Star Trek Beyond

The intrepid crew of the cruiser in Starfleet, the enterprise, explores the unknown depths of space. During this risk-filled journey the heroes encounter a mysterious force that threatens not only their mission and stability of the Federation, but the entire world order.

  • Justin Lin

Release Date: 2016-07-22
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: CN, HK, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:02m
  • Budget: $185,000,000
  • Revenue: $158,804,470
Carita Castora
22 July 2016 | 12:43

Easy way reboot of the franchise "Star trek", or as now it is fashionable to say "star trek", not called. Fans of the classic television series, created under the leadership of science fiction Gin Roddenbery not able to come to terms with a reorientation of the sublime and a little eccentric space Opera in action adventure a new generation professed by Director JJ Abrams. Along with the doubters in the bright prospects of "Star trek" third-party viewers, not experiencing awe at the mention of the names of captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, with blatant caution of the news about the revival of the once legendary history, exhausted even in 2002, when the rolling out the failed at all articles "Nemesis", became the Swan song of Patrick Stewart on the head of the interstellar expedition. The minimum Studio Paramaunt allowed J. J. Abrams to build the redesigned "Star trek" according to him individual creative vision, making the first attempt to instill the values of team enterprise young audience can be counted as a successful.

A relatively modest cash charges are not have prevented Abrams to start preparation work on the sequel, which is much more dark and dramatically juicy. The long-awaited, albeit somewhat controversial return of the iconic villain Khan to the action was decorated with the charisma of Benedict Cumberbatch, provided "the Retribution" more than was gathered by the original, and hence the question about the third part of the rebooted history had been superseded themselves. However, the alarming news of hyperspace routes of the upcoming "star trek: Infinity" is not have to wait long. The real threat came from its none expected: usher on the arrangements of the management company at Lucasfilm, J. J. Abrams went to explore far-Distant Galaxy of George Lucas, leaving "star trek" in the care of Justin Lin, known for the unreasonable attraction of fast cars and bald heads, known as "fast and furious". In fairness it should be noted that Lin tried to temper his zeal not allowed racing madness take over  the Enterprise, however, the change of the Director and a hastily prepared script updated "star trek" in favor does not go. The authors trikvela caught in an insidious trap, tested "007: Spectrum" Sam Mendes, trying to please like a loyal fans of classic history, and the audience graciously accepted the experiments of Abrams, but and unable to cope with the rich material, requiring the crew's compliance with a subtle semantic balance and sense of proportion.

The adventures of captain Kirk and his team, who came to the 60-ies of the last century, threw the brave explorers in the unattainable distance, forcing him to build close ties with unknown alien races. On several seasons and a dozen feature films the enterprise relentlessly plied the Galaxy, every time acquainting the audience with new worlds. Abrams decided to go the other way, focusing all attention to the development team of starship to combat the deadly threat in the limits of the Land alone. Describing the inner intrigue of the Federation, deep in the sins of bygone days, and with glitter with them, understanding, preserved for the post of producer Abrams instructed Justin Lin to lead the first serious adventure of the enterprise of generation of Chris pine in Five-year mission, excluding the return home. It would seem, finally, "star trek" got rid of the latest restrictions and headed fantasy writers can work wonders, but a hasty desire to catch the techniques of outdated series of Roddenbery led to annoyingly mediocre spectacle, unable to really decide for whom it is removed.

The plot of the film focuses on the rescue mission of the missing in an unexplored nebula of the Federation ship, presumably the victim of the crash on one inhospitable planets. Staying in close the site of the disaster, the "enterprise" in led captain kirk (pine) is called to find the unfortunate fellow at the starry ways, it is not waiting for that, with what they will have to face. An ordinary rescue mission turns into a swift and uncompromising cosmic battle, in which fire ship Kirk falls in uncharted territory, managed by a despotic warlord Krall (Idris Elba), wait for an hour when he will have the chance to destroy the free peoples of the Federation in the massacre of historic proportions. Narrowly escaped capture kirk and not less fortunate colleagues in the bridge become the last hope of civilized society standing on the verge of total wiping out. Heroes in that would no need to know what the scores associated Kroll Federation whether to engage in dialogue with a bitter monster, whose the reason her eyes undisguised hatred. So that interest rates on still high, but we know that like "star trek" in the third part is not end of itself itself destroys the main intrigue in the Bud. However, when right-set dramatic accents, multifaceted script and confident directing, seamlessly combining master of action and developing the plot, dynamic dialogue, "star trek: Infinity" would have all chances to become the adventure, repeated and even surpassed the efforts of J. J. Abrams. To unfortunately, he Justin Lin not able to understand the subtle mood of the space Opera, even after removing single fiction Thriller that gets lost in memory after viewing the following day.

