Miss Sloane

Elizabeth Sloan is the most popular and risky lobbyist and the sexiest shark in the political business of the United States. Deftly taking the psychological games and using the art of manipulation, she grapples opponents with his unpredictability and never loses. But when she undertakes the most difficult in her career, she realizes that the price of victory may be too high.

  • John Madden

Release Date: 2016-12-09
IMDb icon 7.5/10
  • Country: FR, US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 2h:12m
  • Budget: $13,000,000
  • Revenue: $3,439,171
Claudette Edny
14 August 2018 | 12:55

Despite that the movie is not new I looked it only recently, and although a revelation for me he did not, but like it. The story of Elizabeth Sloan lebestky of the Washington shows lively and interesting. She fanatic of the business, the social-climbing bitch and workaholic, her philosophy — the end justifies the means, for the sake of victory it is ready for all. Cute I like a woman — probably not, but on the screen it I admired and aroused the sympathy. It work is her life, for her sake she refused to calm everyday life, Sloan lives in the verge and behind a side permitted and ethical, but that's fee all the emptiness around and inside. John Madden in his film was able to show will and energy one side and inner loneliness of her character. Also managed to show the political Olympus with his secret springs and the cynicism of senators and congressmen in one or other degrees, related to lobby care for your well-being more than about voters. On these secret springs and plays Sloan, when, paradoxically, manages to manipulate the words of the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It should be noted that a dynamic film, despite some delays in the presentation of history, then merit writer Director, only is formed the moment when the viewer can get bored, be sure the episode is showing a new round of the plot or revealing character. So the beginning associated with the Senate hearings on the case of Elisabeth interrupted by a reference to the plot of history with a gun lobby, and psychological conflicts of the characters to the way of de-stressing Sloane in hotel. After a debate about the arms a psychological victory for the audience waits for the heroine the stress and alienation of colleagues — and again a hearing is not bored. And of course the final film — broken for me two.

Jessica Chastain played her character perfectly, with all the ugly traits with purpose of loneliness in the soul. That matter said, but she is able to convey the image naturally, without tear affectedness, as if it lives. Not can not mention Mark strong's, if Chastain is a bundle of energy ready to explode and not sparing anyone, then he's a model of equanimity and tolerance, but in the same time, not leave the trouble of their team members.

Very well captured and a film about careerism, lobbying and fees chosen path.

9 of the 10

Conchita Mueller
05 January 2019 | 04:12

Political drama — not that frequent event in the film industry, but but often they become the object of attention, and not so the audience, so as a genre is very specific as attention of critics. Offhand you can think of such famous strips as "All the President's men", "John F. Kennedy: Shots in Dallas" and"the ides of March". I have a somewhat provocative and leave the right slightly to discredit the relevant time political foundations. Practically, these films speak of freedom of speech in the art of cinema. To such movies without any prevarication can be attributed to the tape of 2016 year, "a Dangerous game Sloan". She will help the viewer to understand that this lobby and what kind of people are behind that or that the bill was accepted. This game mass perception, a delicate matter, ready at any moment to burst, so those who know how to manipulate public opinion is especially valued in political circles.

The Director of the film "Dangerous game Sloan" was John Madden. Some hard to remember it's name he people are not public, others and does zadaetsya the question, "who is this?". The however, John Madden very sturdy and is a recognized Director among its undeniable achievements of the picture "Proof" and duologue of "marigold Hotel" with its magnificent actor's ensemble, but top creativity today is the film "Shakespeare in Love" won many prestigious awards in including  the"Oscar" in the nomination "the Best film". And here in itself an unambiguous classification Madden can make a political drama "Dangerous game Sloan", where again they gathered a great cast with mark Strong, a word of Mbat-Rowe, Michael Stulberger and John Lithgow. But a leading actress in"Dangerous game Sloan" became Jessica Chastain known for his roles in the films "the Servant", "Goal number one", "the Martian" and some others. There would like note that the official poster of "Dangerous games Sloan" in the first place allocated is Chastain and it was not done in vain (not know in advance so it was agreed or after the installation of the film).

The heroine of Chastain — miss Madeline Elizabeth Sloan. It without the deceleration can be called the real "iron lady" in all the stereotypes we imagine. She has the cold-blooded nature, it is hard to the assessments and sometimes brutal; it takes no suggestions or objections, if they are not perfectionism because she has the strongest intelligence, so the main perfectionist — is it myself, Ms. Sloan is demanding myself to the last drop this requires the subordinates. She is engaged that helps all sorts of lobbyists in the best promotion of the bills. But when talking about the amendment N2 about the free carrying of weapons, here, miss Sloane was elected a principled stand and with a group of like-minded left of the company, which gave her a money on a comfortable existence. Now she ready to fight life and to the death his former associates, is a real war, and in war as you know, all good...

