Hell or High Water

A young boy Toby and his recently released from prison older brother Tanner find out that their deceased mother had a huge credit. And now, if you do not repay the debt in a certain period of time, the Bank will assign a family ranch. Trying in such a short time to find the necessary sum, Toby persuades his brother to go on an incredibly risky step — to Rob a few small banks. Armed with and wearing the face mask, the brothers go on a dangerous tour of local financial institutions, completely unaware of where they can make this crazy idea.

  • David Mackenzie

Release Date: 2016-08-26
IMDb icon 7.6/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:42m
  • Budget: $12,000,000
  • Revenue: $26,862,450
Tammie Penhall
26 October 2016 | 12:12

English film Director made a film about America. And not just the usual moviegoer urban America with its problems, which Hollywood made universal almost no all over the world. No, its creative nature brought in Texas, where he tried to sneak in Wednesday cowboy spirit. How exactly it caught the spirit, judge not me and here to create an atmosphere of fried sun region with its peculiar inhabitants he was able. In any case, my personal ideas about the Texas will now be supplemented and pictures of David Mackenzie.

On the screen — the Texas Outback. With first frame physically feel the depression oozing out from all the holes: from the half-dead streets, from dilapidated buildings, from policosanol grass, and from the rest of the semi-, semi-, semi-. Only banks — as the nines. Residents tentacles debts, their future belongs to banks, and now filled with concern about how to raise money for these greedy monsters. Two world — traditional cowboy of Texas and the modern world of financial capital. And if Texas hates the banks, then the banks, the sentiment is not needed. Soulless mechanisms, the purpose of which — to squeeze, to suck at the person everything that you and then throw for unnecessary. A little gape, and here you in the open field — and the farm have not yours, earth, cattle.

On this background, the unfolding crime story. Two brothers, one of and returned from places not so remote, robbing banks, or, in exalted language, engaged in the expropriation of the expropriators. But not social protest, and consequence conditions are they put the Bank. They do not fight and solve their personal problem — to find the money and pay debt. In local terms, this method of "earnings" was the only possible for them. So in Texas made — banks hate everything, and saved alone.

If you close your eyes to small faults, the film David Mackenzie got. Everything is harmonious and appropriate —  & stringy rhythm action, and good dialogue, and compelling characters. Importantly, in the film has its own style, its own atmosphere, but I have talked about this. And, of course, it should be noted musical accompaniment, falling into the tune of the film. At the risk of incurring on himself the prosecution in sedition, let's say — I "at Any price" seemed more attractive and more human than famous the Oscar-winning "no country for Old men do not place" at all due respect to the skill of the brothers and for all the difference in the scale. Even if we accept the accusations of unoriginality. Very much the bloodthirsty brothers — beating people like the flies! And people want to live. Almost all of them.

Lorita Aliza
02 March 2017 | 02:10

The cinematography is often positive and negative characters deliberately strongly opposed to each other. But the film at Any price we understand what a couple of the characters commits a crime, but can't hate or despise them because of it. So well as and catching them the police do not look like heroes, they ordinary workers trying to quietly do my job.

And then I read it thought about that the film romanticizes criminals and on the contrary, shows police in a negative light. But no, he just puts the characters in a situation where the laws of the state and rules of morality are not identical terms. You realize the heroes have been deceived by the banking system and trying only to return the same the money, but and actions lead to tragic consequences.

Completes the picture a stunning soundtrack drawing in mind a picture of the Wild West. And the characters are modern reincarnations of the classic character types of later westerns. In this, and General stylistic moments, the film resembles Old men place from Coen brothers, but to direct borrowing is not to reach, it completely independent work taking for based on the same aesthetics.

Very meditative film sets a lot of moral dilemmas, and and do not respond to the question is how to live with awareness of the consequences of their actions.

7 of 10

Deborah Hallsy
16 September 2016 | 09:50

How I still am glad that were not disappointed in their expectations! Even the trailer was set up on what I'm probably looking at one of the most powerful and haunting dramas of the year. David Mackenzie with the course was in my favorite Directors, even though this picture was the acquaintance with them as Director. Not promise now quickly review all of his half a dozen films, but several attention I will try to pay necessarily.

The key to success "at Any cost" were not even the actors, though all in the first four major played phenomenally, and very authentic shows in the film is Texas it is absolutely unique and original atmosphere. I never there were doubt that will ever visit, but Mackenzie his film gave touch this unique land, which breathed with screen incredible power. And so I personally I believe Texas is like that. Small towns in the steppe — modest, dusty, faded, but that attracts to yourself as a magnet this plain, but sincere his easy charm.

