Everest — a great inaccessible mountain, to climb to the top which is a dream of many professional climbers. One of the expeditions to its summit ended in a real tragedy, but this fact does not stop the brave climbers. Experienced guide Rob Hall, I gathered a group of the best climbers going to climb the highest peak on the planet. All these people full of courage and bravery and they will stop at nothing to rise to the top of Everest. But even if this mountain will fall before them, will they be able to come back alive and unharmed?

  • Baltasar Kormákur

Release Date: 2015-09-25
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: IS, GB, US
  • Language: English | Russian
  • Runtime: 2h:01m
  • Budget: $55,000,000
  • Revenue: $43,247,140
Donna Batty
25 September 2015 | 05:53

For me, the Everest peak inaccessible for two reasons: not was and — it I need? Just as went to the Hubble space Telescope to estimate Imax and then, to evaluate their work. If in respect of the space I have admired visual effects then, there's first thing I can say, so is working sound, straight pull on Oscar this area. Mother nature showed his mettle climbers, powerful storm, the wind gusts with the snow, the music transfer of Majesty of the mountains led by their king Everest — it was powerful, chilled, direct to the depths of consciousness.

The relationship of climbers I many times overestimated. At first believed them to be crazy, going on about his ego at unnecessary risk for what? Then have seen delight expectations from their feelings of comradeship comrade, then began to admire the other's ability to go on revenue, subconsciously aware that it will bring death. Understand the words of one of them, the postman, who said that it is in order to understand what he can. Understand...

Relationship instructors Rob with his wife would seem trivial, if not that climbing, where they had to collect all the strength to say to each other phone that should them to force to live on, for love, for Sarah (what price was given her this name)...

Cool relations in the other pair was was not cool if necessary, one of them is ready to raise the entire world on the ears, and at least the helicopter on a restricted height, because dear person any roads...

The ellipses often make not because unsaid, just all these moments gave me a storm of tears, and it is a merit of the whole team. What were able to convey the pain losses from that felt by those who nothing was able to help the feelings of those who survived for loved ones, the nature of those who died with words of love to his beloved, from that I wanted to return a hero...

Me to still don't understand the desire to get out there in outland, where, how it has been said "the body dies slowly, but surely". It seemed that many simply wanted to experience the saying: What have — worth — cry. And the at least the film is very much cleared, many revealed characters. Film event, not matter what we understand them or not understand, but leaves us to ponder many of have us that it is important that we want to achieve and why.

Jacklin Un
26 September 2015 | 09:43

Everest — not just the highest point on earth, but one of the most dangerous places on the planet. However, neither the height, nor deadly cold, low pressure, no exhausted air not stop the Braves, again and again conquering the top of this monster. However, many attempts sometimes turned into real tragedies that claimed dozens of lives. And one such a tragedy lay in the basis of the film "Everest".

synopsis is a Professional instructor-climber Rob Hall assembles a team of brave souls who will conquer the highest point on the planet of the majestic mount Everest. Armed with the necessary equipment and the courage of the travelers are sent into danger, not knowing what tragedy will turn to a campaign for some of which he will be the last.

acting Film, the first thing attracts the audience its star cast, though most likely it was a commercial course. The however, it is worth noting that most of the actors really entered into the executable images they characters. However, if you highlight anyone in particular, I would fix his attention on the John Houxe and Emily Watson. First played the role of Doug Hansen, a divorced middle-aged man, who in secular life plow ox trying to prove to the world that capable quite a feat. Therefore, for him the rise of Everest — not just window dressing, but the proof of his courage and bravery. Also liked Emily Watson, which is now not often that you see at the screens then only in minor roles and she played the role she isn Wilton, head of the camp, to last tried to save Rob.

Directing In the Director was like its advantages and its disadvantages. But I'll start with the cons because the advantages of the film is much more. The first disadvantage concerns the dynamics of the picture. The first half of the film focuses on the main characters, on their family problems, Everest is still somewhere on the background. And just in the second half of the film is really where the action begins. I want to say that in the first half of the film, the Director should adjust the viewer to gain its sympathy to the viewer in the beginning of the movie he prayed that the characters do not climbed Everest. The second drawback concerns the lack of promise in the picture. Usually such films are story a La "don't give up", "fight for the survival", but there is the feeling that the authors wanted to say: "do Not climb, children to the Everest!". The the film a lot of advantages. First, the Director successfully managed to convey the state of the characters. It would seem, for professional mountaineer the only dangers — it's a threat to fall with a great height. But here we see the lack of oxygen, and madness, and despair. And, perhaps most importantly dignity — the complete lack of pathos.

Script the film is obsessed with background the history of the tragedy that unfolded on mount Everest in may 1996. We in turn get acquainted with each of characters, we learn that that made them participate in this deadly journey. It is important that in the story raises a General question to all climbers: why are they climb on the highest mountain on the planet? A direct answer, of course, not given, however, we see for these people, the conquest of Chomolungma is really important, since they were ready to sacrifice their lives. Fascinatingly shows the history of the tragedy. Here the writers do not trying to win sympathy of the audience. The viewer himself decides whether to blame the characters in all what happened or is a tragic set of circumstances.

Summary Not say that  Everest — better and the most powerful film this year, although he me generally liked. Like scenic photography, realistic visuals. Actually, I think the film received a nomination for the Oscar in the categories of makeup, visual effects and the sound editing. But not important. The important thing is that the heartfelt film tells the story of a desperate man's attempt to prove to your Majesty in this world.

8 from 10

Rosalie Nidia
24 July 2016 | 03:21

Since the "Vertical limit" is not remember something good, and serious respect the mountains and snow. This is probably the first last year about the film this. And even after what...


This touching the dramatic story plays with as with fire. Just a spectator —  - it's the history — the unpredictable fire. John Hawkes (Doug, film) in the time also starred in disaster movie, also in the drama his character was waiting for the same fate as and current. Called this film "the Perfect storm". But in addition to John, these two very decent, very cool movie based on real events, links and more that the trouble comes when its not wait. What happiness lasts very long and the viewer falls into the oblivion that is nothing like it seems to him, not may be the prelude to the troubles, because the most important part of the way already passed almost all the goal is achieved.

Each of the ascending went on the top, in the first with the aim to reach the peak, to reach that coveted top. Certainly, each had his own motives and interests, which do not allowed to deviate from ways in principle, not to move further and further. But for some reason, as is often the case with people, people forget about the reverse side of the coin, people forget that always need to go to end think about how to you will come. People should not fall in the euphoria ahead of time, after all, "laughs the only one who has the last laugh"...

... Well when this saying current in the course of the light of the dispute or a bet between two people having a good time. But sometimes much harder and deadlier, if these two rival: the man and Nature.

True stories always evoke more sympathy than the history of fantasy. We are well aware that something invented by the writers of the film and there's something a little fiction, but for the most part and often in the little things of the films "based on the true stories" films about people who was once or there are some real how we with you. Only us, I hope that or other catastrophe is not touched never touched, but that is their it touches at least. once.

But same time we, as and the characters of the film, wonder why people need? Why you need to test themselves? To torment yourself? To yourself? To risk not only his life, but and the future of the family? Why all this?..

.. . Perhaps it is through this craving to achieve something or to achieve something, humanity and moving forward, evolving. As and develop mentally, in the first place for himself, separate his people.

I was very surprised when I realized that this movie is not about human betrayal in the time of difficult trials, when I have to choose: either their own skin or someone else's. Such films are still nasty in the bad behavior of people as such. Possible to really, it was different, but this movie is not this is very good. It rather, the show rise to the greatest mountain on the planet, descent with her family living and similar side of Nepal.

The film moves forward. not forget any one of heroes would be much like a lot of star they were not. Personally, I very sorry Chris bale so not starred in this drama, and chose not the most successful peplum "Exodus: the kings and gods." But that I might say that the film — the most useful movie Jason Clarke, in which he have ever been filmed...


What I learned from the movie "Everest": the fact that the ruthlessness of Nature — knows no boundaries. And like or was a strong spirit with a strong, motivated and resilient person on the planet — still, Nature is stronger...

And yet, unfortunately, the road not always overpower the strongest...

(This film is not time and no two disproves the well-established and inviolable human Proverbs and "truth")

of 10 10

How long is Everest?
How much has Everest made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $43,247,140.
How much did it cost to make Everest?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $55,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Everest?
This tv-show was directed by Baltasar Kormákur.
What is the genre of Everest?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Drama, Best Drama Movies 2015, Best Thriller Movies 2015.
Who starred in Everest?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jason Clarke, Thomas M. Wright, Martin Henderson, Tom Goodman-Hill, Amy Shindler.
What is Everest IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Everest released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-09-25.