The main character — the Manager of a small pharmaceutical company Harold Soyinka. The President of the company is his old friend Richard, who along with his partner plans to sell the company and leave all employees without a job. Before that they, along with Harold fly to Mexico, to settle the case on your factory. There Harold finds out about the plans of their bosses and decides to stage his own kidnapping, so the company paid its fake kidnappers five million dollars. However, the hero and could not imagine how Richard doesn't appreciate their friendship.

  • Nash Edgerton

Release Date: 2018-03-09
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: AU, US
  • Language: English
Ayn Herminia
01 May 2018 | 06:28

Such a nice movie. A little slow, but good long finish. A mixture of crime Thriller, Comedy and drama. In the spirit of a young Tarantino (sometimes). The story of one good man caught by serious trouble. A sort of existential drama. The action takes place on the fields of the two locations — office world Chicago, and the world of the Mexican town. Clogged office clerks, arrogant top managent (President-savvy people and Vice that another washed-up bitch), wild Mexican drug lords, thugs, mercenaries, just assholes of all stripes and calibers, well and many who still. In something this film is a cross between "Nothing to lose" and"Advisor". Travel to the heart of darkness in search of himself, a sort of sudden Zen, reminiscent of enlightenment after a session of the game in Russian roulette. General the meaning of this picture, perhaps, can be summed up in just two words — to each his own.

Actors... the divine bitch Charlize Theron. Cute Amanda Seifrid. Brutalnyj Sharlto Copley. David Oyelowo also well done, as and Joel Edgerton. In General, this is a picture the mundane mixed with great. Where under the gun can suddenly start a philosophical debate, where from vile to funny low to noble — one step. The adventures of clerk in Mexico, drug lords and police are... the Arrogant and vile bosses... But myself he was a great guy a mistake, as in turns a course of action.

Nice to have a movie. Funny. A little sad. Sometimes funny. Tragic. And even so bright, despite all the blood and all the gloom.

Soulful film!

Gillian Zwick
30 April 2018 | 06:34

Film for those in life who is "Groundhog day", a bit of sadness mixed in with depression there is no glimmer of light.

And, maybe, you who wants wild of change and action.

Well, if you positive person, then this picture will please you.

The main character — spineless middle Manager. Long time living in oblivious that occurs in his nose. He thinks he has a good job side side with your best friend, and also a loving wife.

At one point, the protagonist begins to doubt his prosperous life. He trying to figure out what happens around him in the really. And his life is changing dramatically. Problems and desperate situation of the swallow hero. It seems that it's all over, but like not for an unexpected twist of fate — a pleasant surprise that will help the outsider to become someone important and find your way.

What we liked:

The film is very dynamic and unpredictable. The lightning scene does not allowed to sit on the place.

The actors are good, you believe them, you they are going through, laughing and afraid of the mafia.

Also very hooked on reasoning about God, when one of their heavy moments (and there in the movie, believe me, plenty have him) the main character prayed to Him help. Over them laughed and gave the example of the Bible, on the absurdities written. And he calmed down, explained that one character was a crisis of faith, and other consciously sold his soul. An atheist from this reasoning opened his mouth.

Not like the fake fight scenes. When the shooting and no exit, the characters tucked safely, although initially no way to the retreat.

Or how the characters survived after serious injuries, very funny. But such scenes are not repelled the very essence of the tape.

It really cheered and gave a lot of positive emotions.

And the ending, believe me, each of us is worthy of such a finale!

Vivianna Onstad
04 April 2018 | 03:30

The beginning of March 2018 in American cinema, remembered for the premiere of the action Comedy "a Dangerous business" ("Gringo" — original title; again understand — why change the name to distribution) directed Nash Edgerton. For the filmmaker's second feature film, where he appeared in the Director's status. To he was paying attention to the stunt work (more than a hundred films) and directing short films. So what happened?

This is a story about three colleagues working on different levels in a large pharmaceutical company. Without the dark arts in business cost. To resolve the problems encountered with the cartels, they are in Mexico. Here and begin the adventure of different effects on each of them.

For the main roles was invited by the brother of the Director, Joel Edgerton (Richard), David Oyelowo (Harold) and Charlize Theron (Alleyne). The last field of interest in 2014 and made in it also producer. Minor and episodic role was played by Amanda Seyfried (Sanni), Harry Tredaway (miles), Paris Jackson (Nelly) and others. For Paris the part in the film — acting debut. And with her assigned the amount of work it is handled adequately.

"a Dangerous business" — dynamic film about fraud is not only the business but and human relations. No, not think it is a claim for some heavy Arthouse, which seeks only to philosophize. Here the idea is supplied in a sharp, funny, somewhat cynical way. It gives a sense of realism, sometimes in contact with black humor. All these motives and feelings find expression in the representation of characters and their dialogues on different levels. Individual attention to myself, Elaine and Richard. Here Elaine — a kind of Lorraine Broughton of the "the Atomic blonde" more aged model, more acute at the language. Tandem Theron-Edgerton — the one that I want to see again and again in other films.

Each character of this movie, in one or another, there is some hypocrisy. False to work, personal relationships. And even the desire to take revenge on those who is betrayed by his for profit, in the "Dangerous business" play this feeling. And that matter of fact, it was necessary to make simple-minded Harold Since, at which collapsed the usual state of things around? In fact, as sadly, "for good, and no one pays". The however, to change life, when she is confidently immersed in shit, I need this.

What is more interesting, so is that in "Dangerous business" each storyline (or each specific character) shows their attitude to the same same problem. Very curious to watch how diametrically opposed views intersect and create new plot twists.

"Dangerous business" — action Comedy, where not exactly will see a primitive mash of the guns, blood and bones. Instead, you will meet with an interesting story about how in an atmosphere of insincerity every saves your ass, how can only he. And as said the girl, coming behind me the hall of the cinema, "I do have morals!"

7 out of 10

I recommend to viewing!

P. S. Please note "parable" about the gorillas, bananas and carrots, which the beginning of the film says Richard. In the course of the film, she POPs up in a funny way.

P. P. S. Shot film for 7 000 000 dollars — case of the "How to take quality for very cheap."

Who is the director of the movie Gringo?
This tv-show was directed by Nash Edgerton.
What is the genre of Gringo?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Action, Comedy, Drama.
Who starred in Gringo?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, Amanda Seyfried, Thandie Newton.
What is Gringo IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.1.
When was Gringo released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-03-09.