It will give you the edge and the local population. In the film, many successful short sketches on the theme of local life and customs. The Director doesn't put them at the forefront, but they are a very nice entourage for events. Many of them are memorable to me and after watching once again surfacing in memory, but the brightest I guess I'll name the episode in one of cafes, where he looked hungry Rangers. The hostess, bartender and waiter in one person begins to communicate with customers totally unexpected statement, then it all developed in unforgettable dialogue and ends on the stunning humorous note. It really need to see and hear!

Actually, looking at Any cost, I began to better understand how a kind of life in this state. Many nationalities and cultures, in particular indigenous Indian, became mixed intricate way, forming no what do not like the attitude. Even more striking look peacefully co-exist here purely Texas heightened freedom (amazing even for living the ideals of freedom America) and the same exacerbation of persistent conservatism in beliefs which, though not leaves an unappealing impression, and looks rather nice and only occasionally causing mild annoyance stubbornness. In light of this, have not much wonder that Texas living ideas of independence have more than one hundred years, and these sentiments to still have a place to be. After all, it really the state state, history of this land goes back much deeper than the rest of America, which still and 350 no. This the land holds many mysteries and mysticism, and in the local steppes and deserts so you can feel the presence of supernatural that it makes you wonder why Stephen king not chose Texas permanent place of action in his works. In addition, look for locals, on their behaviour, habits and feeling that the cradle of the culture of the Wild West was in Texas, here was born the cowboy legends, traditions, codes of honor, shaped by himself type, nature and swashbuckling marksman in the saddle. Nothing will then to say for sure, because, frankly, I do not possess details the history of the issue, just talking about their feelings.

It seems that David Mackenzie screenwriter Taylor Sheridan details analyzed special status of the actions and well-built plot, where the Texas is almost openly opposes itself to the rest of America. It is indicated already in the very beginning of the film, when we see written on the wall of the protest slogan. Brothers Howardi become victims of the banking system and its draconian laws. Exit they are looking for cowboy-Texas methods and join the conflict has already with the legal system. Of course, legality and morality of the actions of Tanner and Toby causing issues, but if not open support, sympathy for them from the local is quite obvious, as evidenced in the picture are a number eloquent in this respect scenes. However, Mackenzie in the picture is not judges is not a verdict to anybody, leaving the viewer to speculate about how who has more of truth, and he just skillfully tells the dramatic and deeply human story. The proof of this and an open ending that leaves room for many versions regarding further developments.

In the film, as I have said lead singer of the four main characters, divided into two great acting Duo.

Ben foster is extremely convincing in the role of Tanner Howard. The actor has brilliantly shown that for all external roughness, bravado and the need to be strong, not having the right to give up the slack, lurks a deeply unhappy person who has experienced injustice, and from the very loved ones that by and large maimed he lives. But fully human in it is not managed to kill any blows of fate. It is very well illustrated practical any conversation brother one of these conversations in cafes takes for the soul of a stranglehold and not let go for a very long time.

Brother not less cleverly plays Chris Paine. In the brutal Toby Howard not directly you know a brave captain of the "enterprise" of the updated "star trek". However, kirk is at all advantages — all the way same varnished. Toby compared it easier, but at the same time much deeper, more complicated and even sincere. Very nice work Chris, worthy of the highest ratings.

Well, Jeff bridges have just found a niche, your type, your character. Experienced and armed with irony Ranger (Sheriff, police chief, a military rank, the artist, the politician, the Patriarch of a mafia clan and etc) — for Jeff the most. He can play twenty these characters and do not bother the viewer, because with the inherent talent every time does your character unlike any previous. Marcus Hamilton "at Any price" — proof of this. Sense of humor — an integral feature of most of the characters played by Bridges, but the Mackenzie he looked at full-surpassing himself. Of course, there are played a role a good selection of it on-screen partner in the brilliant performance of Gil Birmingham, which made Jeff a good Duo.

It will be unfair not remember great music nick cave Warren Ellis, largely created and emphasized the atmosphere of the film in General and drama of history in the individual moments.

Deep, soulful and humane film that gave a lot of strong emotions and not disappointing nor in it.

10 of 10

How long is Hell or High Water?
2h 22m
How much has Hell or High Water made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $26,862,450.
How much did it cost to make Hell or High Water?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $12,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Hell or High Water?
This tv-show was directed by David Mackenzie.
What is the genre of Hell or High Water?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Crime, Thriller, Drama, Best Drama Movies 2016, Best Thriller Movies 2016.
What is Hell or High Water IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.6.
When was Hell or High Water released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-08-26.