Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy

Colony "the Sprawl" out from under the oppressive control of the Corporation "Weyland international". The de facto head of the prison became the local king of prisoners Frankenstein, which confirms its power by victories in a deadly race. Agent "Weyland" Connor enters the prison to overthrow Frankenstein, ahead of him in the most brutal races in the world.

  • Don Michael Paul

Release Date: 2018-01-30
IMDb icon 5.2/10
  • Country: BG, US
  • Runtime: 1h:51m
Merrile Marcellina
06 September 2019 | 02:10

In 2008, the year notable good action movies on a futuristic theme Gender W. P. Anderson has released his latest painting "death race", which became in turn a remake of the tape "death race 2000" (1975) with David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone in the lead roles. "Death race" Anderson was well received by the audience, though, and showed strong results in commercial terms. However, this fact does not prevent the studios, engaged in production of so called mockbusters quickly turn death race in long-running franchise, however, it later the movies came out in the format of "direct-to-video", bypassing cinemas. And that surprising mockbusters "death race 2: Frankenstein alive" (2010) and "death race 3: Inferno" (2013) with Luke Goss in the lead role was quite watchable in the framework of the low-budget format ($7 million and 6,5 spent on production, respectively). And clear that the company "Moonlighting Films" decided to not stop.

This time in the world of "death race" the action takes place on the background of massive changes in world social and political order. Poverty and, as a consequence, crime is growing as in yeast, the planet looks as if it's global Apocalypse that various gangs lurking at dark corners, looking for those who can to profit and human life is a penny. And multiple winner ill show "death race" in the nickname Frankenstein created something to sort of mini-state anarchist wing where the main entertainment times are the the most brutal competition. And the idea, many would refused participate in the massacre, but for winning the race set a tempting prize — who will win will take the place of Frankenstein, and hence power and women control territory, yeah and the struggle for survival is facilitated in times. And here in this troubled time on the threshold of a conditional state of Frankenstein is one of the name Connor Gibson, ready to challenge the undefeated...

Sounds like the plot preview seems to be good anyone with imagination and faced with movie genre post-apocalyptic Thriller can easily imagine the surroundings of a picture that is as similar as possible with such classics as "Mad Max" or, say, "Judge Dredd", but it possible a number of the identical genre movies you can think of. Yes that only in the fourth "Deadly race" is clearly illogical nuances. For example, everywhere with all sides reigns a global crisis, but food the water is somehow extracted, gasoline for cars is available, clothes too, yeah and guns everywhere, like a heads it. Where it come from — unknown, but even the pubs drink is served, in General, the chaos and devastation not such scary as we try to present to "death race 4: Out of anarchy". Yes, the time of all men as the selection tight and pumped, and women are attractive, shapely and loose — already hackneyed stereotype, from which have long been crammed nauseam. It is a pity that screenwriter Tony Giglio, begins with a pretty good tape of "U-429: Underwater prison" (2003) and "Chaos" (2005) slipped to frankly second-rate movie, zamechena on the pitch of plagiarism.

Plagiarism — it's all beach "death race 4: Out of anarchy". On the surface are lapped templates "Apocalypse now" (1979) and"the Running man" (1987). With easy to review and the above mentioned "Mad max" (1979) and"Judge Dredd" (1995). And if the script is well crafted, the characters are written with care and in the plot there was a logical framework enclosed in the concept of genre, it would be an explosive cocktail, and turned outright concoctions infused with that was at hand, if only his eyes fill. The character of the protagonist in the performance of the con of McGowan pales his klishirovannyh even on the background of the character of another actor tapes category "B" Luke Goss, who played the main character in the second and third parts. And that Jason Statham was more beautiful than them both taken together and say not necessary. Danny Glover and Danny Trejo certainly looks more interesting than homogeneous, static, emotionless con McGowan. But still the career of Danny Glover noticeably went on the decline after the "Lethal weapon", even though he still tried to flounder, but reached that's such a low-quality consumer goods, although the fourth "death race" on the head looks better than, say, the delirium under the name "Andron — Black labyrinth (2015)". And Danny Trejo — Danny Trejo, even though he from Rodriguez will be shot, at least in "direct-to-video".

In General, is absolutely clear that we started with the title "death race" came to its sad end, which, in General, it was expected. Not have the fifth part, it is time to stop all the dross that you can imagine in a bad movie clearly showed in your own teracol. Watch it makes no sense, only ardent fans of the franchise, yeah and they have beware — can be very disappointed.

3 of the 10

Jessamine Froehlich
22 February 2018 | 09:45

In 2008, the world saw the picture of Paul Anderson's "death race" (taken from based on "Deadly race 2000" with David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone). There hero Jason Statema toured in the mask of Frankenstein, the harsh realities of the modern prison, which was itself entirely a race track where the losers were out of the race for eternity... the Film was released on truly dynamic and rich in textured characters, so all the thrill-seekers think happy.

Over the next five years have two optional continue straight to video fact is a prequel to the events of the first film. At all apparent secondary and discomycetes, they managed to preserve the atmosphere of the crazy races of the original, and according to the story content and at all (as it is not strange sounds) to outdo the first film. Yes Yes, the plot is there were the strongest and the final third part put in bold and spectacular, but all that is a logical point in the universe of Frankenstein.

