Bridge of Spies

The film is set against the backdrop of a series of real historical events and tells of a Brooklyn lawyer James Donovan who finds himself in the midst of the cold war when the CIA sends him on a nearly impossible mission to negotiate the release of captured Soviet pilot American spy plane U2.

  • Steven Spielberg

Release Date: 2015-10-16
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: DE, IN, US
  • Language: English | German | Russian
  • Runtime: 2h:22m
  • Budget: $40,000,000
  • Revenue: $72,306,065
Opal Tansey
12 February 2016 | 01:04

The film is replete with fiction and factual errors.

For example, in the film powers as the hero who doesn't told the Soviets, even under torture. In fact powers very willing to answer all the questions of the Soviet court, and not torture has been (in his memoirs, he is confirm): passed his superiors, called the place, where he flew U-2, and also the entire route of flight and the purpose of the photography. In the summary of powers has publicly repented before the Soviet people (transcripts of court hearings and newsreel last words powers is in the Internet).

While in prison at the same time (!) interrogating four Soviet bosses, one of them asks about the route flight — what's the point if on the hearing powers in detail told about this? But this logic works in real life, in the reality of the film powers — an example of courage and selflessness.

Also was struck by the phrase about CIA "the annexation of East Berlin red". Germany, for information writers, were divided not only the Soviet Union and in and the Western powers (France, Britain and USA). To the same Germany was proclaimed on 24 may 1949 and GDR only after 5 months — 7 Oct.

About eternally dark and deserted East Berlin. Single and same object, or the phenomenon can show in different ways. You can create a gloomy picture of empty and ruined cities, and you can show the building and restoration of the city in a Sunny day. It all depends on the task of the writers and Director. The task was simple — maximum to demonize the Soviet Union (and in the current conditions Russia).

East Berlin after the war began to build up, not without the help of Soviet specialists (for example, in the 50's was built Avenue Karl-Marx-Allee). No GDR did not throw, apparently, the American writers don't know about the existence of gsvg (Group of Soviet forces in Germany). Charges Foggily in that Tips destroyed Berlin "don't want to restore" ridiculous, but works in the viewer needed. Apparently, the Americans had joined in the German city without shooting, destroyed the Foundation of the Dresden — an invention of Soviet propaganda.

As a child, Abel is not could see the beating of a friend of the family with the words "strong man", so as his family 1901, emigrated in Britain, and he was born after 2 years. In 1920, his family is back in the Soviet Union received the Soviet citizenship, and the Rudolf Ivanovich in 1927 and began service in foreign Department of the OGPU. Sorry this is artistic license.

Now, about the humanity of the two systems. Abel received 30 years in prison (although initially it was waiting for the fate of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed in 1953 for espionage), and the powers was convicted only 10 (interesting that during the trial, powers also defended by a lawyer, but Soviet — the film is, of course, not shown).

Abel returned to his homeland a hero was awarded a in the introduction emerged after some time the film "Dead season" appeared in the scout (which is completely matches the line of the film — in a parallel universe Soviet spy Abel not recognized as the fate of his unknown). Powers also met with dislike the suspect (in the movie, incidentally, reflected).

You can still consider that James Donovan not a simple insurance agent, at the time of WWII he worked for the government. It makes me thought that it's not "simple man", objetives the most powerful intelligence Agency in the world, and in a well-planned intelligence operation (as could be the fulfilment of so important and played the notes of the task to the insurance agent?)

But it all strokes, individual absurdity "historicity" of the tape. The objective of the authors was to create a beautiful story about such an ideal American man, a fighter for peace and justice who saved two Americans from the clutches of the hated Union. And is them with a brilliant work — and nothing that had to resort to intentional lies and deletion of real historical facts.

Wanda Affrica
24 January 2016 | 02:37

Being a fan of spy movies, not can not to fix his attention on the drama by Steven Spielberg, telling the one of pretty interesting facts of the Cold war.

If we talk about the spy movies, they can be divided on two categories: charged to action (e.g., "Mission impossible") and have a lot of special effects, breathtaking stunts and other related items, and there are movies that are slowly told about events that have a large amount of dialogue and focused on the personality of the main characters (here we can recall Bordianu, and"Tinker tailor soldier Spy"). To the second category applies to  the"Spy bridge."

