Manchester by the Sea

Reclusive and self-absorbed Lee works as a mechanic in an apartment building. Once he learns that his elder brother died and in the will, If appointed as guardian of a 16-year-old nephew.

  • Kenneth Lonergan

Release Date: 2016-12-16
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:17m
  • Budget: $8,500,000
  • Revenue: $47,695,120
Allina Limann
25 January 2017 | 03:11

Manchester at sea — this little emerald of independent, auteur cinema that is cut and fostered by the famous American Director Kenneth Lagermann and suddenly found themselves on the crest of the wave award this season.

Dare I guess that the extraordinary charm and the charm of the painting lies primarily in her sincere and bright impulse to show life as it happens actually, with all its a great bustle and turmoil, with the painfully familiar characters, we meet every morning the road to work on the landing, wherewith we ourselves, then there is to be honest, they are. Lagerman sets for itself the aim to tell the story of a man broken, in the closer the plot to the final, overcoming (no) all problems miraculously defeating the demons within. It is not doing it is never take it off, and not because not so is — it happens, but not always, but rather rare.

Lee (Casey Affleck), repairs the toilets, cleans the snow, is a fan of the Boston bears and seeks to a good old brawl in the bar already after a couple of pints of porter. As said Burr, giving will the furniture and merged with the Wallpaper, If avoids any close contact, ignoring the obvious signs of attention provided to women. In the moment his brother die, and he has to come face to face with the past, back in his native Manchester.

Lonergan twist in plot threads a lot of static, contemplative landscapes silent, tiny Manchester with the industrial symphonies of endless conversations. He feels the need to Express the microcosm Do not only practical tools, dialogues simplified, and out of context does not carry additional semantic meaning; a quiet panoramic picture of a light blue windy port of Manchester, shot which flashed gulls — this is an attempt to approach the character through inanimate objects, and not through his life. All surrounding part of it of the perception itself: the walls covered with books cramped rooms, not allow If escape the embrace of the past, from which it carefully barricaded for many years — displays the internal strain and inevitable pain valumouse before the credits roll; from which, however, Lonergan deliberately refuses to replace the open finals, interrupting a speech in middle and leaving the audience a space for space the vast sea in the Manchester.

Of 9 10

Jorie Harding
06 February 2018 | 10:40

During singles get-togethers in online account on your workplace, at night, managed to watch a great movie: "Manchester have the sea."

It seems that the reality is in truth real, and everything around looks more like a series of repeated events and a solid causal link. Here and simple guy If Chandler felt it on himself, returning one day from the Boston his hometown of Manchester-by-the-sea — a small town in Massachusetts with a population of 5 thousand people. Clean the pipe and bowls — not to work as a Manager for sales and sit gray a warm office. This labor and work not grateful. From this, sometimes, I want to get drunk in bar footbed to enter as follows what the bearded hipster in the face. However, in Manchester u of sea, Whether will not less unpleasant situation — die unscheduled custody of his 16-year-old son Patrick, whom he recorded Chandler in the will without any agreement.

In General, this film is very smooth and cold, sometimes fun, sometimes sad. But however, there is some acceptance. Life — she is. It is not all happiness and artsy hedonism. Not fashion and polished bars with their attractive range, which is whole as one filled with the pathetic story of another drink. There are no space continuous positive. Here there is nothing, except people, and those existential questions that they are surrounded by. Do not experiencing the joy of the opportunity to live this life and not seem experiencing nothing but constant guilt for their mistakes. However, despite the despair, it all left here (a failed suicide attempt does not count). Remains, with their aggression, with your world. And even the mother of one of the girls Patrick that seeks to Whether Chandler man, in the end, remains disappointed. But why Chandler these connection?

The funeral of his brother stretched on the whole duration of the film and only end the body attains eternal peace. But so bad to just be dead? When worse in a hundred times to be the living dead.

After all, in the film is unobtrusive warmth. Yes it's mean, but it fits in with authentic the General atmosphere. Maybe there is hope? But what is hope?

