6 Underground

Faking his own death, conscious billionaire starts a new life and gaining a squad of mercenaries from different countries, to fight the evil in this world. All team members get names instead of numbers, and their goal is the overthrow of the dictator and the liberation of the people of the country Turkistan.

  • Michael Bay

Release Date: 2019-12-13
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Turkmen | Cantonese | Italian | Spanish | Ukrainian | French
  • Budget: $150,000,000
Sonja Marsiella
22 December 2019 | 07:53

"Ghost six" (Six out of the law), despite the great expectations, turned out to be a very mediocre picture for one-time viewing. Of course, with the point of view of visual features all looks great, if not take the calculation overly twitchy camera and numerous cut. The main problem is completely empty history, which is not catchy, not involved and especially not cause no empathy. The characters are very shallow, the dialogues silly, and the concept to unfortunately, nothing itself is not is. Of course, too much action is not expect to terms of dramatics, but here even the most basic things the creators manage to literally mess up on level ground. So that for the plot, it is necessary to completely disengage and not take it into account, because as such the history here, no. But there is a bright types of the main characters and the secondary image of the antagonist, as if dropped out of films category "B". Even if the viewer sleeping through the main part of the film, he nothing skip be aware of everything happening. Therefore, to save time too demanding viewers can watch the first 20 minutes of car chases, and then safely rewind to the final interchange on a large yacht, so as everything else is comparable to a void, if anything happening at all. To the same while watching there is an apparent mistake in the caste of the protagonist in the face of Ryan Reynolds, who is clearly overdone with comic promise, turning his character in a recognizable Deadpool, but without mask. Sometimes sometimes it seems that the actor got stuck in this way because all new movies it appears in this role.

And all despite numerous complaints, a picture of available special effects in again what directed by Michael Bay — this is a real master of magical action, where the visual part is simply overflowing with all sorts of stunts, shooting, explosions and incredibly beautiful shots with the iridescent light of a Sunny day. In General, you can look, but carefully, because the weakness of frankly uneven and clichéd stories can destroy even low expectations. But in any case it's worth a try. Pleasant viewing.

Annora Arri
16 December 2019 | 11:43

For several years, Netflix leaps and bounds trying to catch up and overtake Hollywood, with all studios combined. Series — one better than the other, cast replete with star ratings. Relatively recently, this the team began to remove the complete meter, animation and here, too, succeeded. Came out quite good movie: "Marriage History", "In pursuit of Bonnie and Clyde" and even "Bird box," and the cartoon "Klaus" — it is something beautiful And... here is a new level: big budget ($150 million!) action-Thriller "Ghost six" or its first called "Six out of the law." Must admit I was expecting — put a tick "I Will watch" and remind to IMDb. And here is the coveted moment: napominalka worked — Netflix dumped on their site is creation. For this film I have allocated a day off will not come on, sat and watched the best (as I thought) the film is in the genre of fighters this year. Blessed are the believers...

Well, it was the same Mr. Bay good fighters, since  the"Bad Guys", "Rocks" quite fit "the Island", even, God forbid, the first and second "transformers"! What the same happened next?

Probably not haunted by Michael Bay thank all the Avengers, fast and the furious and other expendables. And let us all this sexual? Said — done. Only sardines, chocolate and cucumber cocktail came out. From the word "really".

Who are these characters as they were in the team? Of the semerci this bothered three. Who (piiic!) such rest?! In addition to their rooms and specificity (Dr. killer, ex-CIA), we nothing know. To the end of the movie names are still recognized, but this will not necessary.

For the film I lost interest on the 15 minutes, exactly after over the first action scene. Chase, shooting, explosions, beautiful cars, beautiful city... Then got bored: stamp, raving, unfunny jokes, a broken installation, confusion, broken-down sign GAZPROM in the razdolbany Kiev (really?!)... Trying to understand, find meaning, then clap yourself on the forehead: this same Michael Bay! Relax and see where it blew the budget.

Somehow sorry for Ryan Reynolds, who like lined Dedpula tarnished Green Lantern reputation as a super-hero, and here again dipped in the trash. But Director desired characteristic, charismatic characters, have no time to develop the characters — need more boom-boom in the frame! Michael, come to your senses, this is already do not transformers! Not need to blow up with sparks all running, is not a priori may explode! About the other actors have nothing to say — thanks the Director. Even Yu Kolokolnikova as it positions one TV program about movie — the main conqueror of Hollywood (that's sarcasm, although there is no — SARCASMIST!). Oh Yes! As I assumed trend of modern cinema met (although the beginning of the film it was not team I was a little surprised): the most super positive and noble film — African American! But for introducing him in the story the Director is doing what I told him can't forgive as time to the moment lost interest in the movie (slightly smelled spoiler). Mr. Bay defenders pleased, item tolerance — fat tick!

For me, this film — the disappointment of the year. I think another Golden raspberry Bay is provided.

Thank you for a couple good tracks — zasadami!

4 out of 10

For the first 15 minutes of the film and for the completion of my tracklist.

PS: When the heroes are preparing for his first story mission in against evil, they reveal the first photo of the villain, and close to hang more about eight of them unopened... Michael, stop, don'T NECESSARY!!!

