5 to 7

The story of the passionate affair of a young writer and beautiful wife of a French diplomat living in new York. Every day for the love they have only 2 hours from five to seven.

  • Victor Levin

Release Date: 2015-02-12
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | French
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $674,579
Louisette Towill
15 February 2020 | 11:19

what if true love doesn't exist? Or everyone she once in life, as manna from heaven, God's gift, after all the vicissitudes and testing tensile strength? If so, then a look at this "gift" should be?

Mind comes up with something insanely bright, immaculate... No, not virginity in standard it a and virginity of mind, heart, a kind of detachment in the name of another.

For the first time this movie I looked far 2014 when he only went on the big screens. Being conservative the correct "child", I certainly "not accepted and not understood" all depth the drama of what is happening. A woman is found with a guy 9 years and younger than herself, being in marriage — and found it only with 5 to 7, the gullible guy blows the head of brand — "Antimorality Oh these free-thinking Europeans", I thought.

However, after reviewing pictures after 6 years and move in Europe, the film left a much deeper impression, and most of the vicissitudes of love you first need to experience to understand...

In my understanding love — in the manifestation of the fullness needs to look exactly as between the protagonists: to inspire, to give a new, totally different what a breath of freedom, alluring and intoxicating at the same time. And the same time, the sincerity and honesty, this is a loyal companions of the most of this love.

True love can change people in the best way: to motivate, to teach each other something new.

On the other hand, love — it's a partnership, work on the relations of the year year, respect, sometimes initially based only on the rapture...

in those with whom heart sank from my vanilla and sugary sweet phrases, and perhaps if you want to check eknet it or not, I advise to view.

Peerless cast, if they are not actors. Yelchin is so convincingly played the main character: direct, sincere, like it his first love and everything that happens is simply removed with a hidden camera.

Not feeling that it's all true, yeah and the relationship between all the characters deserve special attention. Oh, how much sincerity and honesty between them, even on the most unexpected moments...

10 of 10

Luelle Vtehsta
30 August 2017 | 02:08

The French, of course, well done: made the rules, was expelled from the life of lies and intrigue... commendable, but did not take into account the fact that rules and are made to break And... whatever conscious nor had a choice, Love is perceived to be not may Soul any case will lead to mean, who comfortable to sneeze her on the rules, time and the difference. What are you doing wrong place so man She anyway, it just gonna drag you to him (her) for hand the scruff, the tail there still. And all the old meaning of existence, all of accumulated life dogma will collapse to ashes!

The last conversation of the protagonist with her husband after she gave consent to her lover to change his life. And sorry! Of the two probation-worthy men, she makes a choice in favor of Love, but this Selection gives up as soon confronted with challenges. Probation-worthy, because the Husband, captured the attention of women, not able to keep busy, apparently, it is extremely "diplomatic" Affairs, Lovers, seizing the not able to pick up. Nothing real in these characters, their there! Continuous whining and disappointment life And then the end of life, will "whine" in his memoirs about how it turns out to be excruciatingly painful... If this love was really unique and unique the lives of the protagonists, they would be together. Really strong sense of not is it will expire pain in the heart, beating in hysterics in the brain, it will not allow to sleep, eat, live and work, it will force you to do something, otherwise — it is a mockery of weak characters... which in fact there is no need to watch from their dull existence. Not would even looking for one name, not mention about the content, if not... More than an affair is not all pull.

For her not a collection of moments, it is a collection of Men. And her husband a lesson, do not figure yourself to walk, at least for show, and wife to afford. It is absurd to give each other vows and give your "temple of the soul" right and left. Interestingly, in an have Time for each other? Crazy idea.

The woman always makes the choice in favor of Love, always! Otherwise, it or not woman or the Choice is not a real man or not a man at all. In General, a film about how "NOT to DO".. just the name is repulsive, but cast in the point! And it's a shame that idea perfect phrases benches spent on such mediocre stuff. And the idea of merging two cultures — excellent it could be an inexhaustible source of emotions, feelings, experiences, love... and over the simple "awareness". All not what is said I love bad ends in the movies, just a bad end in the film, as in life can only be death (maybe death feels like them), all other fantasy on the theme of "They really wanted to, but could not, but the circumstances..." bullshit as well and movies (because the movies reflect life, even allegorical, ironic, but still reflect). If the gentlemen Directors want higher ratings, I I do not tell about the reviews, then let them come up with all the same "happy end". Let them show Happiness, as they say, unhappy, we without to be able.

Janaya Surbeck
08 June 2015 | 03:48

The relations are different: sincere and gentle, sensual and passionate, secret and controversial. Agree, all of the above we saw in the movie, and in life once a hundred. In this film presents a very different format - the love of two hours in the day.

Beautiful, exciting Ariel and a young aspiring writer, not hiding any from whom, meet in five, love each other, and then break up into seven.

Bit of a sad romantic story, which, as it seems to me, is perfect for a first date, one of the best films in your lantern for the last couple of years 

8 from 10

How much has 5 to 7 made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are Cumulative Worldwide $674,579.
Who is the director of the movie 5 to 7?
This tv-show was directed by Victor Levin.
What is the genre of 5 to 7?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Who starred in 5 to 7?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Anton Yelchin, Bérénice Marlohe, David Shannon, Lambert Wilson, Amina Robinson.
What is 5 to 7 IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.1.
When was 5 to 7 released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2015-02-12.