The sudden appearance of unidentified flying objects in different parts of the world plunges the world into awe. The intentions of the aliens are not clear — the armed forces around the world is given in full combat readiness, and the best minds are trying to understand how to talk with uninvited guests. The government appealed for help to the linguist Louise banks Ian Donnelly and physics to prevent global catastrophe and to find a common language with the aliens. Now the fate of humanity is in their hands.

  • Denis Villeneuve

Release Date: 2016-11-11
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Russian | Mandarin
  • Runtime: 1h:56m
  • Budget: $47,000,000
  • Revenue: $100,501,349
Isobel Kane
16 November 2016 | 01:01

The amount of emotion after watching this piece rolls over and not to pour them out on paper is simply impossible.

This is one of the most empty, boring and meaningless movies with a claim that have a chance to watch in recent times. &Nbsp;by far the most overrated.

It bad everything from the visuals and story ending, which can be summarized in three lines.

No, I seriously, this film's plot is 3 lines of text and even this concentration it will be blank. It is not to mention of absolutely mediocre resolution of the problem of the film, which is a versatile and end up can any story. The main characters are not have done absolutely nothing: the linguistics literally said to do a theoretical physicist do for furniture the whole film stood nearby.

Body void

Void — this word is spinning in my head in viewing is not ceasing. Empty plot, empty characters, empty scene. Hide the last trying pretty perezalil all moments music. On screen happens nothing, but the hall of the bassy rumble is posted by the pumping music. In one time it is so overdone that the voice of righteous anger in my head just screamed: "Is nobody notices if you turn off trailerno Hollywood sound alarming, it will not remain absolutely nothing!". But in this point less distant was my neighbor the cinema blurted out: "Yes, where there is these sounds have them body ship?!"...

It is noteworthy that in such a deprived sense, the film managed to cram more and inciting ethnic hatred. Country except the USA shows aggressive barbarians, who, having quarreled with nothing making a stone, declare the war.

Pile up all still again. Nothing mysterious making aliens, civil scientists, designed with this to understand where I all have already seen.

Amazing in all of this is just people's reaction to this product. Positive reviews, high rating. Maybe it's the tendency of people to look for hidden meanings where can not see explicit.

1 of 10

No reason for viewing.

Lois Gaillard
27 November 2016 | 02:12

After reading the initial synopsis of the picture in the head immediately came the question: "How aliens can be associated with personal feelings of the heroine?". Quite interesting, does not it? It removed a strong sci-Fi film is not as easy as to remove real drama with fantastic overtones the more than forces for many Directors of our time. And it is worth noting that the film-makers coped with the task completely.

For those who was expecting a film a La "marvel, only then the aliens instead of super-villains" and impressive action, the picture became outright frustrating that is quite understandable. The movie was more heartfelt and personal than you would expect. To achieve this effect with a dose of action that present the blockbusters, is almost impossible. It is also would distance an adaptation of the books are unreasonably far away when it without also differs very significantly. We must pay tribute, the writers spent a painstaking and high quality grinding over the script, because the story required certain skills to make a watchable product as it consists of endless thoughts.

Since the first frame in grey tones and heavy music the Director sets the right pace picture. Slow, but it not evoking boredom. It's amazing how he manages to shackle the viewer's attention in this endless mediocrity. Introducing the heroine, linguist Louise banks, and not wearying the viewer, the picture immediately displays the master plan the arrival of our guests. And here comes the main for a typical blockbuster flaw — the absence of conflict. And any attempt to show the aggression of some countries in against the aliens are called heptapegon not able to patch up a hole in the story due to the source. But such a "useful fault" allows the picture to come out of the framework of the blockbuster, and deployed fully, how do a sci-Fi film, showing interesting science in all its glory. The entire scientific process in the film does not tired, thanks to the well played characters, which explain all the nuances of linguistics and physics. After looking at I had a genuine interest in linguistics. The film really opens your eyes to language new side and asks interesting questions, to seek answers to which is not less exciting. Rare paintings where this science plays an important role that makes the idea of the film fresh.

The more Louise understands the language of heptapods funny nickname the tin man and the Scarecrow, the do it delves into yourself. And in this respect, Villeneuve showed their skills, skillfully rastavil the basic acts and  vision by building relationship of the main character and galapogos live up to the limit. Already with the first appearance of the aliens is up to the end of the film is not feeling that katapodi came to visit Louise. So effectively illustrated their relationship.

It is worth saying that do not doterpit until the premiere, I read the short story "Story of your life" Ted Chan, on the grounds of which was filmed picture. The story I was very impressed. Due to knowledge all the charm of the idea of the denouement of the film for me had blurred, but still strong effect, and to the untrained spectator it all can become blinding insight. And I think if all unhappy viewers with the question "why...", read the story, that many would understand all the problematic nuances, which unfortunately to move from pages of a book in the screen is not possible.

Film, which starring newcomers, is not about them. It is the film is Louise banks. This fact is clearly visible in this universal panic and actions on an international scale and is not lost to credits. The film is about the inevitable. And that is why he impossibly sad.

Definitely a strong film and a unique instance among the paintings in this genre, which we indulge very rarely.

of 10 10

Linette Richart
11 November 2016 | 10:57

Danny Velnet, that the Director who gave us such films as:"Fires","the Enemy" and"Killer",used to saturate their films with different plot twists. Of film film, it would seem that,"that's predictable, that's so now will",and in the end, we hold head and can only marvel at. That this was his new creation?

Louise banks, a linguist, teaches at the prestigious University, lives alone, very few with whom, in one word nothing in her was observed, but once the earth aliens arrive and her life begins to take new meaning.

"Arrival"is a film about alien, based on the novel by Ted Chan, "the Story of your life" which will be made in the world of cinema. First, as depicted UFOs and the passengers portrayed one. There no gumanoidoobraznaya of aliens with cool spaceships that shoot laser, also not will be a green jelly-like creatures on flying saucers, everything here is much more serious and mysterious. The writers followed all the canons of dramaturgy as not to ruin at this is the source, but a message to all the same feel, although this is Eric Heisserer wrote not say that brilliant. Although as seen with a good hand because the writer almost always writes to the studios, the fantastic. In short, the plot is clear, but watch undivided attention, so as any detail that we will be shown has a direct relationship to that occurs in film what will happen in this whole Vilnev, symbols his main instrument.

Can not good operator installation. Amazing shot dialogues, monologues and design inherent in the film, great transitions and well-built frames pleasing to the eye.

The cast is just great. Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forrest Whitaker played very solid, the secondary actors are also working effectively in film I think not desired character, everyone who we are shown something or someone is.

This picture is on my opinion one of the best of the year, the true fans will appreciate the dignity. The film is something like "interstellar" Nolan and"Contact" Zemeckis, but he original. All who is waiting for the slaughter. that will be disappointed, there is much more complicated and interesting.

And finally, I want to say thank you to the creators, in the last time a movie was transformed into a way to earn money, best-selling books rendered as rides, under the slogan "impressive, but not effective",science-fiction-become a love story. And Vilnev came and said,"no, us another movie".

How long is Arrival?
2h 36m
How much has Arrival made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $100,501,349.
How much did it cost to make Arrival?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $47,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Arrival?
This tv-show was directed by Denis Villeneuve.
What is the genre of Arrival?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Best movies 2016, Best Drama Movies 2016, Best Family Movies 2016, Best Thriller Movies 2016, Best Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies 2016.
Who starred in Arrival?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mark O'Brien.
What is Arrival IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was Arrival released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-11-11.