Blade Runner 2049

In the near future the world is populated by humans and Replicants are created to work very hard. The job of a police officer Kay — keep Replicants under the control of the growing tension... Until he accidentally becomes the owner of the secret information that threatens the existence of all mankind. Wanting to find the clue, Kay decides to find Rick Deckard, a former officer of the special police unit Los Angeles, who disappeared many years ago.

  • Denis Villeneuve

Release Date: 2017-10-06
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: CA, HU, GB, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:44m
  • Budget: $150,000,000
Cherlyn Rutherfurd
06 October 2017 | 10:50

After watching the new Bladerunner I feel like a victim of some Grand Scam or a bad joke. All around crooked smile, give shifty eyes and nervous like large drops of sweat from forehead, patting me on the shoulder. Critics, echoing the bloggers look into the mouth of the representatives of both parties, the audience created a beautiful utopia of the new masterpiece of science fiction that "opens new horizons", "makes you think" and"makes revolution". However these General words I and I do not understand where specifically, the movie opens horizons mentioned, about what exactly makes you think what makes a revolution.

I don't are a hardcore fan of the first film, from me no plastic gun bladrunner Rachel my waifu, but I like its visual style, the music of Vangelis and strong humanistic message. If anyone have forgotten or not understand especially for the Ridley Scott, who seems in the end was crazy, then the main conflict of the first part revolved around the question that it means to be human. Bladrunner because it was called that were literally on the edge of the blade, trying to distinguish the Replicant from the man in inability empathy "send him on the rest." In the denouement, the Replicant Roy showed that the artificially created organism, the ability to be morally higher than a man, but because some ways and exceeds it. However, did Deckard people in whole of any lesson, we unfortunately, so is not know, like in the sequel to development got very different ideas.

Remember the awkward and tedious love story between Rick and Rachel, which were actually the only genre attribute of a Noir detective? Got a sequel to it. For some reason the authors of the sequel decided that wasn't that dream, whether the androids elektrowni or no, but can they natural procreation, i.e. through sexual intercourse. At this, they not even have become particularly bother in that somehow logical and interesting to justify this idea. Instead, this script was made to still a few romantic lines, podsyuzhetov and characters, not having the ability or desire to adequately disclose that, creators are brought to primitive melodramatic snot, hiding behind the guise of supposedly speaking for yourself visual style.

In General I used to that in the movies, Villeneuve rather banal morality, such as the fact that you need to live for today, love the family and so on, but what I definitely not from him expected especially in Union Deacons, so it is the failure of the visual part. The film turned out to be empty not only content, but and form. All as for the plot are given either small text, or to pronounce some of the secondary characters. All the rest of the time, the characters are silent and Alexander Blok's nostalgic, go on some trash and wastes in the twilight. Every fifteen minutes is the visual splendor of over 200 million is interrupted satanic howling synth by Hans Zimmer, which is exactly the alarm reminds the viewer that the drooling in the cinema. Yes, notably the same mock Vangelis.

But where I and where criticism. I don't even kinology. Those who in his life read more than two books I would advise you to save three hours read the movie plot on Wikipedia. All participants of the Scam offer, finally, to put the question squarely, start the vote and solve time for all who still greater genius — Villeneuve or Nolan? And while you count the results of voting, I will better to seek out the anime Armitage III.

Moina Bently
07 October 2017 | 04:49

The day started great, 150r for ticket to IMAX — it is cheaper only for nothing. Anxious to see creation Studio famous Ridley Scott, and I was racing to meet new people. However long, well-deserved fine of 2,000 rubles cooled my heat and reduced mood level "below a plinth". And despite the beginning of the cinema I came out in love it! And believe me, it happens not often, approximately once in 2-3 years. So what impresses with Denis Villeneuve and team of this to Running the blade 2049 that is so attractive, fascinating and impressive? As always, lay all on the shelves.

Let's start with the scenario. To do a sequel film classics, the over 35 years ago, which raised — dream nightmare any. For any slight defect the crowd just annihilates authors as has happened more than time. Of course to work on the story drew HAMPTON of Panera — the person who led the group of adaptation novel in 81 and later developed a series of short films in this franchise. We hasten to please all fans of the original 82го year (in all its canonical and not only versions) — the creators painstakingly, carefully and "with You" has done with original cool and continued that bad word about their work is not say. The history of the new blade runner and similar unlike original making reference to source, making a fair share of innovations, multiplying the great legacy of the film that many fans seriously called the best sci-fi band in history. Seasoned cyber-punk style city of angels, but shown a new location, the spirit, the atmosphere is saved. The action is all so not slowly unfolds, stopping at the important points, highlighting interesting topics and ritmichno accelerating, pushing up the tempo not only bread brain, but and spectacles eyes.

Oh-Oh-Oh! The visual component is generally a separate song. I'm not even know than to compare. About this movie will be even a long talk. He turned out pretty darn handsome, stylish, matured and gorgeous. Here and warm and cool colors support the mood in the right moment, and Grand majestic shooting locations, and a unique close-UPS. It just existential orgasm. Frame by frame, block by block, wave after the wave world Running the blade is rolled to knock on you through your eyes. It just the case when to see worth more than a hundred thousand and a million times to hear or read. The picture is just perfect. In her great attention paid to detail, the attentive viewer for the film will highlight the hundreds of nuances, each of which tells a lot about the world where the action is. And most importantly — the story here is not rushing headlong, as is now usual, it leaves time to think and reflect on what they saw.

