I, Daniel Blake

Daniel Blake — recently widowed childless worker due to health problems lost the last thing he had — the ability to earn a living. Blake is forced to seek help from the state and apply for benefits. It turns out that it was for an elderly man is not easier than to prove Fermat's theorem: the application process is fully automated, and Blake had never held in his hands, no smartphone, no mouse — only a hammer.

  • Ken Loach
  • Laura Obiols

Release Date: 2021-04-20
IMDb icon 7.9/10
  • Country: BE, FR, GB
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:40m
  • Revenue: $258,168
Germaine Lottie
28 October 2016 | 10:44

How to deal with bureaucracy? Is it possible? Is it necessary? How to not lose at this itself?

In order to answer on these questions, for starters, you need to understand the value of this concept. It seems definition the fact that is usually the word carries a negative message, and many so familiar. However, just released the screen the picture of Ken Loach "I, Daniel Blake" mercilessly rips the veils, gives a panoramic view and if you enough emotional, offers the chance to experience a collision with a shameless face of the current bureaucracy.

The main character, Dan Blake, 59ти flight carpenter, the reasons health, can work, but the fire of passion for work all the same burns his eyes. Deprived of the opportunity to earn the usual way, it is trying to benefit from health state. On his way there detached from the common sense robotic voice, a big man with white blank eyes, and finally the Internet, in networks of which the hero gets caught eventually.

Common trouble unites and brings together. After one of the visits about the benefits, Blake to meet Katie, a single mother of two children, like him tolerate disregard for state agencies to work citizens. Sometimes it comes to the absurd: someone who understands "hover" absolutely literally forced to seek work in online — otherwise, sanctions, or wait for a message on the decision the phone, which came in writing.

The role of the protagonist performed a stand-up comedian Dave Jones, and I have to say, the role of good-natured hardworking with experience has given it is excellent. In fact, externally, Dan failure cheap rags, which have to sell the furniture of the house for food. But in essence, Blake is a voice, crying that you cannot change yourself, to always fight, not to SAG. In the beginning, he toiling, pounding eardrums employees, refusing to accept the victory of capitalism and bureaucracy, but reaching a climax, breaks down and stalls in the depths of the millions of people who refused to minds.

Katie, on the other hand, is trying to "spin", to survive, to put up with system, well and yet? From her children depend. Transcends himself, spits on the ego, to give children food, clothes, a future. She is an alternative to Blake's position: "No, well, live as as it is necessary" (C). That there is little to change priorities and views life to be conflict system.

In there no striking effects, no music that captures the imagination, because loach reveals the truth, encourages to look at the imperfection of the current regime, often to remind the state that each citizen — first person, and deserves to be treated with respect. Albeit not by way of Blake.

Humor from Dave Jones dilutes the tragedy, shows that even if this pressure pitch of injustice and seemingly no way out, need a laugh, because there is life without joy smiles.

Traced hints dystopia that I am personally very much pleased: we will see a system of some social bodies, where the programmed robot, if the slightest deviation from the paper standards that applied people are asked to leave the premises, and "broken" workers who want to really help, they are driving "the conversation" in the office.

If you ever been starting at myself area, riding of Textile workers, paid a fee, Yes. even just standing in line for the STATE. Services and didn't get it, then go movie watch this movie.

Maure Jac
03 November 2016 | 07:01

Black screen, credits, and a male voice, with obvious reluctance, answering questions health worker — starts the story of Daniel Blake, a worker who survived a heart attack and vainly trying to benefit from disability.

Surprisingly, this acute story of the real European problem is not sounds Russia — in a country where the vast majority has to fight for providing all kinds of benefits and benefits, where the mentality has been formed in such a way that everyone feels obliged a little to fool the state, which is a little deceiving you. Noble impulses of Daniel look a little strange, but his ordeal does not cause actual sympathy — Yes, sorry, Yes, it difficult, but tears all not squeezed in the end of the day, a resident of a backward third world country after seeing this film, was would not at all shocked by the fact that Daniel has his house and a lot of nice clothes, and we are surprised that our naive woodworker not can humbly answer a couple of dozen of questions required for obtaining benefits. Suffering the same Kathy — offended government (and social workers), which Daniel helps to the whole picture — it was quite possible to believe exactly to the moment, while she started to complain that in a two-story house provided by her at public expense, cold and electricity problems.

