Song to Song

Young Fay dreams of a musical career, and this can help rich and influential producer of the cook, and they share not only a business relationship. But once at the party she meets a talented musician Biwi. He is also only the beginning of his journey to the top. Between them from the first minute there is a gravity to resist which is useless. At the same time in the life of a cook there is another woman, Rhonda. Everyone in this love quadrangle will inevitably have to make your choice.

  • Terrence Malick

Release Date: 2017-03-17
IMDb icon 5.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:09m
  • Revenue: $421,856
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Collie Parry
22 July 2017 | 12:02

"Song for the song" I saw one good reason the lamp to mark the delivery of the diploma, since the film came out exactly the day before my statement. This honorable status, the picture has secured two things: an impressive acting skit in led by the brilliant Gosling and what these people twist to the screen of tangled love geometric shapes. Yes still on the background music scene. What is not a new "La La land"?

Unfortunately, all my hopes for more or less adequate movie vanished somewhere in the first half hour, when it came to the bitter realization: "this film will last for up to their final credits". Any sane storyline, written characters, a smooth flow of events and logic of actions here simply no. Absolutely everything footage "Songs for songs" tailored to each friend quite vague sequence, which may see this as not just boring, but and damn... hard. Of perception and adds a very strange manner Lubezki cinematography, removing characters as though they don't know playing the movie, and in General, just came out good company to a walk, until he in stelth mode captures on cells tomfoolery.

And all the mind I realize in "Song for the song" something there. That in the absence of dialogue, a coherent story line and any written characters (the images, which, however, you can try to glue the separate facts-hints scattered throughout the film) is hiding a message, or the whole is this intentional formlessness fresh in the review process should be immersed in some unusual emotional state. For example, a coma. So this picture is a one of those, which seems to be talking about something important, but to my ears, alas, it and failed to shout.

Because of the tremendous love Gosling, any movie with part I put one point on top, gritting his ass put:

6 out of 10

PS no Longer shoot in kind, Ryan, and the statistics of the estimated spoil yourself.

Drona Meurer
21 September 2019 | 10:52

I remember now and 2017: the time when I first heard about the imminent release of the film "Song for a song" (in our version the original translation sounded that way) and when I realized that I want to see. Desire fueled not only the presence of the caste of dreams, in which each name louder than the other, not only a sweet trailer, catching its mystery and quite a compelling atmosphere, but and significantly added to the weight of the popularity of the music of cinema: the cinema has only just died down amazing "La La land" and the opportunity to witness to the potential of something as a magical and enchanting so seriously provoked soul restless moviegoers. But as they say, not for long music played: prolonged in Russia release and mediocre ratings as from the audience, and critics have been enough to in order to cool the ardor and quickly forget about the existence of this work.

Our days, and here is "Song to Song" in the new localization once again knocking on the door. The Director and screenwriter of the film listed Terrence Malick, hitherto known to me only because of two things: he has a unique cinematic language and for some unknown reason, almost not every first Hollywood star believes a great honor for myself to star in of this figure. And if you ask questions, was if the lost genius of Malik after "Wasteland", "Days to harvest" "Thin red line" temporary (absolutely everything tapes of the 21st century, drowning in the merciless criticism) and was the penultimate work of God in today misunderstood, but a pleasant exception in this situation, then my answers are "Maybe" (for a full think it makes sense to check out other works of the Director) and "Rather no than Yes". "Between us music" pretentious not done too abstract.

Trying to tell about great in small, the picture is continuously sinking under the weight assigned to itself of cargo: spoken for the scenes entertaining thoughts on freedom, life, finding yourself remain only on paper, but the arts are the tinsel covering fairly formulaic and uninteresting, the plot (Yes, it here!) about a love quadrangle. And because strange happens: the Director's idea, according to which is that need to know the audience, and everything else his everyday conversations, distracting actions occur somewhere in the side, allowing the camera lens to capture the most important aspects of life (heroes of love, dance, play the fool, suffer), not work, bored. Polished to the extreme form, creating the illusion of something philosophical, global, making, presents a vision of the world unwatchable (at least for the untrained viewer). When I no no way detract from the excellent abilities of the operator Emmanuel Lubezki, in General, a good selection of songs and protruding through the screen sexuality Natalie Portman with Rooney Mara. Have on what to see, there is something to listen to, but in the context of the film this is not enough.

Presents types of heroes, in principle, familiar, but I would didn't take them a sample. The Central image of Fay (Rooney Mara) is slightly annoying due to their constantly enabled flailing regime in the pleasures of love and a common static nature, that is unsuccessfully trying to move the monologues existential issues; cook (Michael Fassbender) in the secondary the image of a raging producer, and Biwi (Ryan Gosling) do not understand what is; the only outlet becomes Ronda (Natalie Portman)whose the painful role of victim evokes a certain sympathy.

For those who dare to risk: slow, meditative "us music" is to the wave, if you tune into the wave, two hours of viewing, you will find yourself just thought that something positive you all were able to extract.

6 out of 10

Betti Ignatzia
01 August 2017 | 11:31

Examining the thoughts that arise in mind after watching "a Song for the song" Terrence Malick, you know that any words will be too fresh in compared with feelings that you experience when browsing. From pain of empathy to the euphoria, happiness and, of course, catharsis.

Main "Song for the song" it goes without words can be expressed. The question here has a very natural nature: this is like diary, revelation, inner voice. We hear either as random conversations of passers-by, or as voiced thoughts. The film is not gives obvious clues to explain what is happening. This creates a dynamics of "documentary" on the screen.

In addition to the scenario solutions, an enormous contribution to "documentary film" made camera work: all the familiar camera of Emmanuel Lubezki takes ultra-wide plans. The frame is like a greedy vessel wishing to cater for themselves how much of life. Composition in as if accidental, the camera wanders over the characters, sometimes stopping at the important details, making the viewer an unwitting participant in history.

To write about the films of Terrence Malick difficult. Not words, not can you describe heartfelt. It emphasis is on the unconscious. In this film is very difficult to find a simple meaningful message, and narrative it is just barely. You just watch and immersed in near-meditative state, staying alone with a what usually we are hiding under the mask of rationality in everyday life. Here this mask will have to be removed. Open for the internal dialogue.

In "Song for a song" a sufficiently large number of characters. And element, sun, nature (as well as Iggy Pop and Patti Smith) are in their number. With using shots of the setting sun, the glare on the water, hands, crowd, colored lights Malick creates a single space of life with amazing atmosphere, stressing that has the same earthly nature. And so, harmony is Union with all.

Behind the scenes we hear the thoughts of the characters. They have in common is that they think of some of those things: love, affection, dreams, happiness, betrayal, emptiness. About some metaphysics of life and emotions. Heroes call for a return to the primitive feeling. To the irrational passions to live, to learn and to love. And, of course, to sing (that is why the events of the film take place in the context of the American music scene).

As a child, each of us have experienced these feelings. Therefore, the voice urged again to take a look at the world with those eyes, to enjoy simple things. To be a child. Child Of The Earth.

How long is Song to Song?
How much has Song to Song made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $421,856.
Who is the director of the movie Song to Song?
This tv-show was directed by Terrence Malick.
What is the genre of Song to Song?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Music, Romance, Best Music Movies 2017, Best Romance Movies 2017.
What is Song to Song IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.7.
When was Song to Song released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-03-17.