The roads of two friends from the suburbs of Connecticut broke up, and the girls haven't seen for several years. When they meet again, then decide to restore its former friendship. Upon closer communion girls notice that they have changed, and even become capable of murder.

  • Cory Finley

Release Date: 2018-03-09
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:32m
April Noel
12 August 2018 | 09:38

The directorial debut of Cory Finley's "Purebred" as if mimic the adaptation of non-existent plays. The action almost entirely takes place in the dialog, leaving a sufficient number of events (in and key) for the frame. Two the main character face to face to discuss the causes and possible consequences, simultaneously learning about each his interlocutor some initially hidden details are gradually summing up each other to an explosive climax. However, not delude ourselves — violent metamorphoses, to which will lead to a closer communion girls, in the process also will remain in the frame, giving the viewer in the end the ability to evaluate for yourself the consequences of moral deformation.

Unable to feel emotions and from that cold-blooded and cynical Amanda (Olivia Cooke) vs emotionally integrate themselves in any situation Lily (Anya Taylor-joy) — the confrontation, which seems obvious to almost the end, but the less end-to-end thread running through the film. Two friend in the past who meet again and realize how much different — they seemed to contrast the background of each other, the first principle and part of the main plot trigger. It may seem that motive the unwinding of events is the potential murder of her stepfather Lily, but actually the motive as such no how does not exist in the local narrative space and the figure of the antagonist.

Yes, the hero Paul sparks morally shoots his stepdaughter, but when I look with side it becomes obvious that the situation is quite ordinary. With the part of the stepfather is not there is nothing but the statement of facts and fairly standard attempts to influence down on the brakes own future girlfriend. Lily, the character initially involve the ability to evoke sympathy, to really almost all plays Amanda, who, despite its suspended fatalistic look at the world, attracts more than its far more emotionally sensitive and from the fact (as it seems for a long time) is much more than a weak character friend. The heroine Taylor-joy is the personality of the impressionable and slave, it is easy to lose individuality in the confusion of their own lies and the inability to make tough decisions.

The desire to obtain freedom from financial dependence imposed by the presence of containing a family of the stepfather (the desire is questionable, but having a place to be) leads to that first definitive version of the solution offered by Amanda, taken for guaranteed opportunity. A microcosm of a "pure" defined exclusively through the interaction of the main characters, like leaves other ways for permission plot collisions — "around" and"about" here is almost what does not exist, and because the action is almost entirely determined by the ruthlessness of their own narrative.

However, it is curious that the existing degree of contrast inclination, multiplied by the actual loneliness of both girls, in the end, leads not only mental strain more weak on the background of the domination of the stronger, much to painful his doom change the positions of the characters in local plot space. Finley is up to the last minute holds the necessary tone, and its seemingly superficial indie Thriller, gently exploring the extent of the possible impact of one person on another, in the end, quite confidently teetering on the brink of moral collapse, to the end to cleverly extricate himself from the tangle of false impressions and deliver spectacular (of course, verbal) chord, paradoxically, to the effect that no winner in this entertaining written psychological struggle.

Perl Caylor
03 July 2018 | 10:19

Thoroughbred (eng. Thoroughbreds) — the debut film by American Director Cory Finley. On the Sundance-2017 the film was seen by critics and received them praise. Despite this, the movie is a very long trip to wide rent — for over a year.

The film tells the story once best friends, the roads are gone, but the fate of the villain decided to bring them together (and the mother of one of the heroines). Now Amanda (Olivia Cooke) and Lily (Anya Taylor-joy) to re-know each other, and also, rethink your life.

Probably, first it is worth noting that some American critics called the film "Heavenly creatures XXI century".

Heavenly creatures — the film world-famous Peter Jackson, he took long before the Lord of the rings. In the film tells the story of two friends whose friendship develops into something unhealthy and bloody.

And indeed, these are very similar and they are some same the.

But in addition, there is a strong relationship with the movie "Fight club", because in a purebred there is a character that breaks the usual ways of the other, and specifies the most important topics like pokes clutches the wound. It is this character, we poke with the beginning bring it to the unpleasant, repulsive, who all praised the fact that it is not like all. That leads to complete apathy from the viewer relative to the characters because they are dead and flat and most importantly — they are the beginning acting as ordinary people.