Political-biographical drama Spielberg talks about complex relations between the USSR and USA after the Second world war leading a relentless struggle for the right to be called a superpower. Each side has a lot of secrets that seem to the opponents piece of the pie. After all, knowing the secrets of the opponent, you can find its weak points and the most, to inflict a smashing blow where he calls.

If films made according to tell about the Cold war period, indeed contain a lot of the true facts, if the Director demonstrates his knowledge and understand the subject, he removes a movie, if the demonstration goes on impartially, as not outweighing the scales in someone's favor, such tapes are very nice to look at and the feeling after the end remain the most positive. "Spy bridge" — from the category of such. Not say that all the screen was just like and really — never will show everyone has the right to their point of view.

As far as I know "Spy bridge" — fourth is after "Saving private Ryan", "Terminal" and"Catch me if you can" job Spielberg and Tom Hanks. If you see in the credits of their tandem, you can be assured that the movie will please you. Of course, old Hanks somewhat recovered and not already as young as in 2004, when he and Catherine Zeta-Jones shone in"the Terminal", but the actor is not has lost its charm talent again played delightfully on the appropriate for level.

It is noteworthy that the democratic States were ready to fry Abel for espionage, assigning the most punishment in as the Soviets gave the American pilot only 10 years (and that the evil Empire!) — what is it? Political pun, when a more noble nation gives a more severe punishment, in as those someone with scepticism are much more soft in against a potential enemy zaslantsev?!

In addition, watching a movie, thinking that something. As cleverly, the Americans manage to manipulate others! Yes, they negotiated the exchange, but at the same time led a double talks about sharing the benefit of themselves! Bartering student and the pilot, who has a lot more to tell than the same Soviet spy, just to transmit data, in contrast flyer, the knowing, and about photographic technique, and about the characteristics of his plane, and many other — this is really elegant in the middle of playing overseas intelligence!

Those who expects this film mass espionage, tricks, gadgets, chases and shooting — can be disappointed, because here at the foreground human drama about the fate of people caught in the millstones of political machines and political regimes.

10 of 10

Daile Ettore
13 December 2015 | 08:56

- Aren't you worried?
- Would it help?

The first attempt by Steven Spielberg to turn to the arrangement of events in the history of the 20th century on film language, was it's title "1941", made in how ironic style, which has glorified the English character on behalf of Mr. Pitkin. For increasing the number of lines summary in the column "Director", in the filmography of Spielberg film based on real events that become quantitatively prevail over the blockbusters, each of which is common place in modern pop culture. "Bridge of spies" is a work whose basis is not just one or another historical period, adapted for the purposes of art (e.g., "warhorse"), in this case, the Director uses a specific set of documented facts, as earlier was doing it for example, "Schindler's List" and"Munich".

The main hero of the picture stands the notorious James B. Donovan, whose name is a list of the great personalities of the century, along with Klaus von Stauffenberg and John Kennedy. Life itself creates a portrait of Donovan, like preparing to became the end the hero of the artwork. A simple guy from the Bronx, prone to fine arts and received this field a bachelor's degree, but at the behest of parents taking up the law, became the cause of all his life. James participated in the Nuremberg process and agreed to Fidel Castro on minimize the consequences for participants of adventure in the Bay of Pigs. But, most of all, Donovan became famous thanks to the protection of the rights of a specific person by the name of Rudolf Abel, whose interests shared by the notorious Kim Filby.

An adaptation of the memoir of James B. Donovan "Strangers on a Bridge, The Case of Colonel Abel" was engaged in a trio of writers whose approaches work radically different, but in the "Bridge of spies" perfectly complement each other, forming a magnificent Symphony for the senses. Matt Charman for which after the "Bridge of spies" opened up great career prospects have obviously been selected by Steven Spielberg as the author has mastered the art of elegance of understatement, a kind of expressionism, is demonstrated in  the"French Suite" — tale war, love, and their fundamental incompatibility. Partners of Carmen was made by Ethan and Joel Coen, embodying fundamentalism and the profound conviction of each written the passage of the created image. The result of the joint work was the script without a single superfluous phrase, where effect happens the literary works of the highest class, at the same time takes place in a literal plane, and all what is happening is rooted in space metaphors. In other words, the "Bridge of spies" refers to the genre of the philosophical novel, where as dominant used the ideas of humanism.

