Nocturnal Animals

At Susan's luxurious life in Los Angeles, a wonderful husband and a private gallery. But one day she receives an unexpected package from a former spouse — he would like to meet, but first he asks to read his new novel. Susan suspects that as soon as she opens the manuscript, it will come back in the past, which is thought to be securely sheltered under the cover of night.

  • Tom Ford

Release Date: 2016-12-09
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:56m
  • Budget: $22,500,000
  • Revenue: $10,639,114
Alix French
22 October 2018 | 04:50

Male — getter, a man — the hunter, the man — the head of the family, and, if need be, old man — a warrior. Men a priori have to be strong. And what if a man — an ordinary man who is afraid for your life? What if he shy in the face of danger, what if he's members numb in the face of human cruelty, the human dirt? What if a man — weak in spirit? Does it in this case, the right to life?

Austin Wright and Tom Ford the book and the film respectively ask this question, detailing the problem of impotency and helplessness of human weakness in General. From the Director of the acclaimed at time and something is definitely notorious "Lonely man", the result is extremely acute. In its Arsenal of accurate and solid characters, the plot of the guillotine falls on the neck of the viewer. The authors of "Nocturnal animals" is not have no the slightest pity or to his characters, nor to the witnesses. No one happy, bright image in the picture is Tom Ford, you will not find. No wonder the name appears so sharp and certainly has a negative connotation note —  the"animals". In each storyline the creators to your pet ruthless. Moreover, Ford is on a very hackneyed for genre a Hollywood movie in a whole path: it aims to shock its audience, and while searching for beauty in the darkness, the pain and the darkness. And admittedly, the result is a full and stylish. In some measure the author proves that the tragedy cruel retribution is not less beauty than in the rays of happiness and joy.

Another meaning of tectonic plate ribbon — the theme of retribution and revenge. It is noteworthy that we witness a series of boomerangs that overtake nearly every character. Handsome husband Susan — Hatton — close bankruptcy and represents a lie and a betrayal. Police Lieutenant, brilliantly performed by Michael Shannon, with death has no friends, no friends. All his life — it is the work for machine it detects of harmony and justice in the connection than — out for blood. Susan herself is living in an unhappy marriage and can not realize their creative ambitions. Writer Tommy — the weakling, the man without a stud, at which this reason has developed a huge complex that affected the pages of the new novel. Young inglorious bastards and the newly-born family of the writer — the owners even more tragic fates.

It is the world Tom Ford. Even Go-Go dancers in it is ugly and the woman has to wait in vain on a date, who loves her life. He will not come, Susan, I'm sorry. In anything the train left.

Shandy Jammin
17 December 2019 | 08:20

I never wanted to go to the movie "Under cover of night", I don't really liked the trailer and the description, but after reading a number of positive reviews, I blown went to the nearby cinema almost not the last week of showing this movie.

The main character Susan — what a refined lady of middle age of high society. Have it seems all there. Susan secured, loved and busy uncommon in the gallery of modern art, the she is personable, handsome husband and beautiful already an adult daughter, Yes, and she Susan not deprived of external data. However, it is not all her life is going well, I feel that she slipping something important, something gnaws inside. The loss of meaning in work the family would write on the crisis of middle age, but suddenly, Susan comes to sending a novel ex-husband Edward with a very tough history. History, of course, fictional, but Parallels relationship of Susan and Edward are very clear, and at some point righteousness in the same problem the main character.

This film is very difficult psychologically and emotionally, sometimes quite cruel and ruthless, but it I liked it. He shot by designer Tom Ford, who, of course, knows about the hand based in the design of visuals used exactly modern art. It is especially shocking in the beginning, I do not know how to respond what happened on the screen the first five minutes. It turned out that is part of the performance, which satisfied Susan. I like that. throughout the film a sense of style. It difficult beyond description, it is just is, and, by the way, in the films are found not so often. The film is nonlinear, the events take place in the past and also the book, which reads Susan, but removed all so that all clear.

I liked the actors. I recently discovered Amy Adams, who played the role of Susan. By the way, surprisingly, the actress has already 40 years, her extensive filmography, and I then any movies with her participation before little was caught, but if I her attention turned and then I looked almost in a row three recent film with her participation, and in all three I noted it as a decent actress. Here she also plays great as yourself forty, so and twenty years in the flashbacks. In General, Amy Adams has a charm, it draws attention, it the heroine is naturally complex it is both a feminine vulnerability and giddiness and the male hardness and strength of character. Susan is perfect, she makes mistakes, sometimes does very bad things, but I felt realized, even as internal and not very consonant with her choice. Jake Gyllenhaal to me too this film very much. Have him as I think the role is more difficult, at least, a degree of emotional discomfort and the depth of the experiences of its hero, Edward, much more than Susan's.

What the movie "Under cover of night"? I think he first things that are very difficult, if not impossible, to forgive, but also revenge. Yes, very much is being said about that it is necessary to forgive and to let go of and not carry with them the resentment and anger, not to retaliate, because revenge acts damaging not only to whom revenge, but and those of revenge. But sometimes things happen that are not understand how can be forgiven. And here to Edward this situation, it outlines his feelings in a metaphorical form in the book and gives read Susan, which in turn draws Parallels between fictional and real worlds, and her overwhelming guilt. She hopes not all lost it still can to justify that it can forgive, but no, this book was revenge of Edward.

In General, I think "Under cover of night" is a very worthy motion picture, emotional, hard, interesting visually and story, with ideas on which I want to speculate. Recommend.