Thus the emergence of "death race 4: Out of anarchy" was initially dubious of the idea, but the example of the previous parts gave understand that if you did not initially expect the film much, it still capable of surprising. So that before viewing, it is desirable not to inflate the bar.

We immediately show that the global economic crisis will not here, but the Corporation "Weyland international" lost control of his prison, a huge area which turned into a self-sufficient autonomy with its own army of thugs. The leader of this pack of bandits was certainly Frankenstein, a longtime winner of their main entertainment — death race. The arbitrariness of the latter pushes the Corporation to attempt to eliminate the threat. Participation in the race has to be earned after selection in the deadly battle. We will present the newcomer with vague motivation, the aim of which is participation in the race how not to hard to guess he got it.

Immediately catches the eye the image of a new Frankenstein, which is very far from the previous parts. Some comic he gives a ridiculous mask (different from the original), which, coupled with a full head of hair creates a stable visual impression that before us a "Predator", and not a mad racer. Well as expected to the films in this category, all technical the acting flaws are abundantly overlapped by the abundance of nudity and violence, which are well, very much. The final at this time was more predictable and straightforward.

The cast is expected not ambitious, in place Frederick Kohler, the only one who played in all four parts. Zach McGowan silent and hard, but as I don't quite charismatic in this role. Danny Glover is not bad and that is its namesake, which Trejo, movie plot and not need, but on-screen-time veteran of the show the spoils. Colorful, but fleeting images of daring racers, too, not leave your views.

Despite all of the above, a picture with its entertainment needs, the dynamics and the atmosphere of futuristic mayhem in the place, the noise motor the exhaust fumes also will not disappear. Times a deadly race, then and death eyeballs. However the timing is a little tightened, and comprehensive road matches will commence only towards the end. In General, the film is for a niche not bad, and representatives of such genre now are very rare.

So once again, if not expect the film much, to while away the evening under it is quite possible.

6 from 10

Noelle Gerdi
07 October 2018 | 10:25

Oh, the world "Fatal racing". The economy is in the doldrums, the penitentiary turned into a platform for a deadly reality show. However this time same the Corporation "Wayland", it seems, sat in a puddle: Frankenstein, the legendary racer, was the leader in their prison and set in her own rules. The winner of the "restarted" Deadly Race by changing the rules. The boss is a cunning measure to regain power, and meanwhile, a young and ambitious prisoner is challenging the very king of the cavalry of death...

Yeah, in addition to "Out of anarchy," series "Fatal racing" and so full of controversial content. Movie Paul S. Anderson's 2008 year was a remake of the sick fantasies of Roger Corman, and even got prequels released by bypassing the theatrical release. The action "Out of anarchy" already occurs chronologically after the first film, only here much sense it assumes: all the franchise is incredibly niche and this particular project was created, apparently, for the few fans that has this series. What well, I guess those most fans will be happy, because "Out of anarchy," plays on the senses, must have any fan, using a clever twist with a favorite — nobody.

The script has undergone changes with times the previous films of"Deadly race". In previous projects the main character was Frankenstein, forced to participate in competition death. In period of time, represented in "Out of Anarchy," the prison is still functioning, Frankenstein participates in the race, but when it presents, rather, an antagonist. The right of driver-champion of the man in the mask controls a cruel society inside the prison scenes. This causes two curious elements. First, a series of "death race" at this, the fourth part is removed from the prototypes, becoming a sort of copy of "Escape from new York", especially experimenting with the subject of a separate urban district, where ruled by criminals, punks. The hero is is a tough lone wolf who sends the government on a job inside that enhances the resemblance. Secondly, Frankenstein can be removed from narrative, not to build around it the plot in further, that, of course, unties the hands of the writers, especially if the producers want to ponadelat more sequels.

Perhaps it can enhance the experience, especially when you consider that kvadrikvel full of very interesting opening scenes. The world, which was built by the film crew, really hard, filled with some trash dressed in leather, spikes and helmets, any girl is sure a hooker or stripper. Alas, in the end, the attempt to set a kind of style completely fade. Very mixed impressions as causing this choice of design and heroes from scenario. It seems that neither the cruelty of the world in General, nor the reincarnation of Frankenstein, bad guy of the film does not comment.

History whose the inevitable outcome is clear almost not the first scenes, and style felt smart or creative. Hard R-rating is bordered by the vulgarity, the story is filled with almost pornographic scenes to make it all enjoyed no context, but rather simply as a way to exploit the theme and style in which maintained the tape. And since the plot is conventional, cheerful installation is almost for each scene: to build a car; rides back and forth; go to date and etc. the Mood that passes a similar technique, it is unlikely works.

In "death race 4: Out of anarchy" no absolutely nothing to add to long-running series, as this first fast, crazy and cheap film. The story is banal, the actors are terrible, even trapped in the cast Danny Glover, and action scenes cause depression. The casual viewer is unlikely to appreciate it, and here fans... better to ask them. 

4 of 10

How long is Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy?
2h 31m
Who is the director of the movie Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy?
This tv-show was directed by Don Michael Paul.
What is the genre of Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action.
Who starred in Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Zach McGowan, Frederick Koehler, Christine Marzano, Yennis Cheung, Cassie Clare.
What is Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 5.2.
When was Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-30.