About Jacqueline Kennedy — first lady of the United States in the early 60's, the most popular woman of her time, style icon — written dozens of books and filmed a lot of movies, but a huge interest in her life over the years is not quenched. In this tape the authors have reproduced one of the most tragic moments in American history — the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas and the ensuing few days, showing these events through the eyes of the most Jacqueline. The whole world admired her strength, dignity and composure. But what is actually experienced is this woman?

  • Pablo Larraín

Release Date: 2016-12-02
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: CL, FR, HK, US
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
  • Budget: $9,000,000
  • Revenue: $13,958,679
Julita Lindner
23 March 2017 | 03:20

The new film by Chilean Director Pablo Larrain talks about the most difficult days in the life of Jacqueline Kennedy, beginning with the assassination of John Kennedy and to the funeral. The film could become banal speculation on interest a famous person, if not an amazing game Natalie Portman. Despite that it created a way the first lady is far from his real prototype, this role is undoubtedly one of the best works of the actress.

The film presents three temporary reservoir — an interview with Jacqueline Kennedy told life magazine, tour White House preparation for the funeral of John F. Kennedy, which is the main part of the picture. In the story there are two Central ideas that gives you the opportunity to consider it from two points of view. With one hand, it is quite pathetic story about how the widow of John Kennedy is trying to make it remains of history and makes it funeral a competent public relations campaign. With the other hand, this story of human suddenly lost all the most precious in life. And this interpretation of the film is possible only because of Natalie Portman.

Portman plays brilliantly a fragile woman, on the shoulders which fell misfortune. In her performance Jacqueline Kennedy more vulnerable and sincere than she was in reality. But the similarities have not important because here comes to the fore emotions and experiences that are relevant outside depends on the historical significance of the person to whom they relate. The key emerging theme of loss of a loved one and with it is just a habitual way of life, and not a biography of the former first lady. The depth of the suffering of the main character emphasizes the music of the English composer Miki Levi, known for the soundtrack to the Thriller "Stay in my skin".

So appears the new interpretation is not the original script of Noah Oppenheim. Footage of the tour White House begins to emphasize the sincerity of the heroine Portman, her inability something of themselves to represent. Very pathetic PR campaign, designed to perpetuate the name of her husband now is because it is — the only possibility to cope with their grief. In the result of ordinary biopic becomes a chamber drama about the loss, according to your mood is closer to the painting "Inconsolable grief" by Ivan Kramskoy than the traditional Hollywood film.

Abagael Farrar
02 February 2017 | 04:52

Another film in the Oscar pool — "Jackie" Pablo Larrain. This film is not will fight for the title of best film. Have it has only 3 nominations: actress (Portman), costumes and soundtrack. According to the last I doubt — most likely Mika Levi, for which is just a second job, not will be able to overcome the "La La land" (I do not found as he years, but according the pics years 13). Suits — there will also be hard, because "Animals" is very beautiful. And Natalie Portman will win your Oscar with almost 100% certainty. She looked very good in the role of Jacqueline — here believe her. Genuine emotions, correctly put it, even the character — it gave it showed very convincingly.

But in all other respects? I think this film is very weak. And here it is not even the Director — can be an artistic point of view, the film and the good: great dialogue, suitable for the installation and the frame, the secondary actors too, on top. But in General and General — the picture is not fascinating not interested. Why? Yes, the answer is all there is same — theme. I probably the the amount has seen a million programs and movies, as read books on the murder Cfcaa. And it would seem that new to talk about this subject?

After leaving the series "the Kennedys" probably nothing. Yes, it may be a question of inner feelings, Jacqueline and many were interested in and maybe even someone will find yourself this movie is something new and he will like it. But I do not. I don't say it was possible more blood to show the murder itself. I'm not say that can t more clearly to disclose the nature and the fate of the Jackie: it has experienced the death of her husband, the death of two children, the death of her second husband, the death of his two and in the end she died from cancer! What is not a tragic fate? But also Jackie was involved in a very important activity in the salvation of architectural monuments of new York, she was an ardent activist, saved Central Park and did a lot of other useful things. But why this movie no one said?

Okay. Accept what the author wanted to tell is about the experience of this strong woman for killing her husband. But. All we know was really: Joe Kennedy (father of the slain President) offered her 1 000 000 $  what it will remain in marriage JFK to 1960, as she wanted to get a divorce because of a dissolute and saguling life last. Have them in the family many do not worked. The constant squabbles and broken heart. And after I have to cry over how she's going through it murder?? Jacqueline — it is a style icon of his time. The most popular woman. This Princess Diana of the 1960s. On it was equal. And she's like a born aristocrat, holding a stamp. A year after the killings went in mourning. And for Onassis came only after five years. It is followed all possible decency and traditions.

But why in the film decided to show this "slippery" topic? Maybe the average American and does not go particularly count there are Jackie loved Cfcaa without memory. I'm not even know. But in my own opinion — this whole film, even with Portman, a big farce in worn-out theme. Chile, France, USA, 7 companies — all picked up for little money on the film. To say that they have created something outstanding I can't. And most likely, this film will overwrite in the annals of history.

If other I'll reconsider, wanting to refresh in memory the story of the Kennedy clan, then this film is exactly disposable. I again — it is not bad, many can enjoy, but my it empty useless. It was nice to see the now of the late John hurt, and so great Sarsgaard. It was interesting to recover in memory what troubles fell on share this remarkable woman. It was nice to see the wonderful landscapes and the interiors of the White House. It was nice to look at the game Portman — it is very similar. But overall — the film is not like it. It on a very strong Amateur character of Jacqueline Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis.

Fanchette Vassili
28 February 2017 | 03:43

In the beginning of the film Jackie Kennedy appeared to me weak and defenseless, who after the murder of her husband, John Kennedy, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

But after the phrase that she was given in the interview with journalist:"the First lady must always be prepared to collect the suitcase. It will happen sooner or later..." I Understand that it was just a temporary weakness, after which she quickly recovered. In front of him already do not see just the First lady of the United States, and  the"Iron" of the First Lady, but always a refined taste. That is why it loved still remember honor.

The role is quite complex, it is easy to get carried away and to beat, having fallen to parody of often happens actor (actress) who played real people. Natalie Portman is understood was sensitive to this line, not crossing the line no in one sentence, no one glance and gesture. Bravo! Nomination for the Oscar well deserved.

Well, if we talk about film General, a single organism, then itself without a bright acting of Portman, he is a dark and stodgy. The Director wanted to make something new in the biographical film adaptation, but I personally I'm not rated not understand zeal.

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2h 20m
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Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $13,958,679.
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According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $9,000,000.
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This tv-show was directed by Pablo Larraín.
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At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
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