La La Land

It's a love story starlet, who between auditions takes the coffee held movie stars, and fanatical jazz musician, forced to earn money in seedy bars. But having come to love the success starts to undermine their relationship.

  • Damien Chazelle

Release Date: 2016-12-25
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:08m
  • Budget: $30,000,000
  • Revenue: $151,058,124
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Eolande Toulon
08 February 2020 | 04:54

I feel that go the blade of a knife, even stronger than when abused movies, recognized the imperishable classics. But I can do if the film, which is not was like many of my environment, personally, I loved? At this definitely can say that never he considered himself a fan of musicals, and most of the love dramas watched through his teeth. But this film has a set of aspects, in which he was highly appreciated and grabbed a large number of awards. Their praises I do not seek someone to call "nothing having the movie," just want to justify their opinion.

One of important advantages of the picture is the Director. Damien Shazell, who directed one of my favorite musical films, "Obsession" in spite of their relatively young age, has shown that with the proper scope it can give a good picture. The Director pays tribute to the classics of the 60's, making regular reference to the "caribou" "singin rain", showing a wall with image, Marilyn Monroe Charlie Chaplin. There is also a place for jazz, when one of the main characters — pianist addiction specified musical direction, and one of the scenes takes place in the famous club "The Lighthouse Cafe". Game with color, camera techniques, mounting technique of transition in the form of a circle — it is a reminder of times when grass was greener and now that the grass is sickly rushing, judging by the Hollywood production.

The plot is simple as a children's story, commonplace as the episode after "Time", as mundane as the Crimea in the summer — and same time attractive. He — a simple pianist fend labanim keys where no hitting, dreaming a jazz club. She wants to become an actress, but all still listening to turn to nothing when the producers don't even eyes from their smartphone. Will regular meetings they gradually approach each other and here are a couple of ambitious dreamers are ready. For them "love, relationships and the case of the cherubim" is the same a simple thing like in the film "500 days of summer", here is only it turns out that came to success begins to sway a house of cards their happiness.

And before to continue the story, I want to highlight the main complaint of the majority of the audience to the film — long story, wrapped in the rind of the musical genre, rather hackneyed. Here this claim personally, I belong to that first we have to consider with two parties, then no blank wall without loopholes I noted "Game" David Fincher. In many negative reviews I came across the argument "ruin relationships, exchanged happiness on success, lethal". The film has a subtext, but no no way claim the art house. Two hours of duration, divided into four parts, symbolizing the stages of character development, at this script cleverly puts the viewer of the single stage the other. About the phrase "ruined happiness." The audience, brought up on cloying melodrama, will criticize the painting for that the characters have nothing happens. But personally me this film about the victim. About the price they have to pay for your happiness. And the characters themselves are aware that they are waiting for change, here is only the gradual destruction of their connection itself becomes for them a surprise. Helps to feel the situation and acting potential of the Duo Ryan Gosling and Emma stone.

Garter under musical. And this claim even by cash. It's funny that because of the claim to detail of the musical the audience is not could see the charm of the picture. It in cartoons, Disney songs seem to be more than an element, of course, if heroes are just so took singing. Here I have nothing to show, the item song combined with the game color and camera work. And notice is not only scenes, songs, the whole movie uses a particular feature of the camera to notice the trick of the moment — scene one take, focus on the center, the color transitions... stone and Gosling are not are born singers and dancers, but their movements with a distinctive appeal. Also the name "La La land" is a hint of "land of dreams", in which wants to get the heroes, but experiencing a harsh reality. Rather, the film is a musical film than a musical, the soundtrack melodic and numbers "City of the Stars", "Lovely Night", "Another Day of Sun" for a long time engraved in your memory.

Again, I'm not that people, interested in movies of this genre, but like me if this reel took some other Director, the picture would prohodnyakom and was ejected. And so, given a surge of creative teams, generated after the premiere, we can safely say that the Damien Chazelle has potential, and while maintaining the pace can get a sort of cockpit from the world of musical films.