And, it would seem that loach speaks about the right thing — about mutual support, about how to always remain human, and not a soulless cog in the system, goodness, finally — about the fate of the little man, but speaks to such a naive faith in the possibility of ideal that looks what is happening is somewhat far-fetched and biased.

From an artistic point of view, the film is unlikely to be surprised by something: all the moves in advance is obvious, the action is standard, and classic this kind of pictures the ending is quite predictable and too pathetic. New horizons open managed — remove a European flavor Yes computers, the film will be not to be distinguished from all like him condemning the bureaucracy, brutality and many more. Noticeable, incidentally, that some of the characters played actors — their the game felt that stiffness, on the contrary, excessive promiscuity and affectation, it is appropriate to the General mood of the movie, loudly proclaiming that Daniel killed only the state and nothing more. For to bring this idea is used all the funds, but at some point they become too much, and quite realistic picture becomes an average collection of bed and tribulations of ordinary and defenseless people.

In General, while film in the box office, go to it is — on the background of some of the other paintings in October-November it looks very advantageous and itself to myself is also good. However, resting on the broad shelf of classic dramas on the theme of bureaucracy, humanity and all, it only took pride of place as one of many claim something more.

6 from 10

Beitris Iman
28 October 2016 | 09:07

In Russian cinemas launched the British film, which won the Palme d'or at the Cannes film festival for 2016. The jury's choice, some violently contested, other strongly supported. Who right? Who is to blame? What to do and other, purely Russian questions asked by this film.

Daniel Blake — experienced, pleasant, a man of retirement age, just who survived a severe heart beat. Being a carpenter with experience, he receives the doctor strict instructions to refrain from work. He seeks help with the purpose to benefit of health, not knowing the mechanism of bureaucracy in the delivery of Finance to sick people. You can not work, the benefit can not be obtained, but I want to eat everything stronger.

Is time to say — the main claim which may arise, yeah and actually incurred by many, to this honest, sad and old-fashioned film is that the movie is very very simple. Trolling film with experience, based on that say eyes from Bergman zero palm branches, and Ken Loach (the Director of "Daniel Blake", in the last June celebrated 80 years) have two and honest just compare Ken Loach with Tarkovsky and Bergman — all the same what to compare a sandwich with sausage, with foie Gras with berry sauce — two different things. Yes, of course, Cannes is focused more on the search for new words in the movie, new film language, and not high-quality dramas on the poor people. In this sense, the film is designed in more Oscar format, rather than the festival. But it is rather the claim to a jury, and not the Director, which, like its character, the business performs honestly.

The film is really very close to the Russian classics, showcasing MUK man with extremely limited financial resources, and if easier with the poor, a favorite theme and Gorky, and Dostoevsky. Here and the hero of the movie name which proudly made in name — a man. It is not that would be poor, but very close to it. To guide you only after completing a series of obscure papers with doubtful questions, something like "can you raise your hand that would put something in the top pocket", and also taking the test on computer and computer (an old man of the old school) at the character is very complicated relationship. Nasty music on the answering machine of the desired character of a company plays more than a half hour, "during this time, you can watch the match!" — resents Blake. The queue for free food long, help is not wait no from anyone.

This is the story of a strong person who reached out a helping hand and received her spittle. A slap on the state of which man is only a cog in the machine of economy, a slap from indifferent citizens (roommate Blake, a young African American, successfully leading business on speculation of Chinese shoes), without rights to wipe his outstretched palm and ask times. Why is this history is relevant for Russia of 2016, let's leave to solve everyone personally.

Maybe it's movie do somewhere corny, maybe sometimes it and out of tune (say, the scene with a jar of canned — clearly overkill), and can cost to award it but Verhoeven, Jarmusch, Almodovar and other geniuses. But I swear when the social worker tells Blake that "he needs to find a job despite that the doctor he is banned look, he should not order to find and because it's necessary" all of a sudden everything you begin to understand about the world around you about yourself. About themselves especially.

How long is I, Daniel Blake?
2h 20m
How much has I, Daniel Blake made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $258,168.
Who is the director of the movie I, Daniel Blake?
This tv-show was directed by Ken Loach, Laura Obiols.
What is the genre of I, Daniel Blake?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Drama, Palme d’Or winners Movies.
Who starred in I, Daniel Blake?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dave Johns, Hayley Squires, Briana Shann, Sharon Percy, Shaun Prendergast.
What is I, Daniel Blake IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.9.
When was I, Daniel Blake released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016.