Please Stand By

A young woman with autism, escapes from nurses to submit his manuscript for a writing competition.

  • Ben Lewin

Release Date: 2018-01-26
IMDb icon 6.7/10
  • Country: US
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h:33m
Constantine Carmena
28 January 2018 | 04:05

Please stand by — good Comedy that leaves a very sweet impression.

The film tells the story of a girl suffering from autism in a remarkable performance Dakota, Fanning. Just want to mention that is a great game Dakota is one of the main advantages of the film. She worked very hard to get used to role to play a girl suffering from mental disorders. Her disease — not something from the category of scary or repulsive psychosis, and a touching emotion, over-confidence and fear of watching in eyes of makes her character very endearing.

The character Dakota is a real geek universe Star Track. For which it writes the script, to participate in the competition authors. The girl decided to escape from your psychologist and to personally deliver the manuscript to Paramount Pictures. On the way waiting for her all sorts of difficulties that it boldly overcomes.

The output of the comfort zone for the sake of dreams — the leitmotif of the film. Overcoming difficulties, we develop your character, and for the character of Dakota — is a kind of psychotherapy. The film is a simple story, easy a movie for relaxation. Admirers of talent of Dakota, Fanning not the target.

Erminia Fabozzi
04 February 2018 | 07:06

This movie hooked me. Dakota fanning remember a little girl in"the War of the worlds". It was interesting to watch how she'll in a similar role. And I must say that the actress managed to perfectly. Her I want to empathize and to believe. She well accustomed to the role of a girl suffering from mental illness.

Another point that affects this movie, so that's what sometimes inhumane people. To Rob the poor and sincere girl! To decide on this step, you need to be outright scoundrels. In the film is demonstrated that the money people came to play too big a role. Well really, if the person does not missing even one dollar, then all, it will not buy any product or not can go in another city. However in the case of the main character, she was missing a few more, but not the point. Paper replaced a lot of the us the humanity that very sad. The film made me think, and the police were very touching and interesting. Not can call this movie a masterpiece, but it definitely deserves attention. After watching wanted to watch Star Track immediately that still is a kind of advertising this space Saga.

Katusha Herschel
01 July 2019 | 11:07

The name of the Director of the "road romance" Ben Levin is unlikely to say something to a broad audience. All the matter in that for the most part, Levine is working on television. Experience in the big cinema, at it is a matter of course, but such works like "Georgia" (1988) and "Lucky break" (1994) do not went to the international arena and somewhere in a dusty shelf, and the feed "Service, the watch and the very big fish" (1991) with with Bob Hoskins, Natasha Richardson and Jeff Goldblum and"the Surrogate" (2012), where played by Helen hunt with William H. Macy, were held in a very limited release. However, with a picture of "Please get ready" (the world premiere occurred in October 2017 years) Ben Levin was given a chance to Express ourselves more so this time consent to shooting confirmed Dakota fanning, Toni Collette and Alice Eve.

The writer also "Please get ready" was Michael Golamco, again a little-known filmmaker, from which this picture was experience with TV series "Grimm." According to design Golamco main action is centered around a young girl at the name Wendy (Dakota fanning). She living in the special Board for people with psychological disorders, so the very Wendy — Asperger it is very difficult to adapt with a stormy world. However, the merciful the owner of the guest house, Scotty (Toni Collette) does not leave attempts to adapt to Wendy what we used to call normal life and Wendy even arranged a local coffee shop to work. And yet Wendy has a dream: to send his script for a new series of "Star trek", a big fan which is Wendy on the Studio. But on Saturdays the mail is not working Wendy accepts heavy for the decision independently to go to the Studio to pass on the original script. Starts a great journey...

The film "Please get ready" was a bit easy and . but it is not lost in the depths of his drama. Very entertaining it was to watch over how Wendy, totally unadapted to our world is making desperate attempts to succeed. With the other hand you very worried that poor girl, because she left in complete solitude, if not considered amusing doggie, not wishing to remain without his mistress. In "Please get ready" there are a couple of scenes that downright hurt. For example, the scene, when Wendy meet with a girl an infant. Not going to tell you that there has happened, but in this case, I felt outright anger to one of the guys in the scene and very sad against the girl who does not know life, it is not understand, but it's does not mean we should use it we have to be human... But world — thing is sometimes a very evil and Wendy is fully felt it yourself in on Studio.

I can assume that for the realization of complex roles Wendy actress Dakota fanning has used his own experience when in a very young years played on the brilliant Sean Penn in the drama "I — Sam" (2001), where pannu got the role of a lonely father with a developmental delay. And I can say that Dakota quite successfully coped with the role of Wendy in "Please get ready", evoking genuine emotion to her character. Probably can even say that is the best role of 22-year-old talented actress (at the time of the filming of "Please get ready") for that way the last three years. And you can even add that this picture you can look through the game fanning. As always high level representation of an at Toni Collette, one of the most underrated Actresses in Hollywood with clearly "legallybuy" appearance. It is noticeable that her character Scotty on really deeply cares for Wendy do everything depend on it, to find the fugitive. Layered role went to Alice Eve and her character has issues, but that is reconsidering its attitude and safely make the right decision. Storyline Dakota fanning — Alice Eve dramatic and sentimental, and thank you to the Actresses for worthy of its embodiment. And I note Rivera Alexander with his good character.

naturally, much depended directly on the writer, who was supposed to correctly register the characters and put them into the world of reality. From Michael Golamco is clearly turned. And the actors themselves have tried to implement all screen (especially it successfully got Dakota fanning, which is praise in again). Of course, "Please prepare" not get to the level of "rain Man" (1988), "Better not exist" (1997) and same "I — Sam" (2001), but still, the film turned out good on my humble opinion.

8 from 10

How long is Please Stand By?
2h 13m
Who is the director of the movie Please Stand By?
This tv-show was directed by Ben Lewin.
What is the genre of Please Stand By?
The tv-show belongs to the genres of Comedy, Drama, Best Comedy Movies 2018.
Who starred in Please Stand By?
Many famous actors starred in this tv-show, here are the names of the most famous: Dakota Fanning, Toni Collette, Alice Eve, River Alexander, Marla Gibbs.
What is Please Stand By IMDB Ranking?
At the moment, the rating is 6.7.
When was Please Stand By released?
The start date for this tv-show on USA TV is 2018-01-26.