20th Century Women

The events unfolding in the summer of 1979 in Santa Barbara. Dorothea fields brings her teenage son Jamie, trying to give him all the best. Motherly wisdom she draws in a relationship with two women: returning home to Abby — the photographer immersed in the punk movement, and Julie, 16-year-old smart's smolianki, a friend of the son of Dorothea. Each of them contributes to the formation of Jamie as men.

  • Mike Mills

Release Date: 2017-01-20
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:59m
  • Budget: $7,000,000
  • Revenue: $5,663,855
Carmencita Riccardo
05 February 2020 | 05:39

No matter how cool, but from the films of the drama genre is the most interesting to watch a movie about the lives of ordinary people, more precisely, about their ordinariness, thoughts, feelings, feelings about the surrounding world and the events in life they have changed their destiny. To this category of movies include psychological tragicomedy "Women of the twentieth century".

synopsis 1979. Dorothea fields, a single mother of Santa Barbara, the whole life surrounded by his only son, Jamie love and care to instill in him kindness and respect the world. However, when the son starts puberty, Dorothea realizes that this time it it is important to educate primarily as a real man. For assistance this delicate matter it turns to uses her home room photographer Abby and her friend Jamie the rebel Julie, assuming this will change the lives of not only the son, but all the rest of others.

acting the success of the film owes a strong cast, featuring genuine talent and the ability to live in the image of his characters, and need to play. Thus, in the first and foremost, I would like to mention Annette Bening in the role of Dorothy fields, caring mother who is trying to respect a certain harmony in relations with my son with one hand, while remaining a life coach, with other, giving freedom in actions. Also liked the performance of the Greta Gerwig in the role of Abby, the girls of punk, which in the young age had to deal with different hardships of life, including the threat of death, but which, despite these hardships, chose to remain strong personality.

Directing With creativity Mike Millis I had a chance to meet in viewing tragic and comic drama "Beginners". As in the movie "Women of the twentieth century," the Director examines the relationship of different generations and collision of their views the world around us. The main character — wise seen many on the century woman, and although not strong maternal instincts, she realizes unlikely she will be able to convey important ideas to the son, based only on the values which grew itself. Thus in the education of Jamie are three women of three different generations of the twentieth century, each contributes in its development as a man, simultaneously dealing with their personal problems.

Script the action of the story takes place in Sunny Santa Barbara in 1979 prediagnostic period when in the country there is a crisis and lost all confidence in the authorities. But the background of all these vicissitudes of history Dorothy fields of inhabitants of its historic house where is also home to the tenant, Abby, repairman William, son of Dorothea Jamie and best friend of the son of Julie. Actually Jamie, although only one, but late child (Dorothea gave birth to him 40), so when he is 15, Dorothea realizes that the young man needs in this support and education that will make him successful and self a man. As between Jamie and living in house master William no nothing but the only people with whom Jamie established a strong bond, are Abby and Julie, then Dorothea speaks to them for help. Abby, a staunch feminist, teaches Jamie to perceive women as an equal human being, to respect them desires and needs. In same time itself Abby tries to deal with their problems, including cancer of the cervix, which has awarded the nature in 24. Julie, 17-year-old girlfriend, Jamie, is a true friend and an object of sexual desire, teaches Jamie to be cool, confident in themselves guy. A distinctive feature of the plot of the film is, then comment on individual episodes voice-over the characters themselves, telling not only its present, but even the future.

Summary Although the film features too much slow dynamics and tedious atmosphere, all the same "Women of the twentieth century" cling to their concept and image of those situations that may be familiar to any normal person. In other words, the film touches the fact that he ordinary life of ordinary people. So feel free to recommend to view.

8 from 10

Arabela Cindra
22 August 2017 | 03:55

Most likely You missed this film in 2016 and did the right thing! And I strongly recommend, Yes no, I just feel an obligation to keep You from watching this film, because You can be entered in the error because of the positive reviews, as happened to me.

If in the world there were the most boring films of all times and peoples, this film definitely would have taken it a place of honor. But it is not the worst of it.

"Women of the twentieth century" how absurd and pointless movie that not enough words to Express what it happens. And Yes, the word "senseless" will be repeated many times.