Aubry Caresa
30 November 2016 | 10:45

From the very first frame of the movie, and this caption in the style of paintings by Rubens and Titian, you ask yourself: "What am I wanna see?" Not worry remind yourself that Tom Ford not so long ago became a film Director, and considerable time was part of the fashion industry. In 1990 hit the fashion house Gucci, a 15 years have created their own fashion brand — "Tom Ford".

Film debut of renowned designer was the picture "a single man" with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore in 2009. The film received positive reviews from film critics, awards at the Venice film festival and British Academy awards. For the role of homosexual George, suffering the loss of her beloved husband Colin Firth was nominated for the Oscar.

"Under cover of night": the story

The plot is "Under cover of night" taken Austin Wright's novel "Tony and Susan". This story of the female social climber, Susan, staying in a state of depression that violates (or exacerbates) sent ex-husband Roman. They broke up 19 years ago, he was her first love. And here, Edward sends his novel, which was dedicated to her. On the duration of the film we watching draws a parallel between the events in the book she read and relations with ex-husband of nineteen years old.

You can see how their relations as the lights went. At this in his novel, Edward shows Susan that he blames himself and understand why I lost her.

the Characteristic features of the films Tom Ford

And although That Ford made only two film and "Nocturnal Animals" (Under cover of night), you may notice some similarities between them that distinguish the films of this Director. Thanks to them you can understand what to expect from a new drama of this Director.

the Idea of sodomy

Let's start with that under the sodomy in modern society to understand different things. Someone referred to this notion of various kinds of homosexual sex, but someone, for example, intercourse with animals. There is a perception that is gaining momentum so called "the ideology of sodomy" for which strongly promoted homosexuality. People that distribute key canons of, adhere to the idea that homosexuality is not only should be promoted, but and show his supporters respect.

Despite that the Russians refer to this idea with skepticism, in liberal American society, homosexuality is already has become the norm. It is not surprising that this ideology is evident cinema — in and the films of Ford.

Let's start with that Tom Ford, as not rarely inherent in the designers, is openly gay. He is married a man who raise children. Therefore, possibly not intentionally, but the idea that in such a relationship, there is nothing strange, always glimpsed in his paintings. In the center of the story "the Lonely man" is on the relationship of homosexuals, their experiences views the world. And although the plot of the movie "Under cover of night" includes the relationship of men and women, to be precise — the feelings of a woman, without touching the topic of homosexuality is not done. We often learn about that another actor was seen with another man, although it has a legal wife. And then ask the question: "How can a woman live with a man, knowing that it — gay"? In his new film, Ford tried to answer this problem one of characters of the film, making this mildly gallant.

Connoisseur red nymphs

In his debut film of the famous designer and the Director has shown the love and spiritual weakness to the owners of red head of hair, selecting on the role of close friend and friendly support "the lonely man" the spectacular actress — Julianne Moore.

In the second film, Ford decided not to waste time on trifles, so picture "Under cover of darkness" provided us with four fire nymphs, with Amy Adams in the lead role.

The main role in the film accidentally got the actress recently won us playing the movie "the Arrival". In an interview for GQ magazine Ford said that "she's almost the only actress who can play only with the eyes". Well, since almost probably had candidates, and perhaps it was the color of her hair did the trick.

Although, to be honest, Adams — the diamond of American cinema. So pungent, strong, but the same time vulnerable it appeared in the film Ford. Careerist, who dissatisfied with their work same introducing her into a state of despondency and depression. This look is absolutely not associated with her quirky and gentle linguistics in  the"Arrival". On over view it was impossible to tear from her sight. She really communicated with her eyes, especially in the joint romantic scenes with actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Another actress — red-haired beast, familiar to us for the films "confessions of a Shopaholic", "the Illusion of deception" "Spies at the door"- appeared before us in brand new her image in the film by Tom Ford. Isla Fisher played a very dramatic (which for her is unusual) role — the mother, in every way protecting their daughter. It completely updated Islay. Ayla, who cries, and not laughing. Ayla, you want to protect.

the Weak and vulnerable men

In the films of Ford men — weak creatures, capable of error. For him tend to show their vulnerability experience. Cancer, death of a loved one, a meaningless existence — this affects the male characters of his AMD. At this time the role of the survivors of the tragedy of the men went to Jake Gyllenhaal. It is known the films "Brokeback mountain," for which was nominated for the Oscar, the "Source code " "zodiac". In the drama "Under cover of night," he actually plays two role — former husband of Susan and the main character of the book she reads. In this painting can be seen acting the "range" of Gyllenhaal. Over 2 hours of cinema he showed anger, happiness, sadness, love, thirst, vengeance and fear. Strong the strong role of the actor.

beautiful scenery

A peculiar feature films Tom Ford became chic decor. Beautiful scenery, rich in villas, expensive cars. Yes, all this is. But that hides them? The sadness and longing of their respective owners. Its characters like to shout at us screens: "a Beautiful life — not a synonym for "happy." And the film — proof.

Turn around! See what have ask the main question: "It makes you happy? And what can you do?" Responding to him, do everything so as not to lose at least chance to get happiness.

How long is Nocturnal Animals?
2h 36m
How much has Nocturnal Animals made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $10,639,114.
How much did it cost to make Nocturnal Animals?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $22,500,000.
Who is the director of the movie Nocturnal Animals?
This tv-show was directed by Tom Ford.
What is the genre of Nocturnal Animals?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Best movies 2016, Best Thriller Movies 2016.
Who starred in Nocturnal Animals?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher.
What is Nocturnal Animals IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Nocturnal Animals released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-12-09.