96 Minutes

This film is about four lives colliding in a shocking moment. In the cross over between a carjacking and the separate stories of four teenagers, we see how they are rapidly approaching the finale, which will change their lives.

  • Aimee Lagos

Release Date: 2011-10-14
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
Emlynne Gona
04 April 2012 | 12:12

Never thought, could a human be greater or less bastard? Whether do this separation? If the meat is spoiled, what's the difference spoiled it a week or a month ago? Or man also a social being, a moral and it is wrong to compare him with the steak? What then he sometimes behaves worse than the creature in the grass?

4 people, 4 totally different character. You can understand all, regret — only two. But the first time I don't want to understand.

Cinematic heroes are traditionally accepted to justify, whether it is a mugger, a murderer or even a rapist. "The combination of circumstances. The pressure of the medium. A no-win situation" — we say filled with hope that one Character is corrected, get back on the path of Goodness and arm a true Friend will go to a bright future. *tear off the itself, the caramel and sticky molasses* But sometimes enough to hear a summary of crime news or see an emergency, to ensure that in fact more often the opposite. And people who once visited the bars, to return again, having made similar or even more serious crime. So what for to regret, to sympathize and believe — to some family howled from grief, losing a loved one?

Know this reasoning just one step to execute offers to the devil's mother of all who are incorrectly parked or emptied the trash on the street. And I make this step... not will do. Because no matter what Carly was right — once born, one gets a ticket for life and personally I feel imagine the resolve it away.

Strong, dynamic film, forcing to think and to feel.

8 from 10

PS I haven't met with one movie as vile. this yellow filth. Little shit, kicks all who are stronger he wanted, who would it be to kick. Disgusting creature, felt in his power only because hands her gun. Oh you NIT, did you think a dangerous gun will make you respected? The hell with two! You burn in hell, from... to, for forever!

P. P. S. the Strange thing is that the second makes me angry not less the degree of "padonkovskoy" send me in the head because of it. Being able to save people and not to — not because these people something to blame or it is in danger to you personally. Just... weakness. Fear. Confusion. And then what do you better than the one who pulled the trigger? With this position as I have no pity and to Bulgakov's Pontius Pilate, the worst sin is considered cowardice.

P. P. P. S. don't want to talk as clean — neat girl from a prosperous district, though... What the hell? I is a happy girl from  a"good" district, and there is nothing to hide or to be ashamed of. Vice, of course, attractive, but not this case.

Benoite Lasonde
10 May 2015 | 05:58

And all really every man chooses his own way! U have a choice, even when it seems that people in stuck. And then there is the fear that sometimes played a cruel joke with its owner, and because of which starts the struggle for definition — who of the two of you — master. You it or your fear!

No wonder they say, good intentions pave the road to hell, life in this is a complicated thing, where the principle of the black and white and with more millions of colors, and they turn more and they themselves, are so relative...

And especially it becomes difficult to distinguish between these faces adolescence, when hormones begin to play a sinister Symphony, and not even only the man himself, but and his entourage. And in addition, if the life of a teenager crippled this environment and dysfunctional relationships father's house, and nobody explain how to learn to distinguish the shades, then this reinforces the possibility of choice, leaving such a person alone with yourself dooming her forever to remain if not blind, obviously color blind puppy.

But I always believed, believe and will assume that much depends on the man himself! Always was, is and will be incorrigible moral monsters who do not meant to even realize this fact only because they do not want it, there are those who own experience that if your environment is not true, need to start thinking with your head, and to make a choice in choosing your own path, and there those who are generally prefers not experiment with walking the blade, even if fate was with him very friendly and knowing that your environment exactly as and actions, will depend solely and only your choice.

And how would it was not cynical, but it is a life, a real, real, cruel, with all of your dirty and bright colors, so this, and this film.

Frankly, I don't really like movies of this genre, yeah and its viewing inspired me only sympathy for Christian Serratos...

But in the end it turned out that starting to watch a movie of the for an actress, I looked already because of the content.

There are no "Indiana Jones and Luke Skywalker," no "action", there are sparkling shootings, mind-blowing tricks, and wound charts but but here is real life in which turns out you only need to look to who or what is reflected in your mirror for a face which in some his quest can even soiled with mud through the prism of their own way, see the bright colors of life itself, and if not to rise above, at least go curve track, outside depends on his race, environment, social. terms and other and others on the contrary voluntarily want to dive in void on the head when even wronged by destiny but initially have the same choice! But still has those who have learned to distinguish black and white, but unfortunately whose fear won out in the battle for domination consciousness.

In General, a film about real life what happens when they cross paths, those who is teetering on the edge of good and evil in the conventional sense of this expression, and those who found them. that already shaky path.

I can say that in the end, I was pleased with the time spent, so as one of this tape can be given the opportunity to think and to rethink his life, and other once again will serve as conclusive evidence of the correctness of the choice made initially! And this movie will make you to throw doubt on what the output is not always put in the affirmative form that it all depends again only exclusively the person, because even "blindness" (whether natural or forced into force blinding emotions) can be cured by realizing on the example of the comparisons, what you need to stay dear insight, regardless of the dust storms.

Well, if the return of the philosophical getmanstva in more technical details of the film, separately, I will distinguish two main negative characters, which are very convincingly looked on screen, contrast to the way Christian, I still a tried did not notice what outstanding, but fair to say, what it is also quite a job, so how were his is that she better not try to aim for more to develop IMHO that is in present!

Add this part I think there is nothing more, therefore, in conclusion, perhaps only emphasize: if you want to philosophize on the subject of what you personally have chosen the path of life and compare it, or just remain a bystander, the film should be very useful, but while waiting for the Grand depth of the story is also not recommend this film only and only about that we can every day to see the window of his home, with the only difference in any area will be it the window, and importantly, which direction the window outside depends on the area you will be staying for yourself will of your choice!

Who is the director of the movie 96 Minutes?
This tv-show was directed by Aimee Lagos.
What is the genre of 96 Minutes?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama.
Who starred in 96 Minutes?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Brittany Snow, Christian Serratos, David Oyelowo, Evan Ross, Anna Enger Ritch.
What is 96 Minutes IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
When was 96 Minutes released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2011-10-14.