First, the plot, its just not there. Every day day of show the life of 5 people. They something to do, somewhere to go, but it is in no way produce a to the development of the plot, not to develop themselves as characters.

From the high concentration of mindless action and dialogues of the characters you can just fall in a swoon, so much.

Here for example, one of the dialogs

What was good in your husband?

- He was left-handed, according to the morning we watched the stock market, with his left hand he could write, and the right to scratch me back

- You ever meditated?

The film is ostensibly a conflict Dorothea (Annette Bening) with her son. It like there, but it is very blurred and strange on the background of all that the nonsense that is happening in the film. The characters are uninteresting and unsolved, on the course of the film, it is absolutely unclear why they are doing what do. Yes, we are provided some background 5 all characters, but again, what about them will tell you absolutely not affect the events in film not affect their behavior.

Here for example to take Abby (Greta Gerwig), a girl who is a photographer who rents a room in a Dorothy and also with cancer. Here comes to his neighbor and offers to do him a sex in this playing some strange role-playing game, more like the projection of some of its psychological trauma or fantasy. Why is it does it, what's the background to this? What was the point in that? &Nbsp;importantly, after about it is not even remember, even when this neighbor of her she gives up.

The film is, perhaps, only one thing that is clearly understood and is a topic of feminism. But the coverage of the topic is shown in some absurd scenes. For the table sat a lot of adults and a few teenagers, and Abby makes all the men and boys to say the word "menstruation", and insisting that it must be told with enthusiasm, but not because "and in the big deal". And then a teenage girl begins to tell everyone about her first menstruation and sex.

After viewing, when you begin to analyze the movie, separating some of the highlights from the whole husks, you know that the Director probably wanted to show how political and cultural changes of the time influenced 3 generations of women of the 20th century, but made it so clearly that immediately do not understand what was trends in different times and they influenced the women, besides the notorious feminist of course. Historical events of the time shows a very casual, some fleeting panels, if not know the history, then not know that then the really happened.

In General, after watching the movie, I understood the intention of the Director to make a difference for generations of women of the 20th century through the prism of their daily life, but this whole idea is buried in the immense amount of meaningless everyday scenes and dialogues. The film "women of the 20th century" not brings absolutely no value or information, nor an entertainment or aesthetic, nor an instructive, he just relentlessly pointless.

2 of 10

Elinor Nathan
12 April 2017 | 03:04

What good were those distant seventies, so it's a short distance between us in contact directly, without all modern gadgets and electronic communications, located on the arm's length or on a mattress of a common bed, looking directly in eyes or holding hands like this happens with fifteen-year-old Jamie, who is in surrounded by several women in need their attention is not less than they expect attention from him.

The conversational style of the film suggests a constant physical intimacy all characters that support almost continuous, rolling from one another conversation without hesitation and fear, surprisingly Frank and direct, allowing all its parties to experiment on their relationships and feelings handling teenager, which is the object of the experiments, and independent researcher identify the boundaries of the book theory and practice, the balance of terms and conditions, settled quietly with themselves.

River of words placed in a wide track of the deeply thoughtful script that accesses different aspects of motivational human needs, out depends on its spirituality or physiological natural biological process, not calling a shocking surprise at the directness of the questions and as don't hide the response, resulting from a perfect connection of the conversation and actions achieved the unfathomable wholeness of each character, as and evidence of all the circumstances, so or otherwise accompanying the process of mutual discovery, nearly two-hour tale of the sorrows and the joys that accompany the vicissitudes of the first, not the first not even that treated love.

Periodic change of the parties does not bother Lucas jade Sumana, given to the female owner Annette Bening, El Fanning and Greta Gerwig, not many pay attention to another man (Billy Crudup). The young man a fantastically Mature and calm, no matter how no significant had an argument with the other hand, allows the ladies to win over the others, confidently rising and holding the surface line of identity formation of a teenager, the way to which change the attitudes and the conviction of the more serious people, reflecting the consistent development of those who lives and other notices.

How long is 20th Century Women?
2h 39m
How much has 20th Century Women made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $5,663,855.
How much did it cost to make 20th Century Women?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $7,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie 20th Century Women?
This tv-show was directed by Mike Mills.
What is the genre of 20th Century Women?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best movies 2016.
What is 20th Century Women IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.3.
When was 20th Century Women released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2017-01-20.