Their Finest

England, the Second world war. A large part of the empty London is fighting on the front. The Ministry of information in the UK hiring writer Katherine Cole, whose mission is to bring a bit of femininity in propaganda films aimed at raising morale. Her natural talent quickly notices the energetic producer Buckley. While bombs explode around Catherine, Buckley and a team of professionals working furiously on the film, which is designed to warm the heart of the nation.

  • Lone Scherfig

Release Date: 2017-04-07
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: SE, GB
  • Language: English | Hungarian
  • Runtime: 1h:57m
  • Budget: €10,000,000
  • Revenue: $3,595,841
Cecile Singhal
17 December 2017 | 07:40

Movies about war has turned into one of independent genres, which also has long followed his basic rules, precepts and phenomena. Almost always either immersing the audience in the thick of military action with constant explosions and gunfights around or in the harsh conditions of wartime with all the attendant difficulties of those years. Very unexpected and of the rules became the film Lap Sherfig.

The plot picks up the events of England the 1940s. In the time when to the world there is a war for life and freedoms of people, this film is fully focused on other war — the ideological war for the minds and hearts of the British. When inspired by the story of two Englishwomen who chose to help in saving British soldiers at Dunkirk, a group of filmmakers under the support of the Ministry of cinematography are trying to create not just a movie, and a true masterpiece. Able not only to reflect the harsh realities of the time, but and is able to encourage and to encourage even more young Englishmen in participating in war.

The Director of the film Lap Sherfig managed to remove a multi-layer structure not a trivial movie with much success developing on screen several plot Parallels. Since the history of the movie and ending the life stories of individual crew members with their personal experiences, motivations and views on life that differ greatly in shooting on the background of the events taking place around us. Almost doing the main movie in my life infinite bombing suffered by England in those terrible times.

Similar to the story of layering, which endowed the film, this film directed by Lap Sherfig with same success plays on the screen several cinematic genres. Skillfully mixing the components of romance, drama, war movies and drama pure English humor. At this & left the best of each genre easily cutting off all unnecessary. The most achieving such a result when the film actually embodies in all the most warm, pleasant and touching emotions that share with the viewer when the viewer completely and free.

Hence, no wonder when viewing the tape, pretty much manages to touch to the heart and the process of viewing a film provides inadvertent charging is the most bright and pleasant emotions. Allowing you to forget about any cases and completely immersed in the events on the event screen with a complete loss of time accounts. Especially on the background of well-developed love line between the two main characters-the writers, which is developed on without any known stamps and a cliche, but also not trying to pull all the covers on himself. So holding on the second plan, but managed performing its basic functions on the screen. Hence, no wonder unexpected plot twist closer to the final, does not leave anyone indifferent at view.

Gemma Arterton did an awesome job with the role the screen. Arterton managed to create a very versatile and rich way that combines the usual for those times, the women's shyness, sensitivity and humility, so and necessary of women's power as the engine of change in  the"war of the sexes", the theme of which is briefly reflected in the ribbon. Watching her, love it was just impossible. Not less adequately proved and Sam Claflin, which is accustomed to the way a talented screenwriter, but very cynical, kind and leave the alcohol dork. A real gem of the picture is bill Nighy, which again demonstrates a masterful dissolution in the incredibly charismatic and interesting way. Yeah and all — I inclined to the whole acting team.

of 10 10

Their finest hour — this is truly rare in the present time, an example of a very bright, kind, positive, pleasant and incredibly emotional movie that can touch up to deeply become a real balm for the soul. I have not experienced such pleasure and pleasure view.

Correna Jadda
08 September 2017 | 08:11

It is no secret that the filmmakers love films about yourself. Almost any project about the greatness of the movies or the souls of the workers of filmmaking is taken on cheers. "Artist", "Operation "Argo", "La La Land"... the list goes on. But "Their finest hour" goes in the other direction, showing how the British propaganda film used to the unity of the nation, although at this the creators of this film have gone through loss, fear and grief of war.

1940, the war in Europe swing. Most British men on front and this leads to the opening opportunities for women. For many, this means jobs in the munitions factories, but Catherine receives a post script writing propaganda films. She found the perfect story for film adaptation: twin sisters stole a fishing boat and sailed for Dunkirk to bring the soldiers home. The truth, of course, is less interesting, but the flywheel when he put to stop. The script is cluttered with details, love interests, drunken uncles, the censors ruled the text to raise the morale of the spectators, officials need to add in the film is a real war hero, who, in turn, is a terrible actor...