The farther the story goes, the more pretense and plastic characters. Here is already the character Olivia Cooke recognizes that cry, it really do not can a only using acting technique, which is trying to teach Anya Taylor-joy, but nothing fails to learn the lesson. And according not all only her character can win top acting, but and the actress, who shows his game is not more than two emotions on the whole story.

Since I caught on the film "the Heavenly creature", then talking about the depth of purebred we don't have: where the film slows down and Cory Finley shirk movie Peter Jackson flies to have not afraid to dive in the maelstrom relations psychology of two adolescent girls. Worthy of much attention here is that the soundtrack, which was released experimental, disturbing and neural — it is to become the atmosphere of the film. A movie all remains, like the character Olivia Cooke: a tedious, pompous and pretentious, badly trying to be something more, and indeed — not the best copy of a movie.

Beckie Vladamir
02 October 2018 | 07:48

"Thoroughbred" — a debut of the Director Cory Finley, a story about the strange friendship between two girls with angelic faces and looks at General, dolls in the talented Olivia Cooke  & Ani Taylor-joy. The heroine of the last name Lily is brought up by mother and stepfather, who is not particularly kind to the girl, and it seems that patience teenager running out with each passing day. Talking about it, then the philosophical bias, the eccentric conflicting, and then some time, even stopping to chat, Lily tells Amanda about his desire to once and for all do away with the current man of her mother, character Olivia Cooke knowing how it seems, a certain tendency to violence, supports their bosom friend. With this point the two Central figures occupy themselves by talking about the accomplishment of a future murder, and at some point, the viewer sees that for women is important and entertaining himself dialogue and occurs in the wave of fantasy and not possible impending fatal event.

First of all here are interested in the psychology and even the mind of the relations of the girls, and not scheduled possible criminal climax. One likes to be a victim, the other Vice versa, as seen, has the ability to do that of others. And in General, they friendship seems forced, unwanted, even though they are several years ago was that is called "thick as thieves", and now to resume friendly relations their pushed. It as of old, to which again is better not to go, remembering that the well-known expression — "in one and the same river twice not included" because nothing good from not will be released. Here now, though felt occasionally glimpses in the form of warm relations between Lily and Amanda, but mostly a confrontation, a struggle.

"Thoroughbreds" performed in a theater, even a chamber style if you want. Corey Finley in Chapter in the story puts the solo tandem Olivia Cooke  & Ani Taylor-joy, focusing all around them, and the girls pushing each friend, sharing a movie on heads (read acts). The action is based on a constant dialogue between the two heroines, and it is interesting to observe, it is clear that before the audience brought personality not silly, but not having finally formed, they have come to expected to their lives. Lily maximalist develops their position as expected from a teenager, sometimes multiplying in some times against her stepfather, but because his actions is nothing really not directly derogatory, it is trying to educate the girl, and her like to yourself and artificially born to experience suffering. Amanda was so generally its young years, it has become callous man at this kind of learning, for example, theatre to cause yourself tears.

And times much we picture focuses on the two girls and their gradual self-destruction, it and the operator pays a fair share of time close-up cook and Taylor-joy, admiring the good looking girlfriends showing off display them facial expressions, emotions, but while using the defocusing everything else. Tape is made in the rich Sunny colours, though imply that demonstrates the perfect life, when that shows the situation does not can be an example for others to follow. Director Corey Finley endows his work with irony, especially when he brings in the script is small, but a brilliant role Anton Elchina, which is for the actor in one of the last, his memory film and dedicated. What to meaning "Pure", then the red thread here is the idea that all human life — it is a struggle, let and even artificial, energy-consuming, as of M. Cervantes.

How long is Thoroughbreds?
2h 12m
Who is the director of the movie Thoroughbreds?
This tv-show was directed by Cory Finley.
What is the genre of Thoroughbreds?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Best Drama Movies 2018, Best Thriller Movies 2018.
Who starred in Thoroughbreds?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Anya Taylor-Joy, Olivia Cooke, Anton Yelchin, Paul Sparks, Francie Swift.
What is Thoroughbreds IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was Thoroughbreds released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-09.