Instead of having to delve into the biographies of leading personalities of the characters, to study the complexity of their relationships to reveal a previously hidden side of the character of the same Kirk or Spock, Justin Lin focuses on ugly monotonous action occurring in dark rooms, excluding the flashes of light and bright colors. One long action scene follows another, but in memory is only annoying darkness with occasional glimpses of Blaster shots and steep dialogue, not contain any meaning. Breaking traditional pair of heroes rather extraordinary way, creating a tandem Spock and McCoy, and also Kirk and Chekhov, Justin Lin have tried to bring in the plot needed freshness that was justified not always. With regards to prematurely departed in the better world to Anton Elchina, he was not able to blend in the company of captain Kirk, whose image critical needs trim cold-blooded pedant Spock. But where failed chemistry between Chris and Pinom Anton Elchina for four work out Zachary Quinto IV features Karl urban, who received much more screen time than was given to him in the movies Abrams. Dashing smiley McCoy with a keen sense of self-preservation is always able to get to challenge the full-time comedian Scotty in the performance of Simon Pegg, eve some aspects even surpasses it.

The involvement of Pegg himself in the camp of writers "Infinity" played the Comedy part of the movie in favor can not say about a serious, thoughtful episodes in pet which Edgar Wright was not strong. However, to blame only one Pegg in the imperfection of scenario sketches silly, because apart from him for the dramatic contours of the blockbuster answered a whole group of writers, apparently not having a single view of what should be the film in the end.

Stepping on Board orphaned after the departure of J. J. Abrams ' "star trek", Justin Lin has tried to become a worthy replacement of its predecessor, losing an unequal battle with the alien franchise, not being able to continue its established progress in a stable pace, which is not critical, but definitely worried.

7 of 10

Marin Alvira
20 July 2016 | 10:40

The creators of star Trek decided not to wait until the release on the screens of the third part of the restart of "Infinity" and already officially announced the sequel. The decision bold and virtually no risk, Oh unlikely the third part to fail, considering the excellent first two film restart. Of course John. John. Abrams was too busy with Star wars and physically could remove the 3rd movie, but the replacement of decent Justin Lin.

After a fight with Khan, the crew of the "Enterpri" 3 years, traveling at unknown worlds, and asked to go where haven't have gone before, and stumble upon the enemy, from which is more nobody got away little aware it — Krall. And because threat hung not only over  the Enterprise and over the entire Federation, and Captain Kirk and to have little to work hard to stop the mysterious enemy.

John. J. left the post of Director of the film, but this is left to follow the making of the film, Justin Lin had the task to make a film that would be able to meet the fans of their beloved series, and also, to attract new people. It should be noted that plot the film is quite briskly evolving, and hard to see when he began to SAG. At this turned out to evenly distribute the screen time between the characters that really was the key in film has been consistently disclosed the identity and motives Kralla that it is important for the villain (if you're not the Joker, which is just insane).

What for visual effects, Justin Lin contacted a minimum of a couple of gorgeous scenes to shoot, which is really unusual shot, have space fights, journeys in space, and of course new planets. What else is not enough?

Chris pine — captain kirk as were good at my role and remained, at this is not to say that his character changed a lot on than before. movies. Zachary Quinto — Spock, perhaps not much more poorly played than the 2nd part, but looks on his place, as and kirk. Idris Elba — the villain seems to be a good and written correctly, and trying to convey his antagonist, but this strip was set Bana and Cumberbatch that difficult to remain same level. Simon Pegg Karl urban — as the whole Entrepris not changed, but bring the film, a huge amount of humor which helps to defuse not a lot of atmosphere. Anton Yelchin — last movie Chekhov star Trek, perhaps it is symbolic that received the most time and played well. Sorry, but in connection with leaving the life of Anton, more of it can see how to beat is all while also not clear. Zoe of Soldan John Cho on their seats so the same.

As the verdict to the film "Star Trek: Beyond" — became a worthy continuation of the reboot that keeps the bar the first two parts, but all not much inferior. But however, Justin Lin was able to take a fairly dynamic movie, to you like the viewer is quite difficult to get bored, and the characters look at screen as and must. The villain is not many do not hold, but in all was as could.

9 of the 10

Carmel Felic
10 October 2016 | 01:24

The story is very predictable. The beginning of a classic: someone appears and tries to select something. (Starts 2/3 of all science fiction novels). And nearly two hours included heroic efforts to maximally stabilize the situation. In the end, the success and even small losses.

By the way, to understand well the meaning of the interaction between the characters, is to learn more about the Universe of "Star Trek". If you look no preparation, many things can seem annoyingly pointless.

Someone here should be commended, so it's the actors and the creators of computer graphics.

Now order. Actors — organic their images. Suits "Star fleet" looked less grotesque than in the original series. In addition, we finally adequately showed how can dress people of cloudless have a happy future.

Note that "star Trek: Infinity," — painting tolerant. Not only the race efficiently communicate in all areas of life, but also there are references of the integration of sexual minorities. Good psychological and marketing trick, because the story needs to cling to every viewer.

Also good move — alien evil. A strange humanoid without a trace, without extra acting effort identificeret as sexy and dangerous.

Effects on top. As I thought these inserts made of 70 percent useful time of the movie, but thanks to them he was seen on one breath. In a common sight for those who comes in a movie just for picture.

How long is Star Trek Beyond?
How much has Star Trek Beyond made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $158,804,470.
How much did it cost to make Star Trek Beyond?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $185,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Star Trek Beyond?
This tv-show was directed by Justin Lin.
What is the genre of Star Trek Beyond?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Best Action Movies 2016, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2016.
Who starred in Star Trek Beyond?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg.
What is Star Trek Beyond IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was Star Trek Beyond released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-07-22.