I wonder long described the main character of the film. It all because she deserved it. But would not that miss Sloan, if not fantastic at the game level Jessica Chastain. It great to the way it sweeps all around, for almost imperceptibly the actor, though their task they are done hundred percent, even the main storyline, built on the right of people to bear arms, goes on the back burner. To admit, some time ago I can not could understand what are singing the praises of Jessica Chastain, but after watching "Dangerous game Sloan" I absolutely on-to another began to refer to the actress. And still not been able to understand why Chastain received only a nomination for a Golden globe, because it is definitely deserved better. In General, how long you can talk about the game, but better once to see than hundred times to hear it, does not it? Of the other actors I would like to mention a word of Mbat-row, which unfairly pushes in the secondary Actresses. What it can play in the best movies she is proved, revealing the drama of his character in"Dangerous game Sloan".

I Admit that Oh some time was removed, giving preference to other paintings. This is explained by the bias against Jessica Chastain and no special love for political drama. Finally decided neither a second sorry, sorry, only had that looked it so late. "A dangerous game Sloan" stood in a row for me "IDs of March", and I have reconsidered my attitude to Jessica Chastain and now my goals is to see with her film "Big game" where the actress once again received high marks for its work. Outside doubt "Dangerous game Sloan" I recommend view and let some call it "theater of one actor".

8 from 10

Heidi Scopp
05 May 2018 | 03:15

Lobbying — delicate, careful, sensitive, strong, brave, intelligent, thrilling, reckless burning all of human resources. This business, the arts, intuition and a science. Lobbying attracts, captures and absorbs. High-quality movie on this subject is always going to be an intense, intelligent, dynamic, to excite the brain and to cause contradictory feelings/thoughts. And I must say, "Miss Sloan," not disappoint. Moreover, I dare say that is a Prime example of a good movie. In the film is remarkably shown not only the mechanics of lobbying, also interesting is the idea: the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Ambiguous, controversial item in the bill of rights. Of course, this is the reason to include script in the Black list of Hollywood that for the viewer is a kind of advertising fuels the interest and leads to browse. Of course, the script is great and, perhaps, the point here is nothing more to add.

So wonderful script is implemented in a masterful hands of Director

under the music of max Richter, which very accurately highlights tense moments and skillfully Perdue sensual atmosphere touching fragments.

the Image of the Central character deserves special attention. It is Central. Miss Sloan — not the main character in the thick of things, here all events seem to revolve around her, so it felt energy. It is difficult to say that if Jessica Chastain is amazing get used to way, the role was created specifically for it — in features one-piece, flawless heroine with real character! the Image of miss Sloan complex, multifaceted, contradictory, interesting, strong, charismatic, attractive and repulsive. Because I think the acting of Jessica Chastain will delight not only fans of her art.

I want to say a few words about the title "Miss Sloane". Quite often the name of the main character in as the movie title nor what does not speak to the viewer (unless, of course, it's not going on a famous person), nor about the genre, nor on the subject. Also, do not is intriguing, it is not "sells", not advertise movie. Therefore, it is not is a good option for the title. But not in this case. After meeting with MS Sloane want it so to say. All. Point. These all said.

"Miss Sloane" — a good movie: good idea and great realization. Not can recommend to as "be sure to view", but I think it will delight anyone who is interested in lobbying or who want to reflect on the subject to the right of storage and carrying of weapons. Also, I recommend to those who are attracted to really strong, interesting characters.

Evaluate the movie on 9/10. Despite all the advantages of "Miss Sloan," is not movie that I want to revisit multiple times (this is my subjective evaluation criterion, perhaps, biased).

Of 9 10

How long is Miss Sloane?
3h 32m
How much has Miss Sloane made?
Commercial tv-show fees worldwide today are $3,439,171.
How much did it cost to make Miss Sloane?
According to various sources, the cost of producing the tv-show was at least $13,000,000.
Who is the director of the movie Miss Sloane?
This tv-show was directed by John Madden.
What is the genre of Miss Sloane?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Thriller, Drama, Best movies 2016, Best Thriller Movies 2016.
Who starred in Miss Sloane?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Jessica Chastain, Alison Pill, Mark Strong, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Stuhlbarg.
What is Miss Sloane IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 7.5.
When was Miss Sloane released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2016-12-09.