Aida Rue
18 February 2017 | 10:10

One of the nominees on the award "Oscar" this year (and once in 6 categories including the most important) is the film "the Manchester from the sea." And this fact raises serious questions. Not about the film — although it also — but how then came and or rather sunk the "Oscar" competition, and have a picture claim to get in a row with the movie masterpieces of the past.

Let's start with the main, it is with scenario. Scenario "Manchester" consists of trivial nonsense in 50/50. If the beginning of the story and expected some kind of conflict, you two with a quarter of an hour screen time he was not that is allowed, but even a little bit developed. Characters with nothing expressing the persons say nothing significant cues and commit acts that in no way propels the plot forward. Heroes either refuse to resolve issues before them, or the solution appears in front of them in the sight of such a piano in the bushes, for which writer you need to drive to the neck profession.

Speaking of the writer. In "Manchester," as in many films recently, the author of the script is Director. And again crap. The impression is that script the film really was not, because the Director has considered that your outstanding creative design it implements of the without the help of a professional. In up on the light born something incoherent, and what is something is nominated on"Oscar" in the category "best original screenplay" — it's just an outright slap in the profession of the screenwriter.

Now about the characters acting. The main character of "Manchester" — fucking prick. I would put it more flowery, but etiquette censorship does not allow. In fact, not would big trouble — there are many movies where the hero starts in similar status and in the course of action changes. But problem that Whether Chandler is not that not transformed, but not changed either a bit. In the beginning of the film he works for a stupid low-paying job, drink, according to drunk climbs in a fight where ogrebaet consistently, leads an irresponsible life and works. In the end of the film he does the same. Even the Director carefully shows it to the viewer in all these guises, that he can make — If Chandler as he was a retard, so they left. He does not solve any one problem that appeared before him in the plot, not builds relationship with one person, not change your life in it.

Casey Affleck, who is considered unlikely one of the main contenders in the category "Best male role of the first plan" the entire film goes with one same expression, for the descriptions which modern language has a abbreviation HS, and talks like a man in a state of heavy hangover. Two main expressions, which Affleck says at the duration of action — "Fuck" and"Shit", and they best reflect the attitude of the actor to his role, and the attitude of the audience that there is a hero you are viewing it.

Received a nomination for the actress Michelle Williams appears in the film in three scenes: in it is sick in bed and grumbles at second — screaming on the drunken guests of her husband in third — sheds tears of remorse, for that too rudely treated with her husband. And if questions on the logic for this behavior should be to ask the writer, the questions of reliability performance as a whole belong to Williams.

The only person who really makes a convincing, evokes empathy and sympathy, — Lucas hedges in the role of Patrick, the nephew of the protagonist. It at least living the real life of a teenage high school student with the relevant interests, issues and actions. Sincerely concerned of what happened with him is a great tragedy and a little trouble, sincerely rejoice the success. The only deserved nomination for the film.

Separate reviews deserve the music of the film and installation. According to that the film is exclusively used classics with expired copyright, from the makers stupidly did not have enough budget for the original soundtrack. At this accompaniment is suitable staff, in which he sounds like a cow saddle, especially horrible in this respect all the sequence of scenes, where the sound of "Adagio" of Albion. Yeah and the better.

The film only reinforces the impression of a budget deficit on its creation. It is the principle is to call this clumsy cuts and chaotic gluing frame Assembly only when a strong desire. Not I wonder if found that and installation Director he worked (but it is not). Well at least the nominations on"Oscar" not given on thank you.

Manchester at sea" — dreary, monotonous and same a hopeless sight as the stupidity of its main character. One of the most unfortunate ways to spend two and a quarter hours of his life. Don't waste it in vain — do not be like If the Chandler.

How long is Manchester by the Sea?
3h 37m
How much has Manchester by the Sea made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $47,695,120.
How much did it cost to make Manchester by the Sea?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $8,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Manchester by the Sea?
This tv-show was directed by Kenneth Lonergan.
What is the genre of Manchester by the Sea?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Best movies 2016, Best Drama Movies 2016.
What is Manchester by the Sea IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.8.
When was Manchester by the Sea released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-12-16.