All Eyez on Me

Unknown, hidden behind the headlines and flashing cameras the story of the man who became a rap legend who died at 25. The truth about how black Latino ghetto party shootouts, repeatedly brought to the court and unleashed a deadly war record labels, becoming a real voice of the streets and one of the most influential performers in the world of rap culture.

  • Benny Boom

Release Date: 2017-06-16
IMDb icon 5.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:19m
  • Revenue: $44,892,121
Leann As
30 July 2017 | 08:15

The long-awaited and the first feature film about the life of Tupac Shakur, "2pac: the Legend" — left a good enough impression, lots of different emotions but at the same time and a few negative notes. First of all, you must start with small deviations from the reviews of the film.

Tupac Amaru Shakur — one of the best-known and influential hip-hop artists for the whole existence of music as an integral part of world art. Though a short period of your 25 years of life, but he was the past, is to date and will appear posthumously — the Father of rap, a man who spearheaded a new style of music and most importantly — spiritual inspiration to millions of people, which many popular rappers such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Lil Wayne other.

Tupac Shakur — not composed of trivial fervent lines funny just for the sake of commercial success. He always his music sought to appeal to all desperate and helpless people that were born/became inhabitants hard life in the ghetto, victims of violence, poverty, racism and other pressing issues of the society, which, to see the still exist in many parts of the world. Its voice was the voice of the streets, calling many people's hearts to action, struggle, hard breakthrough to a better life. Its songs penetrated in the farthest corners of the human soul, but at the same time, gave rise to hostility and others. Disgruntled audience spoke about his work as "obscene, destructive from people's normal perception of reality, undermining the moral and ethical side of every person that is invalid for promoting praise immediate restraint". However, knowing his place and purpose in this world, Tupac always followed the voice of reason, acted in love beloved mother of Afeni Shakur and thanked her for that it made him a real man...

It is encouraging that, despite the after 2 decades after the death of Tupac, Hollywood cinema still finally decided to get serious about a new film about this, because each legend has the right and must find their place and reflection only a documentary movie, but and artistic, like Eminem in the movie "8 mile" or 50 Cent in"get rich or die."

Despite the fact that this film (the first feature film about the Tupac) was released only after 21 year after the death of Tupac, my rating it as artistic reflection of real history rather positive, so as

1) the content of the film (script), on my view, is illustrated in exactly the basis of real facts is the true story of the life of the rapper, who informed the audience could gleaned from the documentary 2003 Director Lauren Lazin "Tupac: Resurrection". The script is well adapted from the real story of what can not good.

2) Main cast consists of a little known actors, that you can't compare them to early (mostly well-known and key) works in a movie. However, cast perfectly was selected in the features should indicate the unique selection of actor for the main role, the role of Tupac Shakur — of Demetrius Shipp, Jr., who by our appearance, if not 100, then 91% duplicates itself of Tupac. It is surprising that the film is directed by benny Boom said that when he first saw the picture of Demetrius Shipp, Jr., he thought it was a picture of Tupac Shakur.

3) the Original song of Tupac — the basis of all music in the film. On over 140 minutes of the film, the viewer sees the picture, the events and actions of the main characters which is periodically accompany the original song of Tupac Shakur, such as "All Eyez on Me", "Hail Mary", "Dear Mama", "Brenda's Got A Baby", "California Love" and many others.

Speaking of the disadvantages of film include the following:

1) the Original story of the documentary "Tupac: Resurrection" tells about the hard life of a family Shakur, Tupac childhood in disadvantaged parts of East Harlem (NY) moving in Baltimore deployment in Marin city (CA). In the movie "2pac: the Legend of" the events of these periods are too fleeting, that eliminates the normal perception of the viewer of the course of events. Not having time to fully assess the situation and feel the soul of the whole litigation a difficult childhood Tupac, literally a few seconds later, the picture takes Us the stage Tupac have speaks to backup.

2) Though quite similar exterior with Tupac, but Demetrius Shipp ml. not particularly impressed with his acting, moreover, felt that, possibly, he simply not used. Its acting is reminiscent of the rehearsal performances 1st class "Cinderella", and that is, more than half of the film execution could be seen and felt feigned, feelings and emotions can take 3 out 10.

3) the epilogue of the film, which, according to my opinion, should be allotted a special place and time to display, — is too short. After shots were made with Tupac, after just 4-5 minutes — there comes a showing of the final titer. Probably should cover the episodes from 7 days (up to 14 September 1996 , inclusive), in which

- displays the attempts of doctors to bring Tupac to life. As in the hospital, after several attempts to get out of bed, Shakur, under the influence of strong painkillers, was placed in the ventilator and eventually, when using barbiturates, transferred to an artificial coma;

frames experiences the grief of all relatives and friends for his fate. As 13 September 1996, despite the attempts of doctors to stop internal bleeding, Tupac Shakur died in the intensive care unit and intensive care when the mother Shakur, the Shakur Afeni, decided to stop the futile attempts of doctors to return to the life of his son;

- in the final scene would be much better to take the viewer to the next day after the death of Tupac Shakur, on September 14, 1996, when his body was cremated. Accompanying the final shots of his cremation lyrical music and words of Tupac at lives: "It — my story. Story about ambition, violence, redemption and love," — the viewer much more emotionally imbued would throughout the litigation and at the same time the greatness and legend of this history, thanks to the wonderfully formed the epilogue to unfortunately, there Oh, definitely not.

"It — my story. Story about ambition, violence, redemption and love." These words of Tupac Sakuru — one of the most famous and respected rappers in the world. He lived this light is just 25 years, but, undoubtedly left an immortal legacy that the memory of him will always live in the hearts as a loyal fans and simple lovers of stunning hip hop music. It history will continue to spread in the human world! The story of the Tupac Shakura never be forgotten!

8 from 10

Lesya Torray
28 July 2017 | 01:26

Movies about the iconic figures of his time already been removed. Shot and about Tupac in including. Not say that attempts were terrible, but something not enough. But after the release of the awesome "Straight Outta Compton" tells the story of NWA, there was a glimmer of hope for a high quality movie about the history of Hip-Hop. Along with the bar has been installed on the new top. But found that this limit.

I was listening to Tupac about 12 years. Not might say that I fan of, but I know what his music. I studied it. the biography, I know about all of history and many important details. In fact, in order to be able to appreciate the essence of the picture in fullness, recommend to anyone who is not sleduet, to see at least with the key facts of the biography of the Pack before watching this movie. Do it!

Prior to film, I wondered about what the way the Director will build a chronology of events biography of Tupac, what points will be sanctified, what will be left... no doubt the burden of responsibility when the creation of such paintings is quite large, as and is a risk to fail. To my surprise, the Director and the whole team who took part in the making of this film has done a huge amount of extremely high-quality work. And not an exaggeration. Believe me, I one more critic when it comes to what I love — the film adaptation of Hip-Hop history. But it...

From the very first frame you know that you came into the movie is not to the empty. The Director has managed well to put the essence of the "Black Panthers" just the first few minutes of the film. And on this principle the whole movie. No water. All business. Clear, concise, accessible, beautiful and delicious served. If not all and was discovered, but raised shown sufficiently so many different themes;from the history of the Pack. Relations with the mother, Pak and movie Pak and the courts and other stuff. The film looks on one breath. Clearly the characteristic handwriting of the Director, who was able to perfectly convey the key points of the record the form of vivid flashbacks, a well-deposited on the subcortex. But importantly, follows from the above — I think the theme of the human's essence Pack is disclosed well just fullness. Exhaustively. Just as it said in an interview with the closest people. Pak — a prisoner of its own success, the product of circumstances which was put the product in their own correct and incorrect decisions. It is the most important thing. Yes. The Director managed to show the Pack the way it was in life.

Actors. It is something. Even now, when I write this text, I will be glad to the body. The whole movie I never ceased to repeat to his friend: "Man, he looks so real, so identical! That's crazy!!!". And believe me, it so. On the moment had thoughts that the whole conspiracy theory around the death of the Pack is true, and in fact, Pak is alive. So really, he looked some shots in especially in where shows concerts, album covers, videos and different reconstruction of the events. It really is fascinating. Literally every little detail was worked out to perfection. Every little stress of the facial muscles, body language, gestures, intonation... pack alive to this screen. Demetrius Shipp, Jr. — applause. It and about the others. Especially good to get Snoop. It Badi languish and overall style in the film were also very close to the original. Yes actually it well done. Believe everything. Doubt authenticity does not arise. Craftsmanship.

A separate comment deserves the last scene of the film. It's hard to show death, as a lot of variants. In particular, the murder of such a person, icons of generations as Tupac. But here Director screwed up. This R'n"B gospel music, which Pak included in machine this final theme music, an unconscious look, the lyrics about Jesus' blood — all believe in that despite its a way of life, Pak is in Heaven.

I am glad for idnustry. I am happy for young talents such as Demetrius Shipp, Jr. and benny Boom. I satisfied as how's in may even a little more.

10 of 10

Celisse Rodina
29 July 2017 | 10:10

I learned about the release of the film last summer. Watched the teaser, which was on the time released. Honestly, was impressed, thought it would be a masterpiece. After all, more difficult to remove about Tupac Shakur. All his life, his control of society — the finished film.

And I decided that as soon as the movie comes out, I just have it view.

It would be better I never did... turn it Off I wanted after an hour, but decided to watch the rest of the respect in the creativity of the rapper. Yeah and I'm still curious.

Pictures of his biography jump one after another completely incoherent. No story arc. I agree with one of the reviews that feeling that the writers just rewrote an article from Wikipedia as directed may have removed this article.

The actor, who plays Shakur, is simply ridiculous, especially in the scenes recording in the Studio next album (in my opinion, he most of the movie, just made records, when the time to receive the song, not specified), scenes of the film (where he compared to the original is clearly not pull) and live. If the biopic "Straight Outta Compton" the actors read the original NWA record, then decided bother to include plywood. But it is so evident in eyes of become disgusted.

The only plus, and doubtful — a little resemblance of the actors with prototypes.

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3h 39m
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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $44,892,121.
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This tv-show was directed by Benny Boom.
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The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Biography, Best Music Movies 2017.
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