When your eyes are pouring blood when you're forced to kill, you turn into a beast After years of war, he was breathing with anger, cursed the Redskins, all of which he saw the enemy. At the end of the war, captain Blocker is ordered to bring home to Montana a dying leader named Yellow Hawk. In chains and shackles, he leads a family of Indians through lands inhabited by hostile tribes, and hiding fugitive criminals, where every stone is waiting in mortal danger. Somewhere on the way to the detachment of Blocker stick distraught widow, in front of which the Comanches had killed her children. This meeting changes everything...

  • Scott Cooper

Release Date: 2018-01-26
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English | Cheyenne
  • Runtime: 2h:14m
  • Budget: $39,000,000
Rodina Brecher
15 February 2018 | 07:31

Adventure Western by considered to be the native American genre movies and it has always been entered into a lot of the harsh life of drama, difficult situations, lively action and philosophy, with which it is difficult to argue. Only the strongest were able to survive in the complicated era when America was shaken by a massive political and military upheavals, and freedom-loving Indians refused to recognize the authority of white people, and they come back with them life and to death. And Western tried in all colors to describe the opposition, which later revolted American nation. But just recently, the Directors decided to daring were able to show a history of long-standing conflict through the eyes of different parties, in order to achieve maximum objectivity. So I decided to enter Scott Cooper, whose "Enemies" are simply obliged to become a genre event, which you must say.

The main hero of the movie is captain Blocker, an experienced military who commit last a responsible job... the Blocker need to deliver the captive of the Indian chief Yellow Hawk in his native land, so he could die in surrounded by family and loved ones. And as the road is long and clearly difficult to deal with such a crucial task can only one Blocker. And knowing that avoid travel in company with the hated enemy he will not work, the hero goes to a path full of pitfalls, dangers and unexpected revelations, which is able to influence on his Outlook.

"Enemies" turned out to be incredibly intense and even moving. The film tells the story of the survivors on my lifetime a lot of adversity because of what they even began to lose human form. Captain Blocker without much thought is able to kill him nothing should wring the neck enemy without any questions. But that if he was struggling? Hardly. Road to the Indians getting for his last serious challenge in military career, which must survive in order to finally deal with all the "inner demons" and reach a long-deserved vacation.

Yeah, he will not be easy, it will have time to pull out the revolver and use for its intended purpose, however, of a variant hero no. And the farther he comes the more and more begins to understand the enemy. How is the world is not divided into  the"black" and"white". Someone is a unfortunately, never will understand, but the captain Blocker had a chance, and have to use.

Summary: "Enemies" — it is a powerful Western drama with a brilliant cast and philosophy that makes the film an honor. The Director has established with the audience emotional male conversation, lead to difficult conclusions. So to get a spectacular and dramatic sight that for a long time sink down in soul.

8 from 10

Merralee Freberg
19 April 2018 | 07:18

There is such bad habit as to watch a movie because of one actor. Often it turns out to be a disappointment. Here and I noticed on the posters name (and beard) Christian Bale, succumbed to various temptations and watched this on the first glance a very interesting film.

The story in brief. USA. The end of the XIX century. Many battered soldier-captain gets(at the cost of blackmail on the command) a mission support prisoner of the leader of the Apache tribe and his family in the native the leader of Montana. The reasons are two: the leader has cancer and is not dangerous, and more importantly, the country's leadership intends to put it "act of mercy" in against the Indians. The problem is that the captain and leader of old scores, and the road ahead will be difficult...

With the point of view of a Hollywood drama movie considered film-initiation, where the hero is "reborn" in a new you. As I think specifically in this point, Scott Cooper as the Director gave up the slack. Well, can't believe the officer who experienced all the horrors of war, more like a beast for a few days will pass so long a moral path, which character Ben foster, for example, is not enough for a lifetime. I'm sorry, it is implausible.

Of course, the main agenda of the "Enemies" emerges from the first frame. America historically belongs to the Indians, the white people here are strangers. Who does the hunter, who's the victim — judge for yourself. This reflection the side of its historical heritage deserves great respect. Thanks to the authors though for this.

PS Rosamund pike beauty and brilliant.

6 from 10

Eirena Bast
16 February 2018 | 01:40

"Enemies" — the author's fourth work of American writer and Director Scott Cooper, the previously set "Crazy heart", "From hell" Black mass. In a new creation, Cooper decided to try himself in the genre of Western and raises a really interesting and not hackneyed theme of the confrontation of immigrants from Europe and the indigenous Indian tribes for the vast American land.

The plot revolves around an army captain Joseph Blocker, which every fiber of the soul hates the Redskins. The hero gets the order to deliver on home in Montana dying chief, nicknamed Yellow Hawk. In the chains and shackles he is a family of Indians across the land where is inhabited by hostile tribes and hiding fugitives.

The main advantage of film is its simplicity, accessibility for understanding and also have not the first time played in movies, but still true and relevant message. the World is not is divided into black white or one person is impossible to uniquely determine the ideal or terrible: here and our heroes in the face of a brave officer, who lost on the war a lot of friends and desperate women, all the family which the Comanche tribe were slaughtered, to the end of the story reasonably be reborn, realizing that from the protracted and bitter enmity affects both sides no skin color is not intended to prescribe human relationships.

But in this whole situation on actually, lie and substantial gaps in the picture. The Director repeats his previous error: "Black mass", trying to talk about the gangsters, the gangster almost no content is not has; so in  the"Enemies": talk at the heart and personal soul-searching out on the first plan, turning to the audience of predominantly drama than a Western. As specified, the drama though it is really good but when viewing often thought that tape sometimes terribly not enough speakers: on all the timing about 2-3 small action scenes, which is clearly insufficient for concealing the monotony and slowness of what is happening. Interestingly, the creators if you want to get away from the display of such material: a potentially good battle scenes we perceive only in the form of consequences or in words. Plus everything went unsuccessful attempt to individualize minor part: in addition to the heroes of the Bale and the pike, no one really revealed to their destiny indifferent attitude.

Directly Christian bale Rosamund pike pleased with the wonderful acting: charismatic actors are the most likely to submit a completely "live" and strong images. Not sags picture in technical terms: the picturesque scenery of the old America, costumes, way of life and peaceful background music makes the film the maximum atmospheric and realistic.

"Enemies" — quite strong movie average tailoring. Just remember that you will find, first of all, human drama, and just then the echoes of the exciting Western. But if we ignore the genre, and focus on the atmosphere, the work of the actors and morality, definitely you get the satisfaction of seen. Pleasant viewing!

7 out of 10

How long is Hostiles?
3h 34m
How much did it cost to make Hostiles?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $39,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Hostiles?
This tv-show was directed by Scott Cooper.
What is the genre of Hostiles?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Adventure, Drama, History, Western, Best movies 2017, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best History Movies 2018, Best Western Movies 2018.
Who starred in Hostiles?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Scott Shepherd, Rosamund Pike, Ava Cooper, Stella Cooper, David Midthunder.
What is Hostiles IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.2.
When was Hostiles released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-26.