Despite the great for the standards of blockbusters timing, blame the Director of the slowness can only be blind. From the movie is nothing to throw — everything, absolutely everything on its place. I wouldn't be surprised if Denis Villeneuve will receive its long-awaited "Oscar" for this movie. I saw the cinema as the age of people who well remember the original, so and very young who are most likely the picture 82го year alien. And those other go out with session a light shock that once again stressed that the Director made every effort to not only to pay tribute to the creativity of the 35 years ago, but and brought many new things, made me think the young audience. On my highly subjective opinion neither Captive, nor the Killer or even the Arrival I love, not stand on par with the new Running at the blade. This film different scale for Villeneuve, his best film. Well as to blame for two a half hours the film is, will those who used to a popcorn movie, Ko everything in movie not really important — to svetelka-perdelka from the world of cinema. This has I heard that ridiculous sighs "how can this be" and Cloud Atlas, and in Interstellar, but is be they the worse? Serious movie, filled with meaning and not fake, not wrapper candies should cannot be restricted to some cliché like "the movie on 90 minutes."

The music is just amazing. Do I had goose bumps on the skin, honestly. Here and tremble like a horror movie, and relax of course will be passionate about the tunes of Benjamin Wallfish in the postprocessing my favorite movie contemporary composer Hans Zimmer. He no better and no worse than the music of Vangelis the original. Each tune has its time — new soundtrack more technical, more saturated. All this gives it of our time, but definitely not lost communication with a picture of the predecessor for the Duo of composers thank you. Zimmer joined the project recently, but how I'm glad this happened, because we have not got only the graphic but and auditory masterpiece that is not tell about the recent "It", where Wallfish have a solid, but still far from the ideal audio.

Finally worth noting is the acting. What and she is not disappoint. Ryan Gosling, so not received the "Oscar" for La La Land not get it obviously for Running in the blade. He plays well, the role is quite deep, but something he not enough of something elusive, not even know. Just subjectively in La-La Land he was better. Although it is possible that I feel closer to the role of the jazzman. Not know, but one thing I know for sure — in joint shots with Harrison Ford last takes all the attention on himself. Yes, grandpa is still very much alive, and in the way the old COP looks just phenomenal. Any Indiana or all known space pirate, too, seems to be leaving it but here is directly one hundred percent hit. Antagonist — Jared Leto Sylvia hooks stretch out their role at the maximum. I hope the Summer is not will be as much to blame as for another minor role almost the main villain. Other minor characters like not spoil the surroundings, and add in a little something of his in the picture. In General, acting I was very pleased.

Running on the blade 1982 gave the start to many cyber-punk projects, has inspired thousands of people and hundreds of paintings. It version 1992 according to a survey of sixty scientists, conducted by the British newspaper "The Guardian", was recognized as the best sci-Fi film in history. Best or none — judge for yourself, but this year, he released the sequel — Running the blade is 2049, which is certainly so will enter in history, because he deserves it. And no fees hurt you to rate.

9 of the 10

Trula Ardell
11 October 2017 | 05:19

Are you a fan of science fiction? Yes? So Villeneuve know? Villeneuve, spike Jones, Kosinski, Nolan, garland — those characters who is now reviving so rapidly falling in the genre of Sci-Fi. Why falling? Because in the coordinate system of the majority of movies coming out with claims scientific fantistico there are only two the main motive — man vs. technology and man against the consequences of technology. Only a small fraction of the films focuses on technologies like that it is able to do with themselves.

But not be distracted, get into the film itself. Ryan Goslin, the main character of the film, overcoming endless garbage deserts, cyberverse and gutters of big cities is in a constant search. Not importantly, he makes the course of the film, the essence of one — he is looking for. It running blade, search — it's part of his work. Here only looking for it as was not that is usually. Not runaway Replicants, not offenders of the law, he is looking for a "miracle." But in the world "running," no room for a miracle. The world  ship — this environmental disaster, endless wars, famine, hatred and despair. As and by 2019, the heroes of the hopper of the "night Owls" all nor can get out of cafes, because exit it is not exist. Only now people write on the doors of homes Replicants the words "leather doll" not with anger, and with a lurking fear of the unknown that is ahead of them for a long time.

Where in this world is there a miracle? The main antagonist of Wallace (Jared Leto) is responsible for this question. He, the Creator of the "Angels" (new line of living robots) believes that miracle his world can only occur when the Replicant will be able to repeat person. In any minute detail. Only then will come the era of prosperity. However, he he is not understand what consequences it can bring. "The only thing I love and — it's a wall. If it will not begin a massacre" — said Lieutenant Joshi character of Gosling. &Nbsp;indeed — if between robot and human, there is no difference, then who they more than man?

Music: as in the original film — beautiful, so concise, and how creating the right atmosphere. The highest score

Plot: twists and turns you will be able to surprise, I assure you. The script is very carefully crafted, with given that it is not a book adaptation.

Visual: Here for it I put the film the highest rating. A very versatile image, lighting solutions, construction frame — everything is perfect. And designed in the style of the movie from the 80s. Sometimes surprised some funny looks, since they used the approaches to understanding fantastici the last century.

Overall impression: I'd like to believe that further Saifi is to develop according to the principles of this film. Here say — they say the film is tightened. And I say that not a single superfluous frame in film not found. Here is a multi-step disclosure of the nature of technological progress. From the struggle of the Creator-creation to love between technology and attempts to find in them the soul.

10 of 10

How long is Blade Runner 2049?
4h 4m
How much did it cost to make Blade Runner 2049?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $150,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Blade Runner 2049?
This tv-show was directed by Denis Villeneuve.
What is the genre of Blade Runner 2049?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Best Action Movies 2017, Best movies 2017, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2017.
Who starred in Blade Runner 2049?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dave Bautista, Ana de Armas, Robin Wright, Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford.
What is Blade Runner 2049 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was Blade Runner 2049 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-10-06.