Dannye Evangelia
16 December 2019 | 05:34

Each of us Matures. From can not to escape: to gain experience, understand what had not see stuff, stuff, stuff. However, as not everyone wants to admit that they have matured. Perhaps someone does not want to put up with this fact, staying in your infantile world, someone (and this best case) are just not planning to break the connection with childhood, such as Wes Anderson, and someone just myself no idea what has remained the same all child. To the latter (and the first), perhaps, can be directly attributed to Michael Bay — man, forever stuck in puberty, adolescence. The Director, lost in that boyish period, when you nothing to do with their wishes and confidence its own coolness. Michael even 54 not trying to resist his desires and the same confidence, and because time and again, bringing to the tears and tantrums of film critics the world explodes all around, not taking care of its the films or other never change your "special" style, only occasionally in some special cases, managing to show himself with the other hand. Up to this point it seemed that same Bay still a bit tired, earn with head begun the transformers franchise, but after his release from the paws Studio and the transition to conquer the world Netflix, issuing Michael enormous cash reserves, it became clear that Bay was just microspace. Now be afraid, kinocity the world, for the Lord of the explosions woke up again and ready to the huge, ridiculous, adolescent and awkward glory.

Indeed, now, when Bay not limited to literally anything, it is not going to be ashamed of: it the new film "6 Underground" full of all the things for his movies are not love incoherent mess instead of a story, empty characters, epileptic editing and a lot of action, which overshadows all else. Maybe somewhere in another universe, where Bay could see yourself hand, this picture could see a certain irony, laughing at the own recklessness, where the desire to make "cooler" obviously it would be made in part of that is understanding how silly that it looks. In this case, the claims would be, of course, is much less. But for tedious viewing, it becomes clear that Bay how does not aware of doing his eyes to do something talented music video Director what is happening in the screen looks manly cool, and may even must cause an erection not only himself, but and all the other male viewers. Bay, like 14-year-old in the body of a man, not trying anything to make that you notorious explosions to place no, this incredibly funny from the eternal use of slowmo, here is half-naked girls, which he adoringly removes that you chases, fights, Yes even parkour — as they say, eat, do not the holiday. And, without doubt, in all this medley of "coolness" the show really interesting and funny moments that give hope that the patient is more alive than dead: before blasting machine, a shell of the grenade launcher relish breaking one of the bad guys nose, and in another scene, for example, a couple of mercenaries are killed by bullets flying then through the peephole, I through the cigar, and through the pimple. Shells BAE not hurt like it is easy to notice, nothing. Yes there even are a couple of good jokes. However, besides these small details, to note something of value will be very difficult: tape manages to tire have to the first half an hour, but not then plans to slow down their annoying speed. In the worst moments Michael for the scenario of the guys responsible for "Deadpool", reason is trying to divert attention to the flashbacks, designed to reveal the characters a little more, though. sincerely believing that the viewer will have to characters in any case. Under end in the tape for full POPs up on the surface the bottom line of drama with afterburner morality of the family, which really, only ruins and enough tasteless main course, for which here in the things we are mind and memory, and gathered.

Dish in the form of spectacle, which, perhaps, can be fun only the rank of "so bad that even good." But such, perhaps, only the true fans baevskogo style, the rest remains the MUK to keep an eye on the clock, waiting for the imminent end of the awkward coup in Turkistani. Generally, the whole tape, of course, can be seen as some sort of ideological motive of the victory of democracy over the tyrant, of fairness has been achieved cannons and magnets, but I think the underlying ideas in this picture is unlikely to have invested, and if so, through the prism of the opinion of the Director they disappeared somewhere already in the beginning: for Michael not important not important, its participants, he is important potential, allowing to realize the most daring fantasies — in the child, when the boys come up with their own stories playing in the war games with plastic toy soldiers. So and BAE in the main soldiers who are making the plans, and the soldiers of lower rank — ordinary people, juicy and with a crunch lost under the wheels, yeah mercenaries, we kill bullets on once or twice. In observing this game nothing interesting, because all the most exciting present only in the head boy. There is going on the true madness in all colors, but it just a set of toy soldiers, falling in different directions under a resounding "Bang" and"boom". Bay, to his credit, making every effort, using every penny that they boom the Baja of the head was transported to the proper form on screen, the result, I think, he really pleased with it: drove on steep wheelbarrows, povzryvali large pieces, shot with all guns and saved people. But are that someone besides him? Here question have more difficult because most already has long outgrown this period of transition. Probably for example, Michael it's really funny when some object flies someone in the groin, or his head escape from the bad guys really should be accompanied by the track "Run", because that gives the time the most cool, but in reality, devoid of these eternal explosive booms and Bach, it looks ridiculous. It seems that for parents it would be time already to take the baby toys because it already obvious enough, but apparently this is a long happen. Because there is only with sadness to see how the kid with a sincere smile on the face and same sincere erection in his pants once again and once again destroys everything and all, just believe when he still older.

How much did it cost to make 6 Underground?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $150,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie 6 Underground?
This tv-show was directed by Michael Bay.
What is the genre of 6 Underground?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Thriller, Comedy.
Who starred in 6 Underground?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Ben Hardy, Adria Arjona.
What is 6 Underground IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was 6 Underground released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2019-12-13.