The Corporation "Mirando" have created an unusual piglets and gave them to farmers around the world. For the past ten years giant experimental pig Occa was best friends with the girl Mi-ja, they lived peacefully in the South Korean mountains and cared about each other. But one terrible day idyllic life friends interrupted — the Corporation took the property. From General bitchy headmistress Lucy Mirando their own, not the most humane, plans for the unusual beast. Of course, a brave girl does not abandon a friend in trouble, and Mi-ja is sent to save Accu, but the world is much crazier than she could have imagined.

  • Bong Joon Ho

Release Date: 2017-06-28
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: KR, US
  • Language: English | Korean | Spanish
  • Runtime: 2h
  • Budget: $50,000,000
Dalia Lukin
10 November 2018 | 03:23

In the film industry has a new player. This is a notorious Netflix delivering video content via the Internet channel. But Netflix not only delivers, but produces. On they studios have a few dozen films, and they do not stop to play the most famous actors. You can't see films theaters, they never there will not appear. Online only. To treat this can be different, but that's life. Netflix plays on his own.

The film Occa for the first time was shown to the public at the Cannes film festival in may 2017, where was nominated for the Palme d'or. Plot on first glance, it may seem childish. Little Korean girl grows up with a representative of a new species of pig — Clinopodium, a hybrid of pig and Hippo. Svinopogolove brought as a potential solution to the problems of the livestock industry.

Girl and clinopodia ACCA — friends, the latter even saves her from death. But in

one day the Corporation decides to take the pig back, and the girl should do everything to bring her back. the film reveals the problems of modern morality, when money plays a dominant role. And even a clash of interests of idealists and mothers of the bourgeoisie, who are right?

And between them the fate of the girls and OCCI. The only Bastion of sanity in this crazy world.

I usually do not watch movies animals. But I have conquered the cast, by which I just not able to pass. Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhall (by the way, so you it still not seen), Lily Collins, Paul This. In the end, obrydalas the most do not want. But worth a look, and maybe even with kids, but not young.

Elayne Beard
11 October 2017 | 03:28

Thanks to Cannes 2017 and it is such events we can understand what lives and where is developing modern cinema. Not all us Transformers People-spiders to judge. And despite "Fi" Almodovar on the participation of Netflix movies in the Cannes film festival, the brainchild of this platform already available for our convenient watching at home on the couch. For Example, Occa.

At first it seems that you watch sesame Street with South Korean accent under the music of Bregovic, where they all freeze with their mouths open, grimace, where jumps lauded Gyllenhaal in the role Selibaby germanicae Swinton Aki Miss piggy. In short, strongly illustrates the lack of globallyconnected action. But the more the young heroine is aware of the tragedy and hopelessness of the situation, where is she her pig-Hippo, the bigger the narrative becomes more Mature.

Of course, Okja — not a pretty child. The creators enough monosyllables to focus the viewer, to modern, but already banal things: the heads of the huge corporations for profit are deprived of compassion and any moral principles, human rights organizations adopting an ethical and humanistic attitude to all living things are in total disarray, incoordination and absolute helplessness and our desire of a comfortable existence completely replaces any morality and honest against their beliefs.

And let the basic idea of the picture is slightly beaten up, but less sad from that they are not. Yes, the film is a revolution in minds produces, but a barbecue after watching something not want. Only there is a particularly urgent desire to quote the comrades in hysteria about GMOs (gluten, preservatives and etc.), euphemizing the phrase Jimmy Carr: "you can not have GMOs and to fill up... the mitten".

6.5 out of 10

Tilly Alfonse
25 May 2018 | 03:07

Overall impression: the Entire movie is violence, abuse animals, abuse of people, violence against the world. Not know I what to expect from ribbons after watching, left a deep residue, almost like the wound is... Not like the feeling. If you a delicate nature, you do not watch, I don't recommend Animals... sorry, people...no

This is the American-South Korean fantasy. And blind the ribbon is a motley, and here silly (sorry, another adjective is not found) Gyllenhaal, cold as ice power Tilda Swinton charismatic Paul dano, there are even Glenn (Steven Yeun) of the "the Walking dead". Part of me unconditionally happy. Cope with everything on a 5+. And the girl who played Midge, something not caused me a storm of emotions. Alas, just a girl, but maybe nothing more is not necessary? The only thing that in the tape noticeably bright and catchy, it changes Miggy, it will not be greater than that which was in the beginning. A carefree and easy.

The Director of this film — Pont Zhong Ho. And this is my second acquaintance with his work, the first — "Through the snow". And again a neutral review, not positive, but not negative. Fancy felt the approach of the Creator and the irony of people. It is clear that he wants to convey, but final called crocodile tears and joining anywhere. And ribbon principle and it ends in nothing. Like and there are happy people, and like and no. In addition, about 40 minutes. I watched the picture without a interest, I was bored and I was waiting for a turn, but in fact the movie is predictable.

Idea, which is now stuck at me head — is as we're we see a valuable and as spit in  the"face" of mother Nature. And the nerves the Land is not iron. And I have it really hurts from that we your customers, but won't go. In the main person of humanity, but all people are used?

7 of 10

How much did it cost to make Okja?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $50,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Okja?
This tv-show was directed by Bong Joon Ho.
What is the genre of Okja?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Best Adventure Movies 2017, Best movies 2017, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2017.
Who starred in Okja?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Tilda Swinton, Michael Mitton, Colm Hill, Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Giancarlo Esposito.
What is Okja IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was Okja released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-06-28.