I want to finish a few ironic thinking about the embarrassment that occurred on ceremony "Oscar". Though the film Chazelle and raised 6 from 14, trouble with the nomination of "Best film" can be called epitaph. Now developing what trend all "downtrodden layers of humanity" — hence generated all these "Moonlight", "Captain marvel" and numerous statements from defenders of the rights of someone there. And the era of good movie fade. "La La land" paying homage to the classics, not was the nail in the coffin of the greatness of cinema. It can cause an example of how the dead man placed in this coffin. Even a pet cemetery not will return to its former vitality.

Kerry Sajovich
23 October 2017 | 03:33

This film is intended, apparently, for lovers "unreal the number of Director's and operator finds, significant work with lighting, compositions, frames, transmission of emotions through the color contrast, etc." For all others, for example, insufficient refined connoisseurs — it's just thrown out 2 hours life; standing in front of questions: "why am I went?"; assessment in a "freaky shit"; perplexing for about the mega hype press, as "it's" was able to collect countless awards? Just left to wonder rare universal insanity, which was accompanied by the appearance of this film. Certainly the advertising budget was just very large and it had to work.

I think that will not be far from the truth, claiming that at least 90% of the audience who bought tickets primarily came for positive emotions and have a nice time, but not the purpose to do a detailed analysis, at least five key criteria. And in the result? A complete disappointment. The film does not give reason to think. It do not want to see another time. It would not advise you to look at other (well, except that only the enemy). The film is not leaves simply nothing... well, with the exception of the desire to write a negative review...

Suzann Wessling
15 January 2017 | 07:13

"La La Land", a Movie picture of Damien Chazelle, in fact the second of his full-scale project. Despite the indicated "bar" himself, making his debut in 2013 painting, "Obsession", which was warmly accepted by the audience as and critics, winning up to heap 3 categories for Oscars, could not only to keep this bar, but and "raise it". Now, Damien wins with his new painting in all categories which took part in the Golden globe and with her picture takes 7 awards that this is a record movie award for all the years, with all the chance to the upcoming Oscars in many categories, and for best picture of 2016.

The musical is a consequence of the development of American and European operettas, to change the established canons and traditions, the expansion of the boundaries of expressive means and their effectiveness. This genre has been very popular in the second half of the twentieth century, but with the advent of a new cinematic era "special effects" to unfortunately almost extinct. But despite the fact that today, the vast majority of people this genre is not particularly and interesting, Damien of Sazell picks the two most suitable for the story of the actors and creates something amazing.

After viewing, it is simply impossible to imagine this picture the execution of the main roles, the other actors, because it has been noticed that Ryan Emma in place to create a space charisma. What music-wise, probably like I haven't seen, it is not only the music is impressive, but and the voice of Rayna and Emma. Despite what to hire so it was moved to remove the original voice actors entirely, duplicating them in musical moments let the subtitles, which is very handy. Worthy of mention that each frame of the movie bears a rich color palette, the mood in advanced than certainly the merit of the whole team who worked on this picture from costumers to operator.

The film, as should be a good painting captivates with the first minute losing your courage up to the last seconds. The plot despite that in this genre are welcome simple love storyline, asks viewers some questions, revealing some multifaceted issues and the complexity of the realization of human ambitions and love relationships a priori. And makes it very well, so as complicating the plot in terms of dramatization, you could lose this a thin string kind and fabulous, but still and realistic story.

After looking at feel it over-the-top sense of enthusiasm and vitality. Coming out of theater the way home wondering why people around are so gloomy, I thought would be great if all people on the planet once saw the film, and enter the place is in early paintings, the second would be stopped wiping with face sullen faces, forgetting about your cares and problems.

MIA — But if people don't like that ?

Sebastian — Spit !

How long is La La Land?
How much has La La Land made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $151,058,124.
How much did it cost to make La La Land?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $30,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie La La Land?
This tv-show was directed by Damien Chazelle.
What is the genre of La La Land?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Music, Best movies 2016, Best Drama Movies 2016, Best Family Movies 2016, Best Musical Movies 2016, Best Romance Movies 2016.
Who starred in La La Land?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Amiée Conn, Terry Walters, Thom Shelton.
What is La La Land IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 8.
When was La La Land released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-12-25.