The best moments here are those who lovingly show the process of filmmaking. For a large account of "Their finest hour" came out a sort of satire on propaganda film. Special attention is given to the shooting scene "Dunkerque operation." The however, "Their finest hour" focuses not only ridiculing cliches of propaganda and film altogether. In scripts are provided for two or three love interest and, of course, the naturalistic depiction of war. In contrast other films about the World war II, in which rule, tend to show battles and a hero is always a soldier, here are all the focuses on the lives of ordinary people. Details are important as never: here and a great scene in restaurant hero Naya, and the horrors of the bombing and etc. 

The implementation went fairly interesting. Britain and it all said. Ingenuity kept to a minimum, but also, aesthetics is recognizable. Like "Game in imitation" or"King says!" in the picture used blue-gray color palette, as a way to transfer the past and style the old.

The cast — the strong side of the picture. In the filming was attended by prominent British actors: Richard Grand, Eddie Marsan, and Jeremy irons. But none attracts myself as bill Nighy, who plays an aging actor. Bill Nighy shows acting in the box, if not in the cube. Here he and pre-war star of theatre and movies, , drunk uncle and a lot of people other. That touches of women by caste, then, of course, is a film where a Gemma Arterton posted in the max, although sometimes looked somehow embarrassed. Remember Helen Mccorry in the role of the Flirty stage of the agent.

Although most of "Their finest hour" looks comedic and a little overcast, and there are some dark scenes. War also requires sacrifice, often taking the closest. As and their on-screen characters, the creators of "Star hour" has done a lot of work to artfully combine satirical moments, probably based on the experience of the crew in the world of big cinema, with a real war movie. On the foreground, of course, the story is reminiscent of that among air raids and blitzkrieg people lived their lives: we laughed, we cried, for something fought. Their life experiences, love and laughter so natural in "Their finest hour" that you can forget about the stress and fear of that time. Almost.

7 of 10

Ana Rosco
17 September 2017 | 12:28

The film at first glance absolutely not a remarkable story, for which is the story full of drama and inspiration, Comedy and tragedy, life and death.

In the center of the story a young woman, Catherine Collins, who for the sake of what would feed themselves and the husband goes to work in the Department alerts. The film begins in bright and carefree tonnes luring the viewer hateful story about a woman — the suffragette in the cruel world of men, but it's another movie about a completely different time. Scenes of warmth and smiles contrasted with the bombing and the shelter in the London underground causing a mental collapse. War in full swing, and to raise the spirit of the nation needs to make a movie filled with reality and heroism of British soldiers.

The film beautifully displayed all the background of filmmaking with the shortage of people and materials, the vagaries of youthful actors and claims of different Ministers. Delightful panoramas of field locations for the filming of the movie. Especially brightly shown excerpts of the movie film which we can confidently judge that with the transfer of the era the filmmakers did fine.

Scene of script writing some of the better and emotional, even for the lack of words you can understand every thought of the co-authors of "Remove the excess..."

Every confused gaze and the firmness of their interests. Yes, there is the question of life status of women and the overcoming of itself, but it is a film about the tragedy of a world scale and attempts of a handful of people to give the nation hope and faith.

The picture is filled with wonderful characters with quality prescribed characters, which will definitely Woo the audience for a live.

"We are alive due to the fact that someone was killed or sacrificed their lives and not to take advantage of this chance would be just awful..."

The interaction between the two main characters in played by the brilliant Gemma Arteon and Sam Claflin(definitely played one of his best roles) pleasing to the eye and break the viewer's heart into thousands of pieces, and character bill Nighy do not just can not to get the location even the most biased critics.

"Their finest hour" — a light film about the dark ages when honor was to die for Homeland, shame to die "empty" death. About the times when the woman is not could get more men, and love to last forever.

How long is Their Finest?
2h 37m
How much has Their Finest made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $3,595,841.
How much did it cost to make Their Finest?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least €10,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Their Finest?
This tv-show was directed by Lone Scherfig.
What is the genre of Their Finest?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance, War, Best Romance Movies 2017, Best War Movies 2017.
Who starred in Their Finest?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Jack Huston, Paul Ritter.
What is Their Finest IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.8.
When was Their Finest released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-04-07.