People — is the highest value. This phrase is legitimate to use as the slogan of almost all movies of Steven Spielberg. Proof of this axiom Director conducts in two stages. The first is the absolute absence of the author's bias: in  the"Bridge of spies" no of villains and heroes as it was not their earlier "Brothers at arms", where was not the Cold war, and the real battle and fight. Spielberg speaks at the side of Man, his judgment of integrity, he mocks ideological hysteria both sides of the Atlantic ocean, and ironic a certain point, as you should expect jumps in horror of crimes born of the contrived hatred (this storyline is connected with the events taking place along the Berlin wall). To unfortunately she part of the audience, which must watch "Bridge of spies" in the first place, those who are the subject or that ideological propaganda is likely to accuse Steven Spielberg in the lies, insincerity and manipulation, not understand distorting all the motives of the Director.

In the second aspect of postulating the humanity of the Director helps the Duo of Coen. Would it is naive to believe that Ethan Joel, whose work is always ideologically rooted in Judaism, not has introduced some of the principles of his world in the story of a lawyer Donovan. The main character is emphatically imperfect, capricious and stubborn. James stands on his own, goes for broke even when at not dared and patrons of the casino. And the final chord of the Kohanim doing the technique used by Ben Stiller in"the Secret life of Walter Mitty" entirely offsetting the value of the outside world with its politics and other unfortunate things. The world is not exist, only James Donovan, whose thoughts must be not selfish selfish, but aimed at this yourself.

"Bridge of spies" in it all substantial visual splendor, created thanks to the continuing partner Steven Spielberg, Janusz Kaminski operator, not would be half as good without such a Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance. The first is responsible for a number of movies, the names of which will go to the art in the legacy of the modern era. The second is made of the revived "the globe" such as it today the whole world knows, being and artistic Director, and performed a main role in almost all the works of William Shakespeare.

Try to determine the disadvantage of this film is so much sense as to find wrong notes in the works of Mozart or Beethoven. Their no. Maybe someone finds a critical lack of detail announced historical facts like that Donovan opposed the Otto Stamer, or that Abel held in detention for up to 4-re year. But it is particular, not fit in the epic a two hours and a half. William Shakespeare moved the action of his plays as far from the shores of Albion and used images and metaphors, sometimes having an excuse rather in themselves than in what is happening on stage. So the Creator of "Globus" addressed to his audience. Steven Spielberg also use the reverse method — turning historical reality into her name "Bridge of spies", where the socio-political problems are surveyed by the author from the positions historical perspective and therefore it becomes obvious all their artificiality and insignificance. At this Spielberg actually leaves the ending open, asking the viewer about who will save it tomorrow, because Donovan is already away from cases.

It is impossible to determine the moment the work of the Director Steven Spielberg, when it the right to be called master was undeniable, and ticket to movie his film has turned into a valid pass in a different reality. Whether this in completing accounting books of Oskar Schindler or when Winters red-haired and black-eyed Nixon landed on the Normandy coast. Have all the characters Stephen is an immutable set of rules, a code of honor and justice. They are guided irreconcilable comrades of the "bridge of spies" by John B. Donovan and Rudolf Abel. They are on the bridge early winter morning, fog and pique — John has a cold and more than the world wants to sleep, Abel also waiting for the unknown, but it is not worry. He will stand next to friend wait, that whether under the terms of the Protocol of the Cold war, or because John is a strong man, Standing Man. At this time Mr. Spielberg has tried to appeal to humanity, following the advice of the eccentric Monsieur Gustave of the us with pink façade — without false optimism, but with a fair amount of hope for the future. And couldn't need to do better.

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3h 42m
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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $72,306,065.
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According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $40,000,000.
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This tv-show was directed by Steven Spielberg.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, History, Best movies 2015, Best Drama Movies 2015, Best Family Movies 2015, Best Thriller Movies 2015.
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Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Mark Rylance, Domenick Lombardozzi, Victor Verhaeghe, Mark Fichera, Brian Hutchison.
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At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
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The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-10-16.