest Ride?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Britt Robertson, Scott Eastwood, Alan Alda, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin.
What is The Longest Ride IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was The Longest Ride released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-04-10.