Minions live on this planet much longer than us. They have one obsession — to serve the most Despicable personality available. Dinosaurs, Pharaoh, Dracula, Napoleon — all of them were short-lived. And then a minions rushed in new York. They are waiting for money, power, fatal superzlodei Scarlet Overkill and, of course, delicious "banana"! Anyway, they think they are.

  • Kyle Balda
  • Pierre Coffin

Release Date: 2015-07-10
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Runtime: 1h:31m
  • Budget: $74,000,000
  • Revenue: $336,029,560
Bamby Polinski
30 July 2015 | 02:22

"Banana!!!" (C)

After the animated blockbuster "Despicable me" and"Despicable me 2" became international hits, having collected more than half a billion dollars each, who created them universal studios decided to shoot a separate picture of the funniest characters in these films are the minions of the main villain, funny yellow pucheglazija — the Minions, incredibly funny geezer speaking only one of clear language. It seemed interesting, but a few dicey, so these characters were vivid and colorful, but still background of the stories of both paintings. They was given a little more time in the sequel, but this scenic course later condemned by many fans of the original paintings of despicable GRU. They found that this way the authors were sealed holes in the plot of the second, less successful in the scenario pattern. As after such critics to make a movie about the Minions? But enormous fees "criticized" the paintings were such a strong argument in favor of the creation of the spin-off that to oppose it was nothing. And finally, almost not announced ahead of time "Minions" was released in rolling, it is possible to evaluate the efforts of the authors and check out the preconceived fears of the audience.

Start with that I plot. Told the background of the mysterious creatures, shown as he different times, served different brutally configured in against the world personalities. It's continued the era of the dinosaurs, through the stone age up to present day. Was among the "masters" Minions celebrities such as Napoleon count Dracula! By the way, pretty laugh retreat dressed in French military uniform miniankou army, like illustration for the great novel by Tolstoy. More like stupid Snow People, which some time become influencers for the little yellow naughty. We tell a few Minions went to find a new "boss", and fate brought them first in new York (strangely, not to beat the subject with Nixon, a poster of which appears in one of episodes), and after Albion. In the capital of the British Empire and will unfold the history of this cartoon. Friends are hired to service extravagant villain Scarlet Overkill who has conceived not many do not enough — to steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth!

From memorable characters — eccentric husband Scarlett — a sort of villainous version of the q — makes a variety of things: from springy arms, and ending the gun shooting lava and pillow is able to send hypnotic waves. Another family of Elsenow — robbing lying on the way banks. Laugh and this old — guardian of the British crown, all of which can see the promotional trailer for the film. By the way, the authors proved that they are to take creative courage — they drew even Queen Elizabeth (really, though in parody, but still in a favorable light)! Liked the varied references and"Easter eggs" to other films (e.g. the legend of king Arthur — one of the scenes of the minion pulls the famous sword and inherits the English throne; the Minions wear leather jacket fur as the Bane of"the Dark Knight" episode from the Church chandelier is reminiscent of two hit — "Cliffhanger" and the first "Mission Impossible", and etc.). Particularly bright prodiraetsya J. Gulliver. Swift — one of the Minions in the result of exposure begins to grow in size, becoming a giant. Amused scenes of chases and battle scenes. All the action was very cartoonish and funny. Pleased and small cameo Grew in the end of the picture. Therefore, the "Minions" can be considered as not only a worthy independent band, but same and a good prequel to the two parts of "Despicable me". If you want a fun hour and a half of my life — go to Comedy — a fair share of positive energy and good mood you are guaranteed. Expected "Despicable me 3", the time planning to revise the film series in the near future.

Kirstin Bortman
20 July 2015 | 03:31

Was waiting for this cartoon, so because I love these crumbs...

But now home! Small, yellowish, very funny, not decades trying to find my permanent host...

Their owner could not everyone, only the most famous villain in history. If you're a nasty, bloodthirsty and devious style, the minions fall in love with you help you at all. So they met on the way a lot of great evil, but the days passed and the hosts were very durable.

Yellow babies attacks stress and long-term depression. Then three brave minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob decide to hitchhike to new York the search for the most despicable master. There they meet the villain Scarlet Overkill (which by the way is voiced by Sandra bullock), bold and very clever person who is trying all means to get the crown...

All the characters was very funny and expressive. Each has its own charm. Here just a pity that cartoon has some hidden meaning, but it is still very good and colorful. I recommend to everyone. Poopaya!

8 from 10

P. S. the United Bananaaa!!!

Viole Sholley
12 July 2015 | 03:52

Minions — new dear creatures, from which the mind of half of humanity. Small yellow stupid and funny men who are evil, but are still the world of good, now appeared in a feature film. Actually, just for them, it keeps.

Other characters. On my opinion, Scarlett Overkill — the most disastrous character of the entire cartoon. There are still her hubby, but fortunately, it on the screen so much as her. Silly dialogues, pretentiousness, disgusting way of communicating (even for the villains!), but the level of stupidity began just rolls in the end, when she took off on her dress. Worst character.

The Queen of England is also not too successful. All very banal and without imagination.

Remains a family of villains, which the rest definitely failed. Funny and not Intrusive.

Plot. Not designed and sucked out of a finger. The idea is very good, but the incarnation leaves much to be desired. The impression is that the creators of the blood of the nose had to do a cartoon for a living, but what could be better than all your favorite Minions, whom the humor will Eclipse all possible error (most error).

Result. Cartoon of the discharge expected, but disappointing. It will be interesting to children, adults will be bored to half. Not would show their children because of the huge number of stupid dialogue, even with using slang. So no morality, yet and words-parasites stuffed. For the adorable minions and their good humor:

5 from 10

How long is Minions?
2h 11m
How much has Minions made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $336,029,560.
How much did it cost to make Minions?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $74,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Minions?
This tv-show was directed by Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin.
What is the genre of Minions?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Adventure, Animation, Best Animation Movies 2015.
Who starred in Minions?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan.
What is Minions IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.4.
When was